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By | April 14, 2016

Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Capricorn and Pisces can make a really good love match. Just think of the movie Titanic Rose, Kate Winslet's character, she comes from a family that really wants wealth and status that's very Capricorn so they want her to marry up. And she survives the sinking of the Titanic and lives to be an old woman, and age and maturity bring her wisdom, and that's also a very Capricorn trait. And Jack, Leonardo DiCaprio's character, he's just pure heart pure romance and love and feeling and he's so selfsacrificing.

That he literally dies for his love. Who he just met, like, three hours earlier that day! That's very Pisces falling in love with Rose like that, and just throwing himself into it, body and soul, with no thought for the consequences. Of course, that may not be the best example of this relationship, because it's a tragic one, and usually, a CapPisces duo is really a good, strong, loving pair! See, they each really depend on the other for the traits that they lack. Pisces, like I said, is all heart, but not.

Much in the way of practicality. So Capricorn keeps Pisces grounded, and Capricorn is a really loyal and protective sign, so Pisces feels very safe and protected with this sign. And Pisces's ability to love and nurture wholeheartedly is a really big gift for Capricorn, which tends to be a bit unemotional or more, Capricorn doesn't allow time for connecting with emotions, and certainly not for wallowing in them. But these two can really have a strong and passionate relationship. Pisces keeps Capricorn in touch with their feelings, their vulnerability. And Capricorn keeps Pisces grounded in reality, and protected from some.

Of the harshness of life. These two make really great parents together, with Capricorn as the provider and the firm disciplinarian, and Pisces as the nurturer, the compassionate one who loves unconditionally. Together they teach their children about empathy and compassion and strong moral values. It's a shame Rose and Jack from Titanic didn't both live so they could go on to make babies together! And Rose could have been the one to keep their family afloat, so to speak, and Jack would've been the one who just stayed undyingly devoted.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Scorpio and Pisces are actually a really good duo. They're both Water signs, so they really understand each other intuitively. They both really get why the other is so emotional, because they're the same way! So that's not something either would really hold against the other, unlike some of the other signs might. And they really share this instinctive, intuitive connection it's like they can feel each other's feelings, even when they're apart. It's almost spooky. My friend Elizabeth is that way with her husband, Glenn she's a Pisces, and she can always tell how he's feeling. She just has like this sixth sense.

About it, even when he's away on a business trip she'll tell me she's feeling kind of nervous or kind of gloomy, and she'll always say, I think Glenn is having a bad day. And then by the end of the day, she's right he calls and they reconnect and he tells her whatever is going on, and it's like she intuited his feelings by ESP or something. So he's a pretty typical Scorpio very intense, he likes being in control, which works for Liz just fine because she's also a typical Pisces kind of dreamy, you know,.

So she really relies on Glenn's sharp wits, his ability to keep things together in terms of their household, their kids, that kind of thing. He's in charge of the money, which works great for both of them. She doesn't have to think about it, and he gets to keep track of all of it, and how it's being spent and invested and everything else. And Liz is just such a nurturer, which really keeps Glenn happy, because when a Scorpio is in a relationship that's anything less than very loving and supportive, they can really have.

Free Daily Tarot Card Reading for Monday, July 7

Hi everyone! I'm Nicole Guillaume with Guiding Echoes and this is your daily tarot card reading for Monday, July 7 2014. I am using the Fenestra Tarot and this is published by U.S. Games Systems Incorporated. And this is such a beautiful deck. If you're a tarot card reader or if you want to get into tarot, this is a great deck to start with. That artwork is fantastic. Here's the card that wants to play with us today and this is the hero.. ha... he.

... heirophant. sigh I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has a problem pronouncing this word. I think it's the herophant or the highrofant, everyone seems to say it a little differently. But anyhow, here you go! So Monday is about getting organized. We talked about this yesterday, didn't we Today is the day to put that plan into action. So you're saying, Okay Nicole. This is a picture of a religious figure, and two people talking to him. What does that have to do with organization Well, traditionally the.

