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By | December 3, 2016

Aries and Leo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox The Astrologer

Aries and Leo — geez. I had two friends — Sarah, who was an Aries, and Matthew, a Leo. Talk about heat, between those two! They met one night at a nightclub and the attraction was just instant. Kinetic energy between them, you know what I mean? From the very start, they were just burning it up together. They were all over each other, all the time. It was so annoying — the kind of couple that everyone around them is like, Get a room! But with two Fire Signs like that, there’s just a huge amount of passion — but that means not just the tearingoffeachother’sclothes kind of passion, but also raging tempers. Sarah and Matthew, they would just go at it, arguing and bickering. And every fight was.

Like a war — a battle of wills, to the death. But the funny thing about them was, it was like, that was just part of their foreplay. It was like they fed off the energy they created together by butting heads. And then they would go kiss and make up and, you know. It was totally insane! I have to say, I always envied their heat, but I can do without that kind of constant clashing in my relationship, if you know what I mean. Plus, Sarah had to learn to kind of pump up Matthew’s ego sometimes, you know? Because Leos, they need that — they need to feel adored. And Aries, sometimes they have a hard time remembering all those little frills of romance, which are the very thing that keeps Leo’s love burning. Both.

Of these signs want to feel like they’re the one in charge, so it’s understandable that they got along so famously but also fought constantly. Good thing Sarah, the Aries, she never stayed mad for long. Matthew, on the other hand, well, — Leos can kind of hold a grudge. But Sarah was just so dynamic and energetic and who knows what other talents she had. that he could never hold onto their fights. He didn’t have time — he had to keep up with her! And Aries isn’t the most committed sign in the Zodiac, but Leos are all about it — so Matthew taught Sarah about the value of sticking with the relationship, even when things got rough sometimes. They had a really good match, and it’s no wonder.

Fire signs just quot;getquot; each other. It’s a great pairing.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox The Astrologer

Scorpio and Pisces are actually a really good duo. They’re both Water signs, so they really understand each other intuitively. They both really get why the other is so emotional, because they’re the same way! So that’s not something either would really hold against the other, unlike some of the other signs might. And they really share this instinctive, intuitive connection — it’s like they can feel each other’s feelings, even when they’re apart. It’s almost spooky. My friend Elizabeth is that way with her husband, Glenn — she’s a Pisces, and she can always tell how he’s feeling. She just has like this sixth sense about it, even when he’s away on a business trip — she’ll tell me she’s feeling kind.

Of nervous or kind of gloomy, and she’ll always say, quot;I think Glenn is having a bad day.quot; And then by the end of the day, she’s right — he calls and they reconnect and he tells her whatever is going on, and it’s like she intuited his feelings by ESP or something. So he’s a pretty typical Scorpio — very intense, he likes being in control, which works for Liz just fine because she’s also a typical Pisces — kind of dreamy, you know, so she really relies on Glenn’s sharp wits, his ability to keep things together in terms of their household, their kids, that kind of thing. He’s in charge of the money, which works great for both of them. She doesn’t have to think about it, and he gets to keep.

Track of all of it, and how it’s being spent and invested and everything else. And Liz is just such a nurturer, which really keeps Glenn happy, because when a Scorpio is in a relationship that’s anything less than very loving and supportive, they can really have a hard time — and then they start acting out, and some Scorpios might get into some very destructive behaviors if they’re feeling neglected or hurt. But Liz doesn’t give Glenn any reason to feel those ways; she just tunes in to him and loves him, and he supports and loves her in return. This is a really good connection, especially for a lasting commitment, and for having kids together.