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By | November 26, 2016

Scorpio October FREE Psychic Reading with Ava and Trudy Horoscope and Astrology

Beautiful as modern tarot gate keeper divination and psychic intuitives. let’s just say and it is a long tradition the oracles were older women as we are and there were only two of them and for nine days of the year they would march up to the temple Delfi and they being all the dignitaries kings queens military people to ask for their psychic tarot counsel as to how to proceed with state business so emotional business and emotional relationship again met interesting topics Taylor but for nine days here so interesting I think yes there was a lot that when I beforehand but you do not have to sacrifice a goat know why do you have to kind that you.

Just have to tune in to virtual we are yes beautiful and we’re going to start the tarot reading for you for the month of October but before we do we do a recap gonna talk a little bit about last month’s tarot reading we went we didn’t hang out last night and out of necessity we went into this is a minor hand along well we’re in the month of September right now minor but let’s talk about ok so in the first position we had in the position of environment we have four of one’s really hearst yes.

Interestingly enough this card can point to a lot of things including plumbing problems it can even mean that you’re feeling a little I’m welcome and September is a time where people go back to school so that could have been going on for you also trying to finish something to sort of put Rootstown that seem to be coming up as well well yes and there’s something about the home because this is concerning property in the home and not feeling as if that home is for sale it’s often refers to the empty nest syndrome that’s right just a feeling of a vacancy in the home.

Something is gone and you feel this so also from the heart consequently I sense that you you’re missing something from the heart swell and it is for once it’s such a beautiful and positive card even in the reverse. the 4 of wands tarot card. it’s really not that particular a negative influence you might feel there are things going on within the home front but it’s not it’s not a dire situation that it can also apply to just not feeling at home looking for a new or problems with your call try to settle down right dealing with issues about the.

Home mortgages dealing with the property matters sometimes if you’re looking for real estate you might find it difficult to make that perfectly fine to sell your property selling it then next car that we have to bring this up because I think it has a lot to do with that for was the eighth of lions reversed which ones reversed is this lack of passion this lack of ability to get you hot spot going and we had said that perhaps that challenge position has something to do with if you need to move you maybe can’t quite get the energy case of Lionshead while you’re suffering from the 81st lack of energy so it’s it’s all about.

Energy it’s all about visioning it’s about imagination inspiration and when its rivers it’s obvious that its you feel drained all of that your imagination you’re you’re you feel as if you’re not being inspired your Europe even one’s sexuality is affected because it often refers to one sec property at a kind of a low imaginative and just in general physical energy but in a way it’s not always a terrible tarot card because sometimes you shouldn’t get excited certain situation then maybe somebody around you as excited about something.

And you’re not as excited as they are you know because we’re there for that’s reversed so there’s something going on in the month of September has you feeling a little bit there is less than excited but then I agree that interesting because it could also reference the fact that you don’t want to you don’t you don’t want to do something and so your challenges to deal with that situation which you don’t want to know your energy project created and you in the next position we have the three of Pentacles tarot card. I love because if we said.