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By | April 8, 2016

Tarot Cards the Golden Age Church How to Ask a Channeler the Right Questions

My name is Arianha Bailon. I'm a minister, I'm a healer, I'm a channel, I'm an animal communicator, and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. I have had people come to me asking for the winning lottery numbers. I have always told those people that that's not the highest use of my skills and abilities and that it's not for their highest good either. What I seem to have experienced in all the time that I have worked with all the channels, and all the energy, and all the information that I've received is that if indeed you are to win.

That lottery win that whatever it is you'll be given that directly. That's going to be given directly to you and to trust that. If you do receive the winning numbers to go and play them and by all means except the abundance and tide and cheer. All that abundance that's given to you, but not necessarily to seek that as a solution for your problems or your challenges or what's going on in life. Certainly asking spirit to guide you and direct you for your highest invest good of how you can resolve a situation. Whether it's a financial.

Issue, a romantic issue, or an issue of anything in your life certainly you can ask for help and assistance. Many people are seeking partners or seeking to find the perfect person for them. I know in all the work I've done all across the country I've had many people ask me for where's their sole mate, where's their partner. People have more than one sole mate so that's not an accurate way to find the person you want to be in a divine relationship with. It is an important thing for people to know that it is okay for you to have prosperity.

In abundance, it is okay for you to have a loving relationship, but not to seek those out as the most important thing in you life because the most important thing is your connection to your higher self or you connection to the source. From that connection everything in your life is given so you don't need to go seek anything it will all be given to you. Many times my guides and teachers have shown me to wait and even to be still so that it can come to me. That I don't need to seek out in the world that it will be directed.

Ask Brigit What do All Court Cards Mean in a Tarot Reading

Hi, I'm Brigit, Founder of Biddy Tarot the place to be if you're an aspiring Tarot reader and you want to transform your life and others' with Tarot. And this is a special Ask Brigit tutorial post where I answer your questions about the Tarot. Today, Drew asks What do you do when you do a reading and you only get Court cards I know that a couple of people might look at a reading full of court cards and go, Oh my goodness! and quickly gather up the cards and.

Shuffle them again or throw them away You know that you can get a new reading! Not particularly useful though if you're a professional and ethical Tarot reader! You see, court cards can be really tricky but it doesnt have to be this way. I see Court cards either as specific people or as personalities. So when you see a lot of Court cards in a Tarot reading, it can mean that there are a lot of people or personalities in your life right now that are influencing your situation. You may need to take into consideration not just what you.

Want from a particular situation but what everyone else wants. So understanding each personality type that is present in the reading may be really helpful to navigate some of those interrelationships. Now let's take it one step further. Take a look at the Court cards in your reading and see if there is a theme. Are we dealing mostly with Pages, Knights, Queens of Kings This may tell you about the level of maturity of some of the relationships you're involved with. Look at the suits is there a theme here.

If the Court cards were all Cups, you may be dealing with an emotional group of people. And finally, how are the Court cards interacting with each other in the cards Are they facing one another or turning away What does this tell you about the dynamics of the relationships So there you go, Drew. I hope that next time you have a reading full of Court cards you can easily and confidently interpret the reading! If you loved this Tarot topic, you'll find even more Tarot love at biddytarot. You can also sign up for my free Tarot tutorials.

Psychic Development FREE Online Psychic Classes Begin at PsychicU

Hello.Hi! Oh my gosh. Welcome to psychicU online training. I've got some FREE classes for you. I'd really love it if you would dive right in and do the free psychic online tutorial exercises, which will show you what your strongest natural psychic senses are because then you'll take a look at what the rest of them are.and start to develop and open the psychic senses because that is your instrument. It's clairvoyance, clariaudience, claircognizance, and you may not understand what these words are but you will want to know what your strongest ones already are! how you're already getting.

Psychic information because that's going to be the easiest way for you to tune in and you want to be aware of what's happening as you develop. You want to turn those senses on to their maximum potential so that you can get accurate, confident readings. What's going to happen is you'll start to understand where you're really good and where you excel. So get started with me. The starting program is FREE! You're gonna start to understand why things are happening and get insight on relationships and your career and just really you can apply all these tools to everything in our.

Life but first you have to learn how to use them and what's working with you. People also call this intuition. It's just like a hunch. You know, you get a hunch. You get intuition. You get a bright idea. You get inspired. And that's what we're talking about. It's not religious. There's nothing weird about using your intuition, right So I just want to help you to understand how to do it. Please check that out on psychicU and I'm so excited to work with you. Thank you for coming by. It's really a pleasure.