Heirophant has to do with large organizations or of course, religious beliefs. And so, because yesterday was about getting organized and keeping a to do list, I'd have to say that the Universe is kinda keeping us on that same path today. Yesterday, if you were good, and I know you were, you planned out your week. You made your todo list, you made entries in your calendar. Today is the day for you to make those things happen. So you're sticking to your plan, you're sticking to your goals, you are scheduling things on your calendar.

And on your todo list, and you're marking them off. And you're going to find that allows you to feel much more free, and you're not going to feel as stressed out, and I feel like this can also be telling you to take time for your spiritual side. So take time to read a book that really connects with you, or watch little motivational tutorials such as this one. And let me talk a little bit about books. You know, books feed your spirit. They feed your soul. And I don't want you to think you have to go out and read a bible or some.

Spiritual amazing book. It can be any book that feeds your soul, so if it's a cheesy romance novel and that makes you feel good, then by all means, indulge. Have fun. Whatever feeds your soul, whatever you're interested in, go ahead. Read that. You know, but make sure that you're taking time to feed your own spirit and your own soul today as well. So that is a very important component when it comes to taking care of yourself. That is your daily tarot card reading for Monday. I do hope you enjoyed it. If you would like.

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

When Virgo and Pisces fall in love, I don't know I have to say, it's hard to see how it even happens between these two in the first place! They're opposite signs, and they truly are opposites in so many ways. But, of course, we all know that opposites attract. It's like my old college friend, Peter he's a Virgo, and he ended up with a Pisces for a wife Hannah. So Peter was always the guy who kept his dorm room just perfectly clean and neat, and he.

Was always the one when we went out who would be the designated driver and he'd be the one to remind everyone that we needed to get back in time to get enough sleep because there was a test the next day, or whatever just really kind of uptight. Oh, Peter, if you're watching this, you know I love you! I do! But really just such a Virgo in those ways. So organized. He was such a metrosexual in college! He had really good taste still does a very classic fashion sense. And so we were all just shocked when he fell for.

Hannah, because she was SO Pisces such a flowery, dreamy hippie girl. She literally wore long, flowy dresses and scarves every day, and burned incense in her dorm room even though we weren't supposed to, and she was always barefoot and had flowers in her hair, and she wrote songs and played them on her guitar. I don't know, they're still married today, so obviously this was a case of opposites attract. And two signs that are opposite in the Zodiac really do have a lot of things to offer each other in this case, Virgo.

Can be the practical, structured, organized one, the one who takes care of the bills and the house and makes sure the fridge is stocked with healthy foods. And Pisces can be the heart and soul of the relationship, the one who helps Virgo express their emotions and be vulnerable. And that's really Hannah's role with Peter She helps him loosen up and let go, and she's very intuitive about how he's feeling and what he's anxious about. She helps him stay calm and open and accepting about whatever life brings. So it's worked.

Hindi MEENA Rashi Pisces Career and Finance Annual Horoscope 2014

Hello My Dear Pisces friends. This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria with a special reading for PISCES Sign covering aspects such as Money, Finance and Career for the year 2014. The transit of the planets tells me that on the business front, the first half of the year is likely to be different from the second half. In the first half your agenda should be to plan and undertake the execution of all major activities and projects and after July 2014 your focus should be on pulling out the maximum profits.

However, this does not mean that you should even take out the necessary working capital from your business or spend the earnings recklessly. Rather save the money as, I have already told you in my General Trends tutorial that this could be a tricky year. For example you may need to spend on marketing and promotion of your business. Also you may appoint a consultant during this time. For those in the job, the pattern and timings shall be more or less same. You will have a lot of work responsibilities and your seniors may ask you to do certain things more than.

