Free Horoscope Matching Marriage Gujarati

By | January 31, 2017

Marriage is considered as one of the auspicious and most important aspect of life and horoscope matching is used to find a suitable partner for harmonious pleasing relationship. Moon sign compatibility (or Bhakoot in Vedic astrology) is considered as one of the important aspects of matchmaking. When relative position moon signs of the boy and the girl are 212, 59 or 68; then it is considered as malefic. When relative position of moon signs of the boy and the girl are 17, 311, 410 then it is considered as auspicious.

Lets’ take an example if moon sign of the male is aries and that of the female is pisces, then there is incompatibility or Bhakoot Dosh of 212 is formed as the Moon Sign of Female is 12 from Moon Sign of Male and Moon sign of Male is 2nd from Moon sign of Female. 212 position is not auspicious as it is likely to lead to poverty or financial instability. If relative position of moon sign of the boy and the girl are in 59; position like in Aries Leo; then it is considered bad for progeny.

Similarly if relative position of moon of the boy and the girl are in 68 then it is considered as malefic; specifically if the Rasi lords or sign lords of the moon are enemies. 68 position is considered bad as it may lead to enmity and disease. But moon sign incompatibility or Bhakoota Dosa will lose its malefic effect if moon sign lords are same or friends. Like in Taurus Libra as though they are 68 position their sign lord is same i.e; Venus.

It also loses its malefic effect if navamsha lords of moon sign lord are same or friends. Now lets understand how important is moon sign compatibility There are cases of failed relationship with moon sign compatibility; and there are cases success stories without having moon sign compatibility. Though moon sign compatibility is one of the important factors but it is not the only factor for match making. Hence we need to analyze complete horoscope of the bride and groom, and their cultural.