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By | December 13, 2016

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New Moon Cleansing Spell

I am using a Catnip and Sage Smudge Stick to cleanse and heighten the energy in the area. Because you will be joining me I am opening the path with the smudge stick I draw an invoking pentagram for bringing the guardians of the elements into the circle I add 3 drops of Camphor oil to the cauldron I add a pinch of Angelica root powder I add a clove or two, in this ritual I used just the bud for the wolf’s strength I also add a few pinches of Valerian powder for banishing any evil intentions I add a few fingers full of Vervain for protection and cleansing.

I usually add crushed Frankincense but this time I just used a small resin drop I use a bell to bring in positivism and cleanse the area before inviting the Gods I use the candle of fire to light the God and Goddess candles While the cauldron is beginning to boil I use my smudging feather to spread the steam around I now use a spell paper for writing my intent, burn and place in the cauldron You can take time and meditate about your intent and use breathing techniques to create a state of trance or clarity If you are drinking anything (Soda, Wine, Etc) offer a libation to the Gods. I typically use an offering bowl but used cups today Again, you can use this time for visualization of your intent.

I use the feather to circle around and bring good energy into the home After visualization or meditation, you can ring the bell to move to the next stage of the ritual This section is where I use gestures and visualization combined to manifest my desires You can continue as long as you want or you can begin to thank the Elementals and Gods for attending and close the circle Be sure to ground yourself after the ritual. There are several ways to ground but the basic way is to visualize the energy returning to the earth.