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By | October 11, 2016

So, you Want to know about about the effectsof planet Saturn in the first 1st house of a birth chart.after watching this tutorial., You need not search for this anywhere else Because, you will be provided with all thenecessary information in this tutorial on. quot;The effects of planet Saturn in the first1st house of a horoscopequot; and watch this tutorial completely to know thedifferent cases in which this SatUrn can result in a maha purusha yoga named sasha yoga.,which can bless a person with wealth, name and fame.

Let’s start this with my introduction, I amastrology tutorial creator, astro hominis. Welcome to my YouTube channel. I already completed the series of tutorials onplanet sun through different houses and ZODIAC signs, just in case, if you missed them, youcan easily go to the playlist through the icard above or through the link I pasted inthe description section below. I started a series on the effects of planetsthrough different houses of a birth chart. I already uploaded my tutorials on mercury Marsmoon Jupiter and Venus in first house. And will make tutorials on planets through differenthouses in the next eleven weeks.

So friends, subscribe immediately and staynotified. BREAKtoday is the first tutorial of the series on Saturn in different houses , I.e effects ofplanet Saturn in the first house of a horoscope. By understanding the first house, and planetSaturn in astrology, you can understand the different areas of life that can be influencedfrom this placement. And then by checking at the dignity of Saturn, you can understandif that’s going to be more easy or challenging. So, let’s start this by understanding thefirst house of a birth chart. First house ascendant or rising sign showsthe physical existence of a person.

initiation, experiences in the present, identityof a person, and how we are projected to others.Head is the body part associated with the first house.First house is the most important house as, the planets influencing the first house, designour characteristics which we carry through out our lives. Now, what is Saturn in astrology?Saturn is a natural malefic. Saturn rules the tenth and eleventh ZODIACsigns Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is associated with discipline, responsibility,structure, boundaries, fear, longevity, long

lasting effects, delays, depression, old people,masses and bones. BREAK Now, how’s that going to be when a personhas Saturn in first house??? Saturn in the first house shows a person’sdisciplined approach to life. The first house Saturn associates a person’slife to responsibilities. Saturn here, can make the person a very hardworkingindividual. Saturn in the first house can make a personappear older than his age., Tall and thin in appearance.This can also show a law abiding citizen.

From here,Saturn aspects the third house, indicating friction in relationship with younger siblings.Saturn aspects the seventh house, can indicate a late marriage, and Saturn also aspects thetenth house of career showing the hardwork responsibility and discipline involved inthe work. BREAKNow, let’s see the different cases in which Saturn in first house can give rise to Sashayoga. And yeah. I forgot to tel you all. I madea tutorial on bhavat BHavam which is a very important and very interesting concept in astrologyearlier. And am making another related tutorial