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By | April 24, 2016

How to Read Tarot Cards Major Arcana in Tarot Cards

Hi I'm Suzanne Diamond I'm a psychic and representing expertvillage. In this segment we go into the major arcana, what it is verses the minor arcana. What are going to go into the first ten major arcana. The major arcana is important and when you see major arcana in more particularly when you see a number of major arcana in your reading it is like a sign to you to pay attention to what is going to happen in your reading. Whether you are reading two weeks into the future or you are reading two months into the future because the major arcana encompass.

Everything that each of the minor arcana represents that being your emotion, your material aspects of your light, the battles that you might have the world and the your spiritually all of those in a nut shell. All the major arcana represents and now we would go into the first ten major arcana's. Your first card which starts off as you notice on zero is the fool it has to do with exuberance, starting off on a journey, general youth. Your second card which is number one is the magician card has to do traditionally with as above so below.

Your second high priestess has to do with intellectual matters. The empress which has to do with all aspects of motherhood, mother earth, and motherhood in general. The emperor card which has to do with ruling and dominance. The hierophant card which has do with religious interchangings. Your six card is the lovers card traditionally having to do with relationships in particularly love relationship and everything that encompasses. Then we have the chariot card which has to do with just that it is movement card. Moving from one aspects of your reading to the other in which ever speed generally fast. Then we have the star card.

The Meaning of Each Tarot Card History of the Tarot Deck

So now my guest Marybeth Murphy, our spiritual coach is going to open up a deck of tarot cards. So I can't wait to see them, they look so pretty. They are, I have them, well I'll show it for camera, I have a golden tarot. Is that a particular brand No. There are so many decks of tarot cards and you can go into any Barnes and Noble or Bore's Bookstore, any book store you want. Really Yeah, and get them, sure. At a metaphysical store you can go into, there's, I know there's lots of stores here in the LA area, any metaphysical.

Store that will service you in that area and you can, there's so many different versions of tarot cards. And this the deck. That's the deck They're so pretty, so renaissance. Yeah they are very renaissance. They come with a book Right and I'm going show how to use that book as we go through the cards. Great. But the thing is you have to find the deck that's going to work for you. Not all decks of tarot cards are going to be something that you might pick up a deck and say, hum, this is not working. You have to honor that.

Because if you're feeling that this is not going to work for you, then you're not going to be able to give good readings, not only to yourself but if you choose to other people. So you really have to focus on how you feel when you hold the particular deck of tarot cards. So start being attunitive already Well that's when I'm going to get into later, that's what readings whether it be tarot cards or any other viagolts, it's all about using your intuition. Great. So we are going to next learn the different cards Yes, we are.

5 COMPUTERIZED UNIVERSE Anunnaki Psychic Spirit Fairie

I always have questions for my Spirit Guide GJR the Anunnaki King from Sirius I have been told that the Anunnaki have the ability to create planets. I have also been told the Anunnaki created us, the human race, The Anunnaki are not the Most High God, the Anunnaki got their power from the energy of the Most High God. They used the energy from the Most High God to create Humans. Personally, I believe that we are in a holographic universe. My Spirit Guide agrees with the concept. Scientists have told us that the universe is wired by a computerized program system.

Discover is for yourself. Professor James Gates and the Super String Equations, is the information you want to look up. I know for a fact that we are never alone... this is a fact... someone is always watching and listening... BELIEVE IT! Comment if you believe differently. My question is... QUESTION If the Anunnaki can create planets, and people. Did they put us into some sort of a computer program Is this how our hearts remain beating with no help from us.

Is this how we gain access to our thoughts A computerized program Is that how we get what ever we want Is this who is making the planets revolve My thoughts, and comment on this. Who ever is listening to us. Who ever is running this program. Is it that same someone that is watching over us... If it is true that we are in some sort of a computer program then that makes it easy for many parts of me to be put or downloaded into many different dimensions.

psychic readings Love Notes Oracle Cards Mini LOVE Reading

Here's a little Love Notes Oracle Cards reading for you. You can get the cards at amazon. I'm Lisa Atkinson shuffle Rise above any old wounds and soar free that's Love Transcends card. so that you can magnetize more love in your life and create with love and materialize these loving spiritual events that we all want so badly, that feel so great. So you're life will feel better and you will feel better.and you can get support from me anytime with my Love Notes Oracle Cards deck and guidebook. You can get it on amazon or at SpiritLisa.