Once. Maintain good relations with your seniors and if you are looking for a job change then you will be mentally better placed to face interviews in the second half of the year. On the finance front the going may not be so good. This year you will need to do proper planning, because Ketu is transiting through your House of finance. It is possible that, at times you may run short of financial resources. Therefore, you should stick to spending only on the bare necessities of life. Do not buy big ticket items or spend on luxury. Longterm investments are good.

Libra and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

In my book, Romeo and Juliet are the perfect PiscesLibra couple. These signs are both diehard romantics, after all, and I see Romeo as the Pisces because he thinks Juliet is dead so he kills himself just to be with her and the truth is, with Pisces, there's just always some confusion over what's real and what's illusion. So it's no wonder he doesn't realize she's actually just in a deep kind of sleep state. And what does he do His completely romantic, selfless instincts take over, and he offs himself because he.

Can't live without her! Ugh, but is that really true romance Did they really both have to die I don't know, I think that kind of shows the fatalistic quality of this pairing of signs. They're both romantic dreamers, and falling in love might be really fast and easy for these two, and it might just feel so overwhelming and inevitable as if it's fated but the truth is, it's only going to work out as long as reality doesn't intrude. And how long can that really last Libra and Pisces are quincunx that's a hard aspect in Astrology,.

Between signs that are five signs apart in the Zodiac and I always say it's a karmic connection. There's a strong sense of fatedness here, but that's not necessarily a good thing, and definitely isn't an easy one, because quincunx signs tend to come together to work something out. And there are just a lot of differences here, usually too many to get past, in the end. I don't know, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin she's a Libra, he's a Pisces they seem to have made it work for quite some time now. But maybe that's.

Because they're incredibly rich artists who can pay a staff of people to tend to the daytoday stuff like, you know, grocery shopping and paying bills and cooking meals and whatnot, and they can just live their dreamy artist lifestyles without really having to be a part of most people's idea of the real world! That's really an issue with these two signs Who's going to be the practical one, the one who gets things done It's going to have to be Libra, as a Cardinal sign and yet Libra and Pisces both are really indecisive, and.

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Ah, one of my alltime favorite AquariusPisces couples is Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. What an incredible couple! And what a love story! So Paul was a true Aquarian he founded his Newman's Own company and gave all its profits to charities, and he also founded a center for the prevention of drug abuse after his son died tragically of a drug overdose in the '70s. And he and Joanne started a camp where kids who are seriously ill can go for free so he was a true philanthropist, which is a really Aquarian trait. And Joanne,.

She's a Pisces, so it's no wonder she wanted to help sick children, too Pisces is a really compassionate sign, and really just wants to help others and heal others and make life better and easier for people who are disadvantaged in any way. I'm sure this is a quality that Paul Newman was really attracted to in Joanne, because it's a trait that goes really well with that Aquarian philanthropy. Both of these signs want to make the world a better place, they just come at it from different angles. Pisces is the much more.

Feeling, intuitive, nurturing one of these two signs, while Aquarius is the more innovative, progressive one the one who really takes action. And Aquarius may not be nearly as emotionally expressive or attuned as Pisces, but it's a very loyal, devoted sign in love, which is very important for sensitive Pisces. Plus, these two signs are right next to each other in the Zodiac, so they tend to have a strong sexual connection and that's always a good thing in romance! So these two actually do make a pretty good couple in a.

Aries and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Okay, let's take a look at Aries and Pisces in love. One of the first couples that comes to my mind is Buffy and Angel from the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What a great show that was! And what an incredible love affair those two had such deep passion, so many crazy ups and downs they swung between headoverheels in love and complete and utter hatred they tried to kill each other more than once, for goodness' sake! Buffy, obviously, was the Aries the slayer. She was all about power and energy and that.

Warrior spirit. She kicked butt, literally and figuratively. And she was creative in how she fought the demons and vampires that was her strength she could really think fast on her feet. And Angel, he was the Pisces the vampire with a soul. He was deeply compassionate, utterly absorbed in loving and protecting Buffy, and what a tragic guy so tortured about spending a hundred years as a ruthless killer, back when he was a vampire without a soul. So these two as a couple, whew I'm getting hot just thinking about.

