Daily Tarot Card Libra

By | January 15, 2017

Hello libra! welcome to your love reading for the month of January 2017. So the first month of the new year! Let me start shuffle the cards so we can see what will happen for you Libra, when it comes to love and relationships.

Libra love January 2017 And there we go! Ok! Ok Libra, in the overall energy, I have.

First the magician. So this is you Libra. You are taking action, you are taking control of your situation. You are making things happen. And if this is you a single, or if it is you in a partnership,.

It doesn’t matter. you are taking action. And I think that you feel a little bit in control, not all the way. I don’t think that you are in control all the way, but you are taking action. So with the four of pentacles, it could be in regards to a.

Person, or a relationship, that you want to hold on to. Because the four of pentacles, is very strongly for me, a person that is holding on to someone, or to a relationship, or to a situation. But it is also about.

Wanting to have stability and security. And it is about wanting that. Not having it. Wanting to have that. So that is the overall energy for you Libra. You are taking action with.

Some things. it could be you trying to hold on to a person, or a relationship. But it could also be in regards to you, for taking action towards having a strong and solid relationship, or partnership. With the six of swords, you are moving.

Forward. Things are happening for you in the month of January. You are moving forward, no question about that. I have both the six of swords, and underneath I have the six of wands. So these two cards are.


Libra hello people this is sonal varma from psychic astro bringing you the forecast of 1st week of September 2016. In your love life this week will go anticlimax alike you are doing some efforts and intensely involved in doing those things and hoping for wonderful results but after doing so much efforts you can’t achieve that happiness or sense of achievement.

Which you should get. As far as your work life is concern. In your work life you can mess up with someone in your office, disappointment is also colleteral in this and a team could also get separate for somebody’s selfish has come over. In family, there would be no problems at all, decision time is happening in your family so think about your decisions so that betterment can come.

In your family. Ladies can face problems in health it can be in your family who is older than you can face certain problems in health. LUCKY NUMBER is 20, LUCKY COLOR is SCARLET RED, LUCKY QUOTIENT 5/10. MAGIC MOTO is Excellence is not given in a particular task, it should be shown in all procedures.