Psychic Reading Thoth Tarot Confidential ID PR0819

Visit PsychicSpiritFairie Visit PsychicSpiritFairie Psychic Tarot Reading Confidential Client ID PR0819 Thank you for joining Psychic Spirit Fairie for your Cosmic Accuracy. first question The spirit guides and the energy of Thoth have given us THE LOVERS in this you are advised to hold no contradictions within yourself but be totally balanced in all that you do regarding the situation. Ensure that you use everything to your grease advantage after having taking a look at its substance. Make sure that you use everything that you possibly can to win this time.

Someone will have to loose but if you stay balanced it will not be you. and what do we mean by stay balanced allow no contradictions to slip into the memory. Every reaction is always equal and opposite to action, as an idea is formulated so is its contradiction. Stay focused and firm in the fact that there can only be one truth and it is yours. The spirit guides and the energy of Thoth have given us the 2nd card 9 OF WANDS In this card we are further advised of.

Stability and balance and now we add strength. Bring your energy back into balance and stomp out all opposition. Be stable and confident, and strong. The spirit guides and the energy of Thoth have given us the 3rd card 4 OF CUPS again balance and stability are mentioned and now that you have implemented both stability and balance find joy again. Pleasure must be brought back into the fold. Enhance your strength you will receive a change that will equal stability. An idea of a totally different Order is necessary to carry.

Out the win. Do what you have been advised and you will win this time. in receiving these answers you have received guidance from the Cosmos Be blessed at all times. Free readings are given here on the Psychic Spirit Fairie Meditation Stop and channel. every Monday and Thursday go to the official website located at PsychicSpiritFairie and search for free readings submit your questions and look for your reading to be posted here on. don't forget only subscribers get freebies. Be blessed at all times. You are truly loved.

psychic readings Do Your Own Psychic Love Reading with Love Notes Oracle Cards

If you get confused about your love life and you want an easy reliable tool that's portable, then I have what you need. Love Notes Oracle Cards deck. so you just select a card and it will reflect the rest. Like this one. It's give more love, which means if you want love, giving love is the way to go. It's illustrated by an authentic Victorian Valentine, as they all are.and it comes with this guidebook which also gives you more information about each of the cards. It's reliable. I'm an accomplished psychic medium. I've done hundreds of successful readings. I've been.

Tested and verified by Lisa Williams, Doreen Virtue. they have tested and recommended me. The concepts in my cards have helped tons of my own clients improve the love they have. Owning these cards and deck is like owning your own psychic sidekick. You get tons of higher guidance instantly, so use my experience. It's for you. I made this because everyone has these questions and they always ask me these kind of um questions. And you can actually expand your heart and release old wounds and blocks from the past.

Americans Try Nutella For The First Time

You specifically told me not to double dip, but the power of the Nutella compelled me. I've never had Nutella before. I'm really excited about this, I don't know how I made it this long in my life without it. I don't even know what it is. I don't even know if it's like made out of nuts. People have said this is like God's gift to man and women. I'm excited to see what the hype is about. Do people just do this.

Like, do people just be like, I had a bad day, I'm just going to eat Nutella A hundred calories per tablespoon, that's insane. Alright, I like this consistency, goo. Oh yeah. I like this, it's really really good. I don't like the consistency, it's really thick. This is so good. That's like a lot of chocolate at once. This is great. I don't like peanut butter, but this is like peanut butter's hot sister I wanna date. I don't know. It's not horrible.

I don't think it's the best thing ever though. I like it a lot, I'm scared of that now. Definitely have this, like, when a lady comes over, like, Hey, I got some Nutella. I don't even know what it is, it's magic. And it's good for you too, right No, OK, it's not good for you. I see what the hype is about. So this is Nutellabanana mix. I'm kinda grossed out by this, I'm not gonna lie. Drop test. Oh, there we go.

Mm. Alright, you got me. No, I don't like that. It's delicious. This is pretty much like Nutellabanana shake. The consistency of this is like a giant booger. I might even lick the bowl too, just because. I feel like you can serve this to somebody, I feel like you can say, Hey, come over, here's like a beep bowl that I put together for you. But that's fine, because then you can just make more for yourself and eat it in secrecy. This is like a I just can't right now kind of sandwich.

You've throwing your waistline to the wind. Ah, amazing, I was really hoping I hated this one. I can't talk right now, I just gotta eat. I wish you could like feel this, it's so crispy. Yeah, no, that's disgusting. This is good lunchroom collateral, you can like make your way to the top. This tastes like if you took the s'more to like a really creative chef and he was like, No, no, no, I fix it for you. You know how many girls you could make happy with this.