It! But there's always a major sexual spark between two signs that are next to each other in the Zodiac, as Pisces and Aries are. And Pisces has a lot of intuitive understanding of who Aries is, and what makes her tick so Pisces can deal with that Aries impulsiveness and selfabsorption, which can be tough for some of the other signs. But Pisces is selfless enough to put up with it, and Aries gets a lot out of Pisces's deep, endless love when she slows down enough to pay attention and tune in, that is. It's no wonder Buffy and.

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Let's take a look at Cancer and Pisces together in love. So here we have two Water signs two very feeling signs, very emotionally attuned to each other. Both very vulnerable signs. Pisces is extremely romantic, and Cancer is very protective of its loved ones, so these two can really make a great match and they're in it till death do they part, you know what I mean These two aren't playing around together. They fall in serious love with each other, and they're in it for the long haul. OK, so I want you to work with.

Me on this one. Think about Cinderella and Prince Charming. So she's this sweet, loving, romantic young girl who does everything for everyone else she's basically just a slave to her evil stepmom and her ugly stepsisters and she's always just getting pushed around by them. But she's so selfless, she never complains and that's just so Pisces. And then she ends up living out every girl's fantasy when, at the end of the fairytale, the shoe fits and by the way, Pisces rules the feet! The glass slipper slides right onto.

Her perfect little foot, and she marries into a wealthy royal family and lives happily ever after, protected forever after by her Prince. Cancer is all about family and protection, you know so that's just such a perfect, iconic pairing of these two signs. Of course, in reallife, notsofairytale endings, we have Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain. Well, that was kind of a really sad story, overall, wasn't it I don't know, maybe Courtney Love didn't live happily ever after with her Prince Charming, and she wasn't exactly Cinderella in the traditional sense although she did have that blonde hair and those pink,.

Satiny dresses, although they were always ripped full of holes with tattered lace and everything but the Cinderella story sort of fits. Kurt Cobain was a Pisces, and that sign rules drugs and addiction. And Courtney Love, the Cancer say what you will about her, but she was very protective of her man, and it seemed like she gave him as much comfort and stability as she could. That's Cancer, trying to shield their loved ones from the harshness of life. And in the end, she couldn't save him no one could. But their love.

List Character Traits Negative Traits Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

All the water signs can overreact because their actions come from their emotions they become more emotional than other signs would. Less emotional people can be more logical. This is why people think that water signs are kind of crazy sometimes. Cancers can be emotionally hysterical. Lindsay Lohan is a good example of that. They can worry all the time. Their care and concern for others turns into true hyperemotionalism where they become hugely oversensitive. Cancers can also be smothering, and when they feel protective of you, you can feel really suffocated like you don't even have room to breathe.

For all the signs, the negatives are connected to the positives. For Scorpio it's their intense investigative nature. They are aware that everyone has a dark side to them. They are aware that everyone is capable of betraying us or hurting us, so they can become very suspicious and very jealous. They can be very distrustful. They are also sarcastic it's a cynical kind of humor based on a negative belief since they know that people have a negative side to them. The author, Bram Stoker was a Scorpio who.

Externalized all the darkness in the character he created, all the bloodlust and sexual charisma of Scorpio is there for us all to see in Dracula. Jamie Lee Curtis is a Scorpio and she's a scream queen. Rock Hudson was a Scorpio he was the sexy compelling side of Scorpio but he kept his HIV a secret that's the secretive side of Scorpio. And the negative side of Pisces is escapism and isolation. Pisces have a desire to isolate themselves. They do this because they are so empathic they need to get away from feelings,.

