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By | July 7, 2016

How to make a paper robot

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. I will show you how to make this 3D robot with a movable head. Using the patterns found in the free document, print the rectangular prism and the cube on thick coloured paper. Cut the rectangular prism and the cube with an exacto knife or scissors. The flaps will be used to attach the different faces of the prisms together. With a pair of sharp scissors, pierce a small hole through the black dot on one face of each prism. Mark all the folds of the rectangular prism.

This step is important because it will make the construction a lot easier. Then glue all the faces of the rectangular prism with the exception of the face with the hole. Do the same for the cube. So, start by marking all the folds and then glue all faces except the face with the hole. Slip the pointy part of a brass fastener through the hole on the inside of the cube and then slip the pointy part again through the hole on the outside of the rectangular prism. Spread the legs of the brass fastener that are now.

On the inside of the rectangular prism. Start by gluing the last open face of the rectangular prism and then do the same with the cube. At this stage, you have attached the robot's head to the body and the head can rotate on the body. To make the legs, take two corks or two tubes and paint them in a colour of your choice. Cut the feet of the robot from coloured cardboard and glue the feet to the legs with the glue gun. Next, glue the legs to the body of the robot.

For the arms, cut strips of coloured paper and make accordions. If you use two different colours of paper, you get an interesting effect. Glue the ends of the strips at right angles. Then, always cross the strips of paper at right angles. In the end, glue the extremities of the accordions so they don't become undone. Glue the arms on either side of the body. To decorate the face of the robot, you can use buttons, beads or other small objects like that or draw or print the eyes and mouth on coloured paper.

Carefully, make two holes on the top of the head with small pointy scissors. Take a pipe cleaner that you cut in half. The pipe cleaners will form the antennas of the robot. Give the desired shape to the antennas and then slide the pipe cleaners into the holes and glue them in place. As a final touch, you could glue a piece of aluminum foil on the torso of the robot. You can interpret this as a solar panel or a control panel. The choice is yours! To print the illustrated instructions and patterns for this project,.

Inspiration How to Deal with Criticism on Spiritual Path

When you are on the spiritual path, you will be criticized by the people a lot. Because, the, their path and your path is totally different. And when path is different they will not like you. Mostly spiritual path is criticized, because once somebody is awakened, then people begin to think, This person gone crazy. And when somebody criticize you and you get affected by, you are going to fall off the path. So, when you are criticized by the people, take that criticism, that this is your test. And you will get stronger and stronger. The more you get criticized, you get stronger even.

When you get stronger it means you are going on the right path. You are on the track, otherwise you are, you are weak. Just test yourself, you don't want to be weak. You want to be strong. And spiritual path requires strength, and the strength comes from the people the more people criticize you, the more strength you will get. The strength is needed. And I will suggest you today, that, if it happen to you, it means, you need to take it. That, all the strength coming from the people,.

Homemade Christmas ornaments Christmas Bell

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. I will show how to make this Christmas bell to decorate your tree. For one bell, you will need to cut one cell of an egg carton. Begin by separating a cell of the egg carton with big scissors, and then trim the edge with small scissors to make a little cup. To make a golden bell, start by painting the egg carton cell in ocher inside and outside. The gold paint is rather transparent and a base coat of ocher will help bring out the golden colour later.

When the ocher base coat is dry, paint the inside and outside of the cell with gold paint. While the gold paint is drying, cut a gold coloured thread of about 25 cm or 10 inches. Fold it in half and make a double knot 5 cm from the fold. Then tie a golden bell to the golden thread. Cut the extra thread. With small sharp scissors, cut a small hole in the top of the egg carton cell. Pass the golden thread from the inside of the cell and bring it out on top of the cell.

SlimEnsulate.Because Not All Fiber Is Created Equal

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That will help you feel better when you're losing weight. Not only will it help push out toxic chemicals but it will also assist in lowering blood pressure and it helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Once you lose your weight, SlimEnsulate will assist you in preventing that pesky rebound weight gain. Fiber is also a key component to weight management. You work hard to lose your weight and SlimEnsulate can help you stay at your goal by improving your digestive health. SlimEnsulate is suitable for everyone but if you're a diabetic or prediabetic.

You will love this additional benefit. SlimEnsulate contains a vitamin and mineral complex plus 100 percent fermentable fiber that helps regulate blood sugar. You gain fiber plus additional vitamins and minerals specific to manage blood sugar and you wont find that in any other fiber product. SlimEnsulate is easy to incorporate into your daily food plan. It's tasteless and color free. Just stir one packet into your favorite drink or meal up to three times per day. You won't even know it's there. Fiber is essential to losing weight and to keeping it off.

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