You could have a party and just make a bunch of these, if it's just all women there, they'll love it. Everyone's like eating noises. That actually beat my expectations which were already really high. I get why people are like super excited about it. I'm glad I lost my virginity today. Yeah, this sucks. Am I going to go out and buy like vats of it Probably not. I am definitely converted. I'm a Nutellito. I feel like I'm in love. I don't know if I'm a Nutella convert.

Welcome to The Power of Your Soul and Psychic Intuition

We all have psychic abilities and they're working all the time. You can call them intuition, gut feelings, hunches. All of these things come to everyone but we don't always have a word for them and we definitely don't know what the breakdown what's really happening is until we actually look at it analytically. And that's where I want to help you get started. If you start to work with your intuition, you can start to understand where you're getting the information. But you just start out knowing that you want to increase your awareness. THIS is the beginning.

Of opening up your psychic abilities. It's just increasing your awareness to that so that you can get started. tapping into your SOUL POWER and INTUITION and really get on track with your own Higher Self. How wonderful for you that you're starting on this journey. I'm really excited because it's just delicious. It's going to be transformative in a great way for you. A lot of times, people will see what's going to happen before it happens. Welcome to your Higher Self, to the world of fulfillment, and knowing, and understanding.

The Healing Power of Stones Quart Crystal from The Himalaya

Hello, my name is Jennifer Warr and I am here as an expert of representing the mineral kingdom in behalf of Expert Village. When we consider all of the elements in the universe which is earth, air, water, fire and we understand we are a part of all of these elements. We are 80percent water in our bodies. We are fire in prone, the air we breathe is the sun that beams us, right So, earth is what nourishes us. We feed from the earth. And air is our breath. So these four elements are what creates our bodies and what sustain our life. Likewise.

With the earth, that is what sustains and creates the earth. So crystals, minerals, plants, they're all aspects of these four elements. And they're all created. For instance, this crystal is coming from the Himalayas. Its quite unique for its growth lines and the way that it was formed is it has its own story. Just like each one of our bodies has there own story, how we became the way we are, how we became who we are. Our personality, our thoughts, our feelings. Its the same with wood, with crystals. They have their own story.

They have there own past, how they became who they are, and how they are. This quart that grew in the Himalayas, in a cave, it probably was under a many heat and pressure and that heat and pressure can maybe be referred to as our own growing pains, our own trials and tribulations and what makes us who we are. Our own personalities. So, as well as that heat and pressure it was given the perfect amount of air to continue to grow forth. So thats maybe nurturing. Maybe love, thats what the air element could be referred to.

Could Your Struggle with Infertility Have its Origins in a Past Lifetime Psychic Ainslie MacLeod

Have you ever considered that causes infertility might stem from a previous incarnation Join Ainslie MacLeod, internationally acclaimed Psychic Guide, spiritual teacher and awardwinning author as he discusses healing infertility through pastlife exploration. Greetings have you been struggling to get pregnant or have you suffered one or more miscarriages It might surprise you to learn many causes of infertility go back to events from prior incarnations. To learn more about how your past life affects you stick around to the end of this tutorial will share ways it can explore the subject in greater depth.

Now, if you died in childbirth in a past life well it's very likely that you have difficulty getting pregnant in this. Another can be many physiological causes of infertility. The soul exerts tremendous influence over the body and it will often try desperately to prevent conception from happening. Vanessa, my client came to me after having several miscarriages and was having no luck getting pregnant. I told her about a particular traumatic past life one in which she died after having Caesarian section with no anesthetic Well not surprisingly she revealed that she was terrified of giving birth.

She left my office and I wished her well and I heard nothing. Actually I assumed what we'd done hadn't worked until one day about eight months later I got an email saying great news, I am pregnant. I got pregnant three weeks after I met with you last December. Among other things she said we had addressed my miscarriage last September and if any past life issues were getting in the way of sustaining a pregnancy. She said also my fear of dying in childbirth has dissipated as you guide.

Said it would. Thank you! She said I am do September 24th. I am really happy. It's been great pregnancy. Well the healing began the moment we uncovered a traumatic death from a lifetime several centuries ago. At that point the soul could release its grip. Once it recognized that that was then this is now. Visit SoulInstruction to download a free chapter for Ainslie's book The Instruction and gain free access to his inspirational tutorial series Insights from the Spirit Guides. While you're there take Ainslie's soul type quiz to help you on your journey toward living the life.

Tarot Cards Use And History

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