Daily Numerology 11

By | April 7, 2016

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December 12, 2014 Forex Support and Resistance Daily Briefing EURGBP,EURUSD,USDCHF,USDJPY

Hello, I am Mary Jones and here are the support and resistance levels today, Friday December 12th. This report is brought to you by x5fx. The EURGBP is trading below R1 at 0.79'40 and above S1 at 0.78'80. The next key R2 resistance is located at 0.79'90 and the lower S2 support at 0.78'10. The EURUSD is trading in a range defined by R1 at 1.24'40 and S1 at 1.23'20. The next key R2 resistance is located at 1.25'10 and the lower S2 support at 1.22'50, 70 pips below S1. The USDCHF has its closest resistance level R1 at 0.97'30, followed by a weaker R2, 50 pips above at 0.97'80.

Psychic Txt Psychic Tarot Reading Week of 1005 1011, 2015

Hey Guys, this is Bethany with Psychic Txt and this is your weekly Tarot Card Forecast. This is for the week of October 5th through the 11th. So, I thought I would change it up a bit this week. I am going to cover a few basic areas that are a bit more focused on love, money, and career. Let's begin and see what we can expect for our upcoming week. First, I got the Magician. And, The Magician is placed in the position of what we can expect overall for our week ahead. The Magician is the very first card of the major arcana and.

Is represented by the number one. It's also the card of new beginnings and fresh starts. You may suddenly feel a bit more goal oriented or motivated this week. You will find the energy around you feels alive and you are ready to tackle some big projects or maybe even make some desired changes. It's no surprise since seasons are changing and for some of us, a reprieve from the summer heat. This is going to be a great time for making big changes and starting over. Next, we have the Four of Cups in the money.

Position. The Four of Cups says you may be focused on fulfilling some emotional desires or wants that you really know deep within it may be best to hold back right now. It also seems you can expect to hear about a new job or a new source of income. If you have been in financial despair you can expect something to be offered that will come as a great blessing to you. In the relationship position, we have the Two of Pentacles. You may be