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By | January 14, 2017

Hello everybody. Gabriela from Tarot Wonderland here. Thank you for visiting my channel. This is our weekly reading for the week of January 9th to the 15th 2017. I am using the Rock n Roll Tarot for our reading this week. As usual, this is a general reading and it is a 3card draw.

The three cards i have drawn for our reading this week are the nine of cups, also known as the Wish Card. Second card is The Star, major arcana. A beautiful major arcana card. And our final card is the Knight of Fire or Knight of Wands. So I will get into the individual readings of each card and then sum up at the end.

Let’s get going. Our first card is the Nine of Cups and as I mentioned, this card is also known as the Wish Card which is written right at the top here. Vickie Verlie created this deck and she says when you draw a card from this deck just look at it and look at the words that pop out at you. What colors pop out at you?.

Sometimes the letters will morph and you’re not always going to see the word as it’s written, so just look at what comes to you. But generally, this card is just very abundant. This card is all about abundance. What this is telling me is that there is going to be a lot of abundance around you this week. There’s going to be a lot of good stuff happening.

There’s a lot of positivity around you. You may feel like you have everything you want, like there is a lot of stuff coming to you, like your wishes have come true or they are coming true, you can feel that they’re coming true for you. This is such a great way to feel. You could be celebrating something . with these nine cups lined above him like that.

It’s kind of making me feel like there might be a celebration that happens. Maybe you get a promotion or somebody has a birthday or there’s just . you’re going out and you’re having a good time and you’re drinking, so . have a good time but be mindful of what you’re consuming and how much you’re consuming. A little bit of a warning there not to overdo it, okay? But you’re going to be feeling very happy, very celebratory . like you are . you are.

Just at a really place right now and you are feeling very prosperous and very happy . just really enjoying life. Notice also that the other words on this card are Win, Luck, and Plentiful. So don’t be surprised if some of you out there win the lottery this week. Who knows, if you bought a lottery ticket or something, maybe your wish is going to come true and you’re going to win something.

Not saying you’re going to be an instant millionaire but you may get an unexpected windfall where you just feel like, Oh my God, wow, that was so cool! And you may just feel like you’ve won the lottery in a figurative sense, like something happens that’s really great and unexpectedly wonderful and you feel like you have won the lottery in some way. Maybe the person that you’ve always wanted to date, you go out on a date with that person.

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