They often escape with drugs, alcohol, sleep, food they are the king and queen of addiction. Elizabeth Taylor gives a good example of someone who became drug addled and couldn't handle the pain. Others see Pisces as flaky and unreliable but from the Pisces point of view they need the space. When they say they are going to call and they don't, this is because they are so emotionally overwhelmed that they can't call. It's not that they don't want to, they are not able to absorb any other emotions from anyone else when they experience it as.

Gemini and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Okay, Gemini and Pisces are Square signs that means they're three signs apart in the Zodiac so this can be a pretty difficult pairing in a love relationship. It really isn't the most natural pairing. I mean, look at Donald Trump and his first wife, Ivana. He's a silvertongued Gemini, a smooth talker and thinker who, let's put it plainly, can talk his way into or out of just about anything, right And she's a Pisces. Now, I don't know a whole lot about her, but knowing her sign, I'd say she is a deeply feeling, emotional person, and that.

She and The Donald had a lot of friction between them. And it was probably Ivana who was the nurturer in that relationship she was probably the more nurturing parent to their children and she probably had to be the one who put her own needs and feelings aside in order to make room for The Donald and his business schemes and other shenanigans. This sign pairing didn't work out that well for Pisces Drew Barrymore and Gemini Fabrizio Moretti, her Strokes drummer boyfriend for about five years back in the mid2000s. This match just doesn't.

Make much sense. Look at Drew She's a flower child, a dreamer, a feeler. Gemini is a thinker. Pisces wants to connect and be intimate and cuddle and make love and live the ideal. Gemini wants to talk and laugh and flirt and dance around and it just takes a lot of work for this pair of signs to make it last longterm. I can see these two connecting shortterm, since Gemini wants to try anything once, and Pisces is so intuitive that it can really understand lots of other signs well. But as far as supporting and loving each other and.

Leo and Pisces Compatibility by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Let's take a look at Leo and Pisces a Fire sign and a Water sign, together in a love relationship. I don't know, these two. I guess they can make it work, but they're really different. Leo is, you know, dramatic, Leo loves the spotlight this is the sign of the Lion, and Leos really are the king of the jungle, you know They're really charismatic and they just love being adored by everyone. Pisces, on the other hand, this is the most sensitive and intuitive sign of the Zodiac, and it's a very fanciful, imaginative sign.

Pisces kind of lives in another world, if you know what I mean. If Leo and Pisces make a go of it, well I don't know, Leo's all fire and passion and heat, and Pisces could really get swept off their feet, and might really be able to tune in to Leo's inner feelings and needs, but overall, this is just an odd match. Now, when I think of a LeoPisces love match, the couple that comes to mind is Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham, her longtime boyfriend or fiance or companion or whatever he is. Okay, now, you're just going to have.

To go with me on this, because Oprah isn't actually a Leo she's an Aquarian. But Stedman really is a Pisces, and here's the thing I just read them as much more of a LeoPisces pair than an AquariusPisces one. I mean, look I don't want to be mean about Oprah there's nothing to dislike about her, she's made her life an incredible success I mean, she's really made a name for herself. So much so that she just goes by her first name, and everyone the world over knows who she is, right Which is such.

A Leo thing that kind of owning the spotlight, you know, that kind of radiant power that she has. I mean, everyone knows her, everyone loves her. And Stedman, of course, is just completely and utterly overshadowed by her. He's supposedly got all these credits to his name he's an entrepreneur, a speaker, an author but what does everyone know him as He's just Oprah's boyfriend. He's not even her husband! I mean, come on. But that's a very Pisces thing this sign is very selfless, and can even be kind of a martyr.

like Stedman putting up with this relationship for decades where he's being held at arm's length and he's in Oprah's shadow, never allowed to shine in his own right. And, of course, Leo and Pisces are quincunx, which is a very fated kind of connection in astrology. When two signs that are quincunx come together, there's a lot of karma to the relationship they've found each other because they need to work something out together, you know what I mean And I get that distinct sense about Oprah and Stedman. I mean, this is a really.

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