Free Daily Love Horoscope Reading

By | February 20, 2017

Hello pisces! welcome to your love reading for the month of February 2017. Let me first shuffle the cards for you. Ok. Now the cards will not be shuffled any more. So we are done. Ok Pisces. In the overall energy for you,.

I have new starts, new beginnings. the ace of wands is about feeling new passion. New love. A new spark. A new fire. So if you’re single, I can only say that it looks very good for you to find someone now in month of February. If you are in a committed.

Relationship, it looks like you will find that spark between you again. I have gotten this for several signs for the month of February. So it seems to be in the energies. The page of wands says the same thing. Fire and passion and excitement is.

Coming into your life. And it could be a fire sign person we are talking about. Either that you are meeting, or that are in your life in some way. But fire and passion is coming into your life. Excitement. Happiness. And I also have the ten of cups here. So this is living that happy life.

That happy home life with the one you love. Feeling the love between you. Feeling the emotions between you. Feeling very happy. Feeling very abundant. So very, very nice energies for you here Pisces. And underneath, to top it off. I have the lovers card. So yeah, we are talking about.

Love between two people. we are talking about relationships. So this is you. Either you are meeting someone. Or we are talking about you in a committed relationship. And it looks very nice between you. It looks.

Like you love each other. you have a good partnership. You like to be with each other. So, the death card here. The death card is about transformation. It is about endings and new beginnings. So if you’re single, the death card means.

You meeting someone. that is the new beginning for you. And you’re ending your old uncertainty of finding someone. If you are in a committed relationship, something is changing within your relationship. And it doesn’t have to be that.