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By | July 5, 2016

Astrology And Relationships

This tutorial clip is about relationship, it's a very very important aspect of everybody's life but most people have problems in this area. That's why most people end up being lonely. It seems that we don't seem to have a solution from contemporary knowledge we have, so what happens usually when people don't have relationship and lonely and then are sad. They just go and find out tips like dating and how to dress smart, or how to slim the body, these kinds of things or having some tips on how to hold on a conversation.

All these are superficial things, we have tried everything and more often than not we have not succeeded. I am going to give you a very time proven solution for relationship and that is provided by Yogis of India who developed this astrology. Remember that astrology came out of the Yogis who meditated on human problems. If you have a good relationship there is a planet behind it, or several planets behind it. If you don't have a good relationship, this does not really mean the spousal relationship or gender relationship, it can be any relationship.

There are always some planets that promote your relationships and some planets that promote obstacles in relationships. All that can be fixed. The Vedic astrology is different from western astrology because it has solutions for it. We know that don't have relationships, we know that we are lonely. It's not enough just to know that but how can you fix it. That's where I find that Vedic astrology is very very useful. Within a few days of doing a mantra or finding the planet and how can we fix that planet There are rituals.

To fix that planet, there are mandalas inscribed on copper plates to fix it, or there are temple vortexes that you can go and even somebody can go on your behalf. Some proxy remedies also would work and this is really what I am here to offer. Just try out. I am confident, I have used it in the case of so many people and then the relationship has turned around. So this is going to be a great science in the upcoming years when people begin to delve deep into Vedic astrology and find out that these relationship solutions or the solutions.

Ask Kevin Chart Variants Natal, Progressed, and Relocated

Krystel, when working with natal astrology, where the emphasis is on exploring and understanding the unique birth chart of an individual, the natal chart is the most important chart. It establishes the context for every other chart, and every other chart must be interpreted as it relates back to the natal chart. The two other types of charts you mention progressed and relocated are both based on the natal chart. Progressed charts are used in predictive natal astrology. All of the potential of your life is contained in your natal chart. The events and opportunities in your chart.

Unfold over the course of your lifetime, and the different types of predictive natal astrology are used to identify the timing. Progressed charts track the actual movement of the planets in the days after your birth, and use a symbolic time scale to show how the energies in your natal chart evolve and unfold over the course of your life. In secondary progressions the most commonly used type of progressions one day of actual time represents one year of life. The positions of the planets 32 days after you were born.

Correspond to experiences you will have at age 32. But once again, you can only interpret a progressed chart in relationship to the natal chart. The planets in a progressed chart will occupy different signs and have different aspects from your natal chart. In a relocated chart, the planets are in the same positions as in your natal chart, but the houses and angles will be different. The theory behind relocated charts is that if you live somewhere other than your birth location, different facets of your chart will be highlighted because different planets will.

Be angular. There's a branch of astrology known as astrocartography that helps people to optimize their birth charts by choosing where to live. I personally don't work with relocated charts. However, even if you do use locational astrology to choose where you live, your original natal chart is still the most important chart. You would use your natal chart to consider transits and progressions, not the relocated chart. Regarding your chart calculation question, Astro is one of the most trusted resources for free chart calculation. It uses the ACS World Atlas, which is relied on by astrologers.

Around the world to provide accurate, datespecific time zone information. I have no idea what ifate uses. When you originally submitted your question, I was able to run my birth chart on their site, and it was spectacularly wrong. I'm guessing that the error had to do with not accounting for daylight savings time, but it didn't provide any way to verify that. When I went back later to try again, I couldn't even get it to run the chart. To be fair, the site does indicate the chart program is.

Still in beta. Different house systems will sort planets into different houses, and that's often a source of confusion. However, if the birth data including the correct time zone correction is accurate, you will always come up with the same positions of the planets and angles, no matter what other settings you choose. If you end up with different placements for the planets, or a different degree or sign for the Ascendant and Midheaven, something has gone wrong in the calculations. But if you're looking to run free charts online, you can always rely on Astro.

Ask Kevin Marriage and Pluto Transits

Gena, thank you for your question. The first thing to remember is that Pluto moves very slowly. The transits you're talking about begin in February 2016, but they continue through 2020, when Pluto finally moves beyond 21 Capricorn and it will no longer trigger planets at 21 Libra. The next thing to remember is that the outer planets are outer. They're not personal. They don't live inside you, and you don't have a direct experience of them. We only experience the outer planets when they connect with one of the inner, or personal planets. Uranus and Neptune are both outer planets,.

