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By | June 30, 2016

Bernie Sanders UPDATE CAN HE WIN Presidential Election 2016 Astrology

So what I've done is gone ahead with all three charts and identify the sensitive structures within them. That is those structures that tend to get sparked at important or pivotal events in their lives. And by identifying these and what kind of connections they're making now it will give us a really good perspective on how the election might unfold for each individual candidate. So let's get started with Bernie Sanders. I can't stress the importance of two sensitive structures in Sanders chart that are present always present at major and pivotal events. ZeusKronosMercury, which is his powerful.

And creative mental leadership And Jupiter Vulcanus Pluto, one of the most successful midpoint structures, all kinds of positive change and development and the influential and expansive development of power. So leading up to the Democratic National Convention Bernie Sander's chart is in this current mode of expansion and will continue to grow over the year, but the energy will really pinnacle midsummer, around the convention. Sanders chart is strong and will continue that trend as his sensitive structure JupiterVulcanusPluto which is in powerful contact to his Natal Moon and his Directed Poseidon and these two.

Planetary pictures just heighten in energy as we get closer to the convention in July. Now what that means with both the Moon and Poseidon is that Sanders will continue to exert powerful public influence, developing and building momentum while continuing to transmit his ideological concepts. This may or may not mean he's leading in the primaries but rather that his influence will remain strong. Also building in strength over the next six months is his directed Aries point, which is the world axis, in connection to his natal apollon point which indicates widespread expansion,.

And with those MeridianJupiterVulcanusPluto structure here too, probably a lot of money funneling in over the next several months. Although his chart is still strong at election time, I'm a little bit less impressed with it. Sander's November chart just doesn't contain a strong enough ZeusKronosMercury axis, an axis that has been so active in past elections wins. And his chart also lacks a connection to the world axis that would show in this type of event. So the repeating theme in his chart over and over again is about this release of idealism and the inspiring of new growth, a generation.

Of power and development and expansion. The Neptune and Jupiter transits of both his Meridian and Sun over the next six months continue these themes and the Saturn transit which is square will be challenging but serve as impetus to keep building and do what is needed. So Sander's Neptune transit in these situations generally tends to inflate or dissolve, poof and they're gone. My guess is that Sanders will be relevant as long as collective unconscious feelings are strong and there is a need for a mouthpiece, Sanders being their channel.

2016 AstroVed Astrology Predictions How The Planets Affect Your Life

Hi everyone. so I've been able to spend some time at AstroVed in India and I found out that we have 2016 prediction reports and normally that would be incredibly boring thing to hear about and I've actually never ordered them before, but I was able to find out exactly what this means and it is a customized report written personally for me about the transits in 2016 that are going to affect my life. now this is incredibly important to me because it gets to it tells me the pitfalls I may encounter. It may, it tells me what I.

Could do that would enhance my life in 2016. so think of it this way. you have four major areas of your life which the report contributes to. career, money relationships and health. imagine if you could predict and for see what would happen in each of those four areas. will you have career highs or lows. will you have health challenges will you relationships be challenging or really good in different times of the year Imagine if you knew that in advance and you could prepare for that. maybe you.

Don't want to prepare your vacation with your loved one at a time which is not so good for the relationship balance. Exactly the same way you wouldn't want to maybe prepare a career change in a challenging time for the planets during that time for you. so what AstroVed has done is put together a total package that gives you everything you need to know about yourself, your life in 2016. it includes this thirtyplus page personally written report that covers twelve months of of the planetary transits that personally impact your life. meaning how.

It impacts your personal birth chart. you get this report. you read through their report. you have some questions perhaps. so now you have a one hour live astrology consultation with the astrologer that wrote your report so that he or she can answer any questions you have about what it says. Now let's say you're going through your twelve months of next year and you have questions that crop up, that you may may need immediate answers to. Well, there's something called Instant Insight that has been developed through AstroVed Which gives you instantaneous.

Response to any question you ask them. There's 12 of those questions included in this package. you also get your 2016 AstroVed calendar. I live by this calendar. I check everyday what moon phase it is, what birth star it is, when is a good and bad time to do certain things because it helps me start out my day and my month really on knowing when certain energies will facilitate and support actions I could take. you don't want to try to do an action that isn't supported on the time.

Shaktis or energies that is that are inside of that particular day. So these tools are incredibly helpful and Dr. Pillai teaches that we should be extremely conscious about how we spend our time and more importantly, how the celestial Beings impact us and the use of our time. so we can actually make the most of it, be most productive and have success in areas of our life. so if you are looking for knowing your pitfalls and your highs during 2016 for health, relationships , career and money, then you probably want to look into this report.

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