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By | May 31, 2016

2014 Pisces Love, Relationship, Marriage Annual Horoscope

Hello My Dear Pisces friends. Here is my special reading for you for the LOVE Life Married Life for the year 2014. You might have a king size or queen size desire for a good emotional experience in 2014. It would be applicable to you irrespective of your status whether single or married or in relationship. Using your beautiful thoughts under the influence of Jupiter, you will learn to enhance your attraction index. This will let you share a great equation with your beloved, regardless of your status. Some of you may experience a flood of emotional experience. Try not to get washed away emotionally.

If you are in such a state, do not make any promise or break any relationship. It is only when you feel that your head instead of heart rules the state of internal affairs then only you should take a decision or communicate with your partner. If single and wanting to get married, then the period after July 2014 should be a better one. If you are married or in a committed relationship, sometimes your partner might not agree with you, it would be better to leave it and not force the other person understand you, as.

You may not get desired results. Better not get impulsive, let some time pass when you can see more effective partnership between two of you. There is good time seen for Married couples who shall enjoy a wonderful relationship throughout the year. But try not to bring up old and forgotten issues which trigger unpleasantness. Throughout the year, the quality of your relationship will depend on the quality of your relationship both verbal and non verbal. This is a generalized reading based on the zodiac sign, I suggest that you get a personalized.

2014 Gemini Love, Relationship, Marriage Annual Horoscope

Hello My Dear Gemini friends. Its my special reading for you for the LOVE Life Married Life for the year 2014. The first quarter of the year is likely to be a little sensitive for love matters. Therefore, do not be over adventurous with your current partner or try your luck on a new relationship. This is a delicate period when the chances of break up are quite strong. April onwards it is a good period to initiating a relationship. For married couples this year promises to a smooth sailing.

You are expected to be on the having a great chemistry. Not only you shall be on the same wavelength, but shall help each other grow stronger. You are likely to go together on a vacation. This is possible if you take the first step to ensure that you the interests of your partner's or spouse are promoted. Overall this is a good year to indulge in the matters of love, sentiments and heart. You will enjoy a peaceful and romantic life together. I wish you all the very best in the months to come!.

2014 Taurus Love, Relationship, Marriage Annual Horoscope

Hello My Dear Taurus friends. Its my special reading for you for the year 2014. LOVE Life Married Life 2014 You are likely to look at love, romance, dating and marriage from a new perspective. Some of you might like to shift their priorities and focus more on the other aspces of life and give less time to the relationship, It is also possible that you may completely walk out of an existing relationship after taking a decision in an angry mood. So if you think that you are in a wrong relationship or you are going nowhere then this is the.

Right time to say goodbye to it. But if you want to keep the relationship going and take it further then, please avoid misunderstandings and be committed to your partner. You need to be flexible in your approach to your partner and give her or him full freedom and independence in her or his personal life. Keep in mind that everybody needs a space and everybody has priorities or moods. Try not to push your timetable or emotions on your partner. Give and take is your mantra for success during this time period.

2014 Aries Love, Relationship, Marriage Annual Horoscope

Hello My Dear Aries friends. Its my special reading for you for the year 2014. Let me first share with you the position of the important planets in your 2014 horoscope and then I'll interpret that what trends it might usher into your married or love life during 2014. To start with there is Ketu in your first house and Rahu and Saturn are in the 7th house. Also initially the planet of love is retrograde. That means that there shall be passion, but also conflicts between the couples. There would be a intermittent periods of a lot of socializing on one hand and just sitting.

At home on the other. Your spouse may also need some medical attention. What could be the exact medical problem would need the investigations more than once or a second opinion with the doctor. Similarly, those who have just stepped into a relationship or have just started with their first date are advised to be extremely careful. While there could be a lot of heat and passion but confusion and misunderstanding will also coexist. But do not get alarmed. There is the aspect of benefic Jupiter. So if you are diplomatic, genuine and have good concern for your beloved then you need.

Not fear anything. The second part of the year 2014 will bring energy in your love life, and it would be full of fun and adventure. For the singles as well as for the couples there will be good emotional opportunities and bright perspectives for love and romance. However, this is a general reading based on your zodiac Sun Sign. To get a more specific and personal reading of your love life or married life, I suggest that you to contact us through e mail or telephone on the numbers given below.

Love Compatibility Between Signs Water and Earth Good Match

Let's look at compatibility between Water and Earth. The three Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces And the three Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Basically, this is a very good combination. Very compatible. Water is emotional and Earth is grounded enough to handle the ups and downs that we normally see in an emotional Water type. And Earth is methodical and practical, and Water can understand why. Because these kinds of qualities make Earth people emotionally stable. And Water can appreciate that. For Water and Earth. it's like the vessel,.