So you won't notice Pluto triggering them. Everyone born within a few years of you is experiencing the exact same thing, and it's background noise. Saturn and Venus are personal planets, however, and you will definitely notice Pluto triggering them. Pluto is a difficult energy because it comes along and destroys everything that is not true. Just because something is real doesn't mean that it's true. We get very involved in the illusions and stories of our lives. We create attachments to our little r realities, and believe that we can't survive without.

Them. And then Pluto comes along and destroys everything. It's not fun. The more you resist, the more you try to defend and control, the harder it will be. The only thing you can do when Pluto comes along is surrender. When Pluto is finished with you, you'll still be here and you'll be more free. Pluto moving through your 7th house doesn't necessarily affect your marriage. The 7th house represents other individuals and onetoone relationships. When you experience the effects of the Pluto transit, it will come from your.

Relationships. Pluto transiting your 7th house will make you conscious of where you're giving your power away to other people. You'll experience other people as being controlling or manipulative. Transiting squares force you to take action and make changes. The trigger for this will be power and control issues in relationships with other people. But you won't necessarily experience it in your marriage because the planets being triggered, Venus and Saturn, aren't in your 7th house. Pluto square Venus forces you to change your values. You will feel pressure to question.

The things that you truly care about, and explore new ways to experience love and appreciation. You'll experience this in the house that Venus occupies I'm guessing your 10th house. You may experience some of the pressure of Pluto square Saturn in your marriage because with Capricorn on the cusp of your 7th house, Saturn is the planet in charge of your marriage. But Saturn also relates to your boundaries, judgments, and relationship with authority. It's quite possible that you may feel the need to make some changes in your marriage.

Ask Kevin Tropical vs. Sidereal

The short answer to your question is no you can't mix and match the zodiacs. You need to choose one system and stick with it. There are some important philosophical reasons for this, but they're part of the long answer. We use the zodiac as a system of measurement to track the positions of the planets in along the ecliptic. The ecliptic is a circle it's the apparent orbit of the Sun around the Earth, although it's actually the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. The signs are units of measurement, equal.

To 30 degrees of arc, and they are named after twelve of the thirteen constellations that cross the ecliptic. The challenge with measuring along a circle is that a circle doesn't have a beginning or an end. You have to define a starting point. We call this point 0 Aries. But here's the real problem. You can't look up in the sky and point to 0 Aries. The Tropical Zodiac defines 0 Aries as the moment of the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This is an observable, measurable event. Because of the wobble in the Earth's axis,.

The Spring Equinox moves backwards each year, relative to the fixed stars. This is called the precession of the equinoxes, and it's a 26,000 year cycle. What this means is that today, the Spring Equinox, which we define as 0 Aries occurs in the constellation of Pisces. When astrology was being developed over two thousand years ago, the Spring Equinox occurred in the constellation of Aries. But over the centuries, the Spring Equinox has precessed into Pisces. The Sidereal Zodiac attempts to use the fixed stars to identify 0 Aries sidereal means.

Star. The problem is that you can't look up in the sky and see the start of the constellation of Aries. Every version of the Sidereal Zodiac uses mathematical calculations to estimate the difference between 0 Aries in the Tropical Zodiac an observable point and where they believe 0 of the constellation of Aries is. At the moment, there's about a 23 difference between the Tropical Zodiac and the Sidereal Zodiac. Western astrology has always used the Tropical Zodiac. The meanings of the symbols and signs have evolved based on these seasonal cycles. Vedic or Jyotish astrology, practiced in India,.

Has always used the Sidereal Zodiac. The meanings of the symbols in Vedic astrology are quite different from the meanings of the symbols in western astrology. The Vedic interpretation of the Sun in Virgo is entirely different from the Western interpretation of the Sun in Virgo. There is a small, fringe group of Western astrologers who use the Sidereal Zodiac with western interpretations, but they're a tiny minority. The overwhelming majority of Western Astrologers use the Tropical Zodiac. But differences in interpretation aside, you can't combine the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs.

Mantras Power Sounds Change Your Karma With The Power of Sacred Sounds

Mantras are power sounds discovered by yogis in their deep meditation they pulled the mantras from the sky, from the ether, the Akash, because the Akash, the space or ether is full of the intelligence of the highest kind. If you need protection, there is a mantra for protection. Once you go on chanting this mantra, then they go deep into your unconscious. And the advantage of keeping the mantra in the unconscious is, say for instance, you need protection from jealousy, evil eye, or from people, the mantras will protect you.

Because you do not know who is your friend or enemy or who is casting an evil eye, but the mantra will know. So, if you go on chanting it and meditating on it, then the mantra will come to your rescue. You may not even know that the mantra is giving you a shield of protection. That is why it is very important to participate in the fire rituals, because the fire rituals will bring your soul in harmony with the mantras. The mantras will multiply its power through the fire rituals and on a personal level,.

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