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By | May 15, 2016

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Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village. Now we are going to move on to Neptune and Pluto and their symbols and meanings. Here's Neptune's symbol. Neptune is associated a lot of times with The Occult, sort of the unknown or the other world, a lot of times with magic. It is also associated with illusion and delusion so where ever Neptune falls in your chart, sometimes you are going to be a little disillusioned about certain things. Maybe thinking they are a little grander than they are, it is a trickster planet. Next is.


Hii do you have a retrograde planet in your chart Ever wondered why sun and moon never retrograde If yes, then This tutorial is for you. In this tutorial,I am going to discuss about the retrogression of planets. What is retrogression Why planets retrograde Why sun and moon never retrograde how to understand a retrograde planet and its influence Are they weak or stronger than a planet going direct You'll know the answers within the completion of this vedio. Hi !! First, Let me introduce myself. I'm astro ominis. And I'm going to start this session with the.

Most basic information about retrogression. What is retrograde The word is derived from Latin. Retro means backwards and gradus means to step. it simply means. going back, say the path you came in or your past. Okay nw that we knw wht is retrograde motion, let's see. Why planets retrograde. Actually speaking, the planets never retrograde. YES !! Planets retrograding phenomena is just limited to visual experience but doesn't work in actual sense. For example, when we r traveling in a train which is overtaking the other train running on the next track, we feel that the other train is moving backward, but it is.

Not!! It is just going relatively slower and thus appears to be moving backward frm our position. Now comes an interesting question, why does sun and moon never retrograde The answer is simple. Because, they are not revolving around the sun unlike the other planets!! how does a planet's retrogression influence us The influence of retrograde planets is different from the same planet going direct. The retrograde planets are more into analysing oneself, often reminiscing one's life by comparing the past to present situations. But, the areas of life a retrograde planet make us analyse, depends on the planet that's.


Aloha and welcome Virgo to your 2014 Money and Prosperity Forecast. On today's show you'll find out the astrology highlights for your money and the flow of prosperity in your life in 2014 and how to make the most of your opportunities and increase the flow of good fortune in your life. I'm your host Metaphysican and intuitive astrologer KG Stiles. Your Money Forecast is sponsored by PurePlant Essentials organic aromatherapy and Health Mastery Systems the place to go for your transformational health care needs, including astrology sessions with me. Please.

Visit these websites today! In 2014 Virgo you can achieve high social status, fame, and honors. You actively reach out to connect with those in positions of power who you can partner with and are successful in your negotiations with people in authority. You are set to advance in your career through the networks and contacts you make in 2014. You're very focused on creating balance and harmony in your work life and daily routines and you are very busy. Your days are spent doing exactly what you want to be doing and.

You are clearly focused on your priorities. The primary focus of your energy is in one or more of the areas of creativity, children, romance, entertainment and investments. All of your pursuits in these areas are highly favored especially after July. After July there can be sudden unexpected gains and opportunities for love, money, having fun, and being in the right place at the right time to land that perfect job or creative project you've been wanting. In 2014 you are upgrading your networks of friends and associations which will help you better achieve your hopes, dreams and wishes.

People see you as focused and driven to succeed in 2014 and you are and you will. VIRGO The Angel over lighting you this year is Raziel whose name means 'Secret of God.' Call upon Raziel for understanding about the secrets of the universe and how it operates. Raziel will help you create alchemy and Divine magic in 2014! Your affirmation I am the powerful creator of my reality and I love it. This has been a general money and prosperity forecast for all of you with strong Virgo influence in your astrology chart. For a more personal forecast book a private astrology.

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