The cup, made of clay or fine porcelain. that's the Earth.and it can contain or hold the emotions the Water. That's how these two work so well together. One example of a great WaterEarth couple who are working it out is Barbra Streisand and James Brolin. Barbra is a Taurus, Earth, and James is a Cancer, Water. Together in their charts you can see how Streisand can count on her husband for emotional support, reassurances, and protection. while she offers him in return security, loyalty, and an appreciation of the finer things in life.

2014 Virgo Love, Relationship, Marriage Annual Horoscope

Hello My Dear Virgo friends. Its my special reading for you for the LOVE Life Married Life for the year 2014. My love horoscope reading for the Virgo indicates that the second half of the year is more suitable for you in the matters of heart. You will get a more favorable response to your romantic pursuits. Also for marriage, the period after July is quite favorable. Looking at the position of the planets, I feel that it may be exactly the opposite in January to July period. Therefore, for the first 6 months of the year 2014, you should not be in hurry to propose or get married.

As you may get disappointment. And if you miss the chance then you might have to wait for quite some time to get another good one. If married, there are chances of petty issues spoiling the marital harmony. So the planets advice you to rise above the ordinary differences, try to understand each other, extend a supporting hand and wait till you get a favorable response from your spouse. Whether married or in relationship or looking for a right partner, throughout the year, you should not loose your cool come what may. The chances are that the price for loosing your mind would be very heavy.

If you are not in a relationship then in 2014, you are quite likely to meet a good candidate who could be your soul mate. The effect of this new love will strike like a thunderbolt. However, this is a general reading based on your zodiac Sun Sign. To get a more specific and personal reading of your love life or married life, I advise you to contact us through e mail or telephone. The numbers are given below. With these words, I wish you a lot of harmony and a romantic period together.

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

You know, Aries and Aquarius really do make a good match. Let me tell you why. First of all, these two are just great friends from the start. They have a lot to talk about. Aquarius is an Air sign, very intellectual and progressive and fascinating. And Aries is a doer an initiator. This sign likes to take an idea and run with it, make it real. And while Aries is good at starting things, it's not so great at following through but Aquarius is a Fixed sign, which is all about determination and followthrough. Aquarius.

Can be the glue that keeps this couple together over the long term, since Aries can be the type to fall in love fast but then fall back out again. Aquarius can be the grounded one, the one who stays committed no matter what. And both of these signs are very independent, so they have no problem giving each other the space they both need. They really get that about each other. I actually have friends, Jean, she's an Aquarius, and Eddie he's an Aries. They're a couple, you know, and I have to say, it's kind of funny to watch.

Them sometimes. Jean, she's the passionate one Aries is a very fiery, passionate sign and sometimes she turns that on Eddie, who's just very coolheaded. Aquarians can even be kind of aloof, you know They aren't especially emotional people, and they definitely keep their feelings hidden. They just don't like having big, dramatic blowouts, but Aries, on the other hand, really needs to express all their emotions fast and loud, and they kind of live for big confrontations. So my friend Jean, she used to just poke at Eddie.

And goad him and sometimes just allout provoke him, just to see if she could get a rise out of him. I don't know, they've been together for a long time, so these days they aren't quite so fiery anymore. But Jean, she really keeps the passion alive, and Eddie keeps them solid, grounded, you know And they still find each other fascinating, after all these years. This is generally a really good pairing of signs for a love relationship, whether shortterm or longterm. And if it's just a shortterm thing, these two can stay friends.

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

One great example of a TaurusandScorpio couple is from Pretty Woman Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Remember them Richard's character Edward Lewis was the Taurus Mr. Success, Mr. Good Looks, Fancy Car, Fat Bank Account and Julia played Vivian Ward, the sexy hooker the Scorpio, needless to say. So in the movie, he swoops in and transforms this young, trashy escort into a classy sophisticate, with his money and good tastes. He takes her shopping on Rodeo Drive and indulges her in whatever she wants which is so.

Taurus they love treating their lover to all kinds of pleasures and indulgences. But, come on. That story may have worked back in the '90s, but please! It's so outdated! Okay, okay, I know a lot of you loved that movie, and if I'm honest, so did I. And Taurus and Scorpio, they can be a really good match. I mean, they're Opposite signs in the Zodiac, and everyone knows opposites attract. But the thing about these two signs is, when it's good, it's great I mean, a seriously deep emotional connection, not to mention hot,.

Steamy sex. But when it's not working, ugh it can be seriously awful. These signs are both just so stubborn, and when they get pissed off at each other, watch out! Scorpio starts lashing out with that Scorpion stinger, and Taurus acts like a Bull that's just been stung by a wasp or a scorpion. But in the case of Pretty Woman, it was great especially for Vivian. Both Taurus and Scorpio are the signs of money, so this story is centered on that connection but it's also a story about transformation, which is a very Scorpio.

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