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By | December 18, 2016

Skeptics Get Their Tarot Cards Read

I’m getting my future told by a deck of cards. I’m typically a skeptical person. I’m not sure that I need someone to tell me things I already know about my life. I’ve had random readings at bars. She said that I would meet a guy this year and that he would be rich. I’m a churchgoing person, so.

(slow techno music) You ready? I know you’re nervous, it’s okay. I am nervous. Go ahead and shuffle for me. This is my energy, it’s a hot mess. I’m fully consensual for you to snoop deep inside of me. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

Oh, you’ll like that. Don’t freak out with that by the way. Everyone freaks out. I know it looks scary. Oh, I like that. So this is my future? This is possible future. Okay.

The way I read is you get psychic information from higher and you do with it what you choose to. They keep showing me Annie Hall. So there’s something about a modernday romance getting written that’s gonna do well. I have an Annie Hall poster hanging in my bedroom. Oh my gosh. They’re giving me a three.

And that’s one of your magical times to write. 3 AM, not 3 PM? 3 AM. Okay, usually I am asleep at 3 AM. A lot of film energy. They’re also showing me Memoirs of a Geisha, so it’s a drama, but it’s set in an Asian country. So that’s a featurefilm you’re gonna be in.

As a geisha? I feel like you moved to Los Angeles with a dream. I did. And I feel like you were like, quot;I’m doing it, oh my God I’m doing it!quot; And everyone’s so shocked, they were a little bit like, quot;Are you sure you wanna go there? quot;It’s a really dangerous place.quot;.

Yeah! It’s getting intense! Yeah, I do! I’m making him sweat! I want a napkin! I’m sweating! Fan him off! I think they’re showing me dancing with you,.