And an honor always to work on the spiritual level, and that's why I'm doing this.because when I needed help, I had to go really far away to do any training at all. I was driving two hours each way every week to go do some development stuff and then paying thousands of dollars and traveling long distances and going away from my family and my animals and my whole home that I really love and I've worked so hard to establish. So if you're like me and that's you, and you're at the point where you want higher tools, you need.

Higher guidance there comes a time where we really need to start to get on board with our soul path and start to use spiritual tools and that's why I'm doing this.remotely. You can do it online. This is an online training program for you to develop your psychic gifts. So check out psychicU. Get on the list so that you can be aware of the upcoming programs and everything amazing that's coming to help you to get the answers you're seeking and more peace in your life. You're going to get more comfort because you get to start to alleviate.

Book The Instruction Psychic Guide Ainslie MacLeod And His Spirit Guides

The instruction by Ainsley MacLeod have you ever sensed your life has a deeper more meaningful purpose but you don't know what it is. Join Psychic Guide Ainslie MacLeod as he introduces his awardwinning book the instruction living the life your soul intended. in this tutorial I like to introduce you to my book the instruction living the life your soul intended. And stay with me to the end of the tutorial for short message from my spirit guides And I also will share some other ways that you can begin to live the life your soul.

Intended immediately well every life has a purpose mine is to help you explore the world of your soul to live a happier more fulfilling life and I do this with the help of my spirit guides your life's purpose might seem elusive but it's not a secret. Your soul actually drew up a plan for this life before you were even born. In The Instruction I show you how to identify some of the most fundamental parts of your life to understand who you are and why you here. So in part one direction we begin by exploring the nature of your soul.

And examining how your soul age affects your social political and spiritual views and I'll show you how your soul type gives you your personality and we'll examine the missions that help you to achieve your soul's destiny following that is part two empowerment in which we analyze your past life fears. You will learn to identify the blocks that prevent you from living a more fulfilling and directed life. The final part section 3 its fulfillment. We investigate your talents, pastlife abilities and how to draw on them as well as looking at ways to better reach your goals by harnessing the power.

Of your spirit guides. So what would you gain by reading The Instruction living the life your soul intended Well firstly my aim is to give you the tools and understanding to help you achieve clear direction and greater empowerment so that you may live a happier and more fulfilling life. Secondly you gain a better understanding of who you are and why you're here. You begin to see those around you in a more accepting light by recognizing that they too have a life plan with specific goals and challenges to overcome.

At the beginning of this tutorial, Ainslie promised to share ways to learn more about living the life your soul intended. Get started on your journey of exploration by visiting soulinstruction There you can download a free chapter from The Instruction and gain free access to Ainslie's inspirational tutorial series Insights From The Spirit Guides. And now here's an observation from my Spirit Guides. The best life is one in which you, your conscious self and your soul are in harmony operating together intended. You reach a place of deepest happiness and fulfillment.

What People Think About Zodiac Signs Fire and Water Signs

I really believe in astrology. I'm like 110 into it. I think it's dumb. Schwingin Air. Stubborn. Dominate. Hardheaded. Aries is a fighter. Passionate. Firey. Bossy, but not bossy in a bad way, but just, you know, in charge of everything. Woman in Leather Jacket It's like someone misspelled pieces. Mmmmm. Pisces are sensitive. They're really creative. They're too nice. I'll take that. Like a lot of Pisces follow their own path. They're very, very much weirdos.

Pisces is that guy that's so nice that you're like, there's something wrong. Exactly. And I get along with every single Pisces I've ever met. They don't ask for much. A Pisces is the person who you're like, It's fine. And they're like, Listen, it's not fine. Let's sit down and talk about this. Yeah. I am. It's so annoying. Woman in Leather Jacket Leos are fun. Boss. Arrogant. Ambitious as bleep. They will fight you on everything. Leos are prideful.

Yeah, we have a lot of pride. I'll say that. Center of attention. I think they're leaders, often. Leaders, yeah. And they like to be in charge. We're also like really misunderstood. We're gold egg, so we're all flashy and hard on the outside, but the minute you crack us, we are all goopy and like mushy. Moody. Oh my God. There's a reason Cancer is a crab. Woman in Dodger's Hat laughs Emotional. Yeah. Loving. Straight forward, but caring.

