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By | December 14, 2016

Chinese Horoscope 2016 Full forecast

The Year of the Monkey begins the night of the new moon on the 8th of February marking the start of Chinese New Year celebrations around the world. As the Goat hands of the baton as year ruler, what sort of luck will the mischievous Monkey be bringing your sign? Let’s find out. Rats, the Monkey brings a lot of encouragement for you, and bodes well for collaboration with others. There can be a lot of productive discussion. Think big and think about who you want to have on board. There are details that you need to go into, yet that will help you put together a clear idea of where you are going and how you are going to get there. Oxen, are there some new hopes and dreams?.

When you talk about what you want, be prepared to also talk about that first step. “A journey of thousand miles begins with one step�. Getting started is a desirable move when you are looking for success. Making a dream come true is something that is on your mind, and something on your todo list. Tigers, controversy is going to find you when the Monkey is in charge, yet you can make the most of a changing situation. When you expect that others will question your plans and your opinions, you will be better prepared to put forward your case. Be nimblefooted, and as you adapt to changes you will feel glad that others challenged your thinking. Rabbits, when you can see the funny side of.

A tricky situation, you are already handling the matter. Without coming across as blunt, your gentle Rabbit nature will find a way to say “No� and feel comfortable about it. There will be occasions when you will feel you want to be quite firm and you can borrow some humour from the Monkey to help you put your message across. Dragons, the Monkey can bring allies for Dragons. Be prepared to talk about what you want to achieve, as part of a team effort, and on your own. When you put together a plan of action, allow some flexibility and leave room for others involved to put forward their ideas. Two heads can be better than one, so allow for your shared vision to flow.

Snakes, you can attract what you want during a Monkey year, for the Monkey and Snake form a harmonious pair. If you want to manage your time and resources well, it would be wise to plan ahead. Knowing who to trust and how far to trust them is paramount to achieving your goals. You can get some powerful insights from observing how others do things. Horses, taking the lead comes naturally to your Horse personality. Being the one to run in front can be quite thrilling and there are opportunities for you to shine. When you encounter situations where you have the possibility to put your own unique stamp on things, you will be able to dazzle others with what you can do.

Goats, stepping into Monkey year gives you a fresh perspective. When you look at things in a new light, you can soon see that there is a way ahead. How quickly you progress depends on how focused you are on reaching your destination. When you are heading in the right direction, you are not going to be easily distracted. Monkeys, it would be a jolly good idea to be prepared for an exciting year ahead. Some people say that meeting your own sign is a time for selfreflection. However, it can be very much about getting clear on what you want. Sometimes, you have to learn new ways of being which are not really who you are, but think of it as a technique rather than being fake. You are learning all the time.

Roosters, you are smart enough to realise that there are some competitions where you can play to win, and there are also situations where you can let others can compete without you. Not everything is a contest, and you can relax when it is a winning strategy not to take part. There will be opportunities for you to stand out from the crowd. Dogs, the Monkey can bring a lot of laughter to you this year. Social connections can prove to be rewarding and you can be the one to spread around some cheerfulness. Finding yourself in good company lifts your spirits. When you are in a positive mood, you can start making some of those changes you have been thinking about.

Pigs, there are those who will gladly give you the backing you are looking for. You can win over those who might need some convincing by being logical and charming. There is what you say, and there is also the way that you say it. When you can present your ideas with aplomb, others will feel that what you are presenting a winning message.


Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes. I’m KG Stiles Love Your Life Astrologer. What does 2016 have in store for you? Fnd out on today’s show. This is a general overview for the entire year, including the spring and fall eclipse seasons, Mars retrograde in Scorpio, Mercury retrograde periods, Saturn square Neptune and much more so listen to get the insights you need to feel empowered to navigate 2016 with more grace and ease. Many of you told me you wanted me to give a forecast for each zodiac sign. So, after giving the general astro energy forecast I’ll give an overview forecast for each zodiac sign. You can click on the time stamps for each sign below the tutorial. You’ll want to.

Listen to your sun, moon and rising sign for the fullest picture of what’s up for you in 2016. I’ve posted a world clock time zone converter for you below this tutorial, so you can find out exactly what time things are happening in your part of the world. The exact aspects are the peak of the energy. You feel the build up of tension to bring change leading up to the exact aspect and then a release and integration as the tension eases after the exact aspect. Today is December 31st. It’s New Year’s eve can you believe it’s the end of 2015 and start of a.

New year. Before we begin place your hand over your heart and connect with the intuition of your heart, so that you will hear more clearly any messages meant just for you in today’s forecast. The angels asked me to remind you to call on them. Give them your cares and any burdens. They’re here for you, so call on them. On New Year’s Day We pass the quarter waning moon at 11º Libra waning moon at 9pm PT. The skies are intense and today you let go of anything that’s holding you back, any resistance as Mercury at 0º Aquarius is slowing down to station retrograde on January 5th square to Mars at 29º also slowing to station retrograde in Scorpio on the 17th of April. The pair have been coming.

Within orb of square since December 20th and will begin to separate around the 7th of January when Jupiter stations retrograde at 23º Virgo, the giant planet of good fortune. I always look at how the New Year starts as this can give a clear indication about what’s up for review and integration in the year ahead, as well as the general feeling tone for the whole year. As I read the astro energies for 2016 which is a 9 year of completion and wisdom, as well as philanthropy there’s a completing of what’s been underway over the past several years. Its time to move on take the leap and embody more of.

Your soul. With the lengthy square between Mercury (your lower mind) and Mars (your ego drive for taking action) at the start of the year there’s a break down of of egoic mind structures. Old resistant mental patterns and ways of behaving are reviewed and shifting to higher frequency patterns of thinking and acting are possible. Also, during this window of time Uranus the higher octave of Mercury stationed direct on Christmas day which adds boost to the potential for change in reorganizing and evolving your nervous system. Of course regular meditation really helps you with this process. There’s a feeling of urgency for change though there’s also a feeling of stuckness.

Or stodginess to this energy that is looking for a new place to go. The energies this year continue feeling unsettled with intense periods of chaotic out of control movement as you complete the necessary frequency shifts needed to make to move you forward into a paradigm. Transformation and healing are naturally always occurring for you to make these shifts. It requires a great deal of courage and trust to let go and be in authentic partnership with life. That’s the key challenge this year. To step more into your soul embodiment. This is your greatest service now to the world. To step truly into soul embodiment, being.

Your authentic self in a physical body. In 2015 you were in the process of alchemizing and aligning with the transformational energies of life to go with this process and evolve rapidly. How did you do? In 2016 there’s completion of this work when a new level of mastery of the stages of soul incarnation that were activated at the beginning of in this 9 year cycle of incarnation. The signs of Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the intensity and greatest pressure for evolution and growth this year. If you have any of your personal planets or points in these signs you’ll feel this energy for soul embodiment the most.