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By | September 8, 2016

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Hey guys, my name is Jessica and I just wanna take some time to share my honest opinion and experience about my Numerology Chart. First of all, let me just say that I was never a huge believer in stuff like horoscopes, psychics, numerology charts. stuff like that. But I had turned to this, because I was just. at a really low point in my life. It seemed like anything that could go wrong, went wrong My boyfriend dumped me, my apartment was broken into, I lost my cat. the stress was causing.

My grades to drop life was just not going well for me. And it was at this point that I got really desperate and turned to my numerology chart. After some research on Google, I found numerologist and I ordered a numerology chart. Their readings are actually based on Chinese numerology, which is apparently one of the earliest forms of predictive science, which dates back to, like, 4,000 years or, you know, something like that. point being, it's been around for a really long time. So I got my personalized numerology chart which contained custom calculations for me.

The forecast for the next, like, nine years were just amazingly accurate and the results until now couldn't be more exact! It helps me understand my life, my destiny, how to overcome these challenges I was facing, and, it was just. all really shocking for me! And if you're in a similar situation and you haven't given a numerology chart a chance, I highly recommend it. I mean, I used to be just as skeptical but it's definitely worth a try. In fact, numerologist is actually giving away free numerology charts to anyone.

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Two of the presiding ideals of the romance today are soul mates and twin flames. We are going to discuss that in a little bit. Soul mates came to us, from Richard Bach, the books that he wrote. A lot of people have added to this soul mate condition that we exist and that we have a soul mate and we have to look for the soul mate. This isn't necessarily true. Also, there is a twin flame theory and it was some information generated from a higher source saying that there are twin flames and that proposes that we as souls are split in.

Half and this other part of us are our twin flame and that completes us. I find this to be very incorrect and that in my years I have never found anything comparable to that. What I would like to do is to dispel the myth of the soul mate and the twin flames and say that you can find someone that matches your characteristics and traits, very easily. But, I kind of that it is more fun and exciting to find someone who has different characteristics and traits to balance the traits that you already have. The soul mate and twin flame.

Theory keeps us like an illusion that we should be looking for this specific person, someone who is going to come and complete our lives. What is very important to know is that we are already complete. We do not need someone else's energy to complete our own energy which is because we are complete within ourselves. So, to search for a soul mate is actually searching for an illusion and that to hope we have a twin flame makes us important. We don't live our lives until we find our other half. Looking for soul mates we do not tend.

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After a long break from dating, I recently started someone new. He seemed really great, but after a few dating mishaps, I was pretty skeptical about relationships. It's hard to tell who is real these days, right And actually, it's even harder to know who you can trust. Well, Psychic Txt is perfect for me because I have instant access to accurate information wherever I go. Not only do the psychics answer questions, but they also give me advice. Really Good Advice! You know, I was concerned about Brian's level of commitment and I wanted to know if he was.

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