But I love them. They're also very caring though. They're so peaceful. Very athletic. Yeah. Cancers will bring you flowers. Cancers are romantic. Woman in Tank Top Anthropomorphically sexy. What the hell does that even mean Wanderlust. You know how like Disney characters You're like oh, like Disney characters are attractive, but like oh they're cartoons. Like I'm conflicted. Right, OK. Free spirit. Always looking for another adventure. They're like, Oh I'm sexy, but I'm horse, so you can't have sex with me..

They're very much in their own element. They do their own thing. And they get bleep done. Woman in Leather Jacket Vicious. Yeah, my sister's a Scorpio. And it's just a real, you don't know what you're gonna get. Scorpios are probably more likely to bleep you over. Don't mess with a Scorpio. Hmm mmm. Because you will get whipped hard. Intense. We're intense. Scorpios are intense. But I think underneath it all are really, really sensitive. I'm very sensitive, but I don't show it.

Has Louis Ever Game Played Live on Air

Announcer Welcome back to The David Pakman Show. David Back on The David Pakman Show. It's time, Louis, for the debut edition of the Has Louis Ever game, and here to play with us is, I think we're going to go to Ross in Austin, Texas. Hey, Ross, how are you Ross Pretty good. Thanks for having me on. David All right, so are you ready to play here with us Ross Yes, sir. David OK, so here's the way it will work I'm going to give you three Has Louis Ever.

Questions. All you need to do is tell me yes, Louis has done that, or no, Louis has not done it. You get two out of three right, you get a free David Pakman Show membership or a free tshirt, your choice, OK Ross OK. David Number one, has Louis ever been arrested Has Louis ever been arrested, Ross from Austin, Texas Ross He's a man of many mysteries, so I would. I wouldn't put it past him. I think he has. David OK, the answer, for Ross, is yes. Louis, have you ever been arrested.

Louis Sorry, Ross, never been arrested. David No, Louis has not been arrested. That's OK, it's still two out of three. Are you. are you OK to continue, Ross, or are you so distraught from the first wrong answer that we have to stop Ross I might be able to make a comeback, so might as well. David OK. Question number two, has Louis ever won a fight Has Louis ever won a fight Ross I think so, yeah. David Louis, have you ever won a fight Louis Correct, yes, I have.

David Oh, so Ross making a comeback here. OK, we have one right answer. It is a best out of three. We have one more question to go, and I'm looking. I have a lot of options here, and I'm trying to figure. I want to help Ross win, Louis. I think I'm going to go with. well, Ross, did you listen to the last show Ross I think so, yeah. David OK, so this may be a gimme, it may not I'm going to put it out there for you.

Ross OK. David Has Louis ever been photographed naked Has Louis ever been photographed naked And this could be any situation, in other words, do naked pictures of Louis exist somewhere or did they once exist Ross I remember the one where you were talking about the topless photo, but I don't think he's actually been fully naked in a photo. David Louis, have you ever been photographed completely naked Louis No. David He has not. Congratulations, Ross, getting two out of three. You know, I have to say, when you got the first one wrong, I thought maybe we were in for a rough ride,.

But you've done it. Congratulations. Ross Thank you very much. David Will you go with the free David Pakman Show tshirt or a free membership Ross I think I would get the membership. David All right, Ross going with the membership. He'll be getting all of the bonus shows and archives. All right, Ross, we'll follow up with you and get all your information to set that up. Thanks for playing. Ross All right, thank you. David All right, take care. So there we go, Louis, the first edition ever of.

Louis Congratulations to Ross. David Congratulations to Ross from Austin, Texas, the Has Louis Ever game. I think that a followup game would be Does Louis Know game, where we actually just ask you various trivia questions and people have to guess whether it's something you know or not. I think that that one could, you know, maybe expose you a little bit more. Louis I think we're off to a good start. David You like it so far Louis Yeah. David All right, very good. Transcript provided by Subscriptorium Multimedia Linguistic Services. For transcripts, translations,.

Origami Folding Instructions How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller

Pick a number, now pick a color. Ah, here's your future. Today, my name is Robert Segundo, and I'm going to teach you how to make a paper fortune teller. What we're going to do, is we're going to start with a square piece of paper, and we're going to take it, and we're going to fold it in half, like so. Let's open it up. I'm going to fold it in half again, there we go. Let's open it up. Now we're going to take these corners, and fold them into.

The center, like so, like so, all the way around, until we have our square, like so. Now let's flip it over. We're going to take these corner points and pull them in as well, on all four sides, like so. Now after we've done with that, we're just going to fold it in half. Now these little flaps here are going to be your initial flaps. So what we're going to do, we're just going to kind of stick our fingers under the flaps, like so, and we're going to kind of take it and force it into this shape, like this. And then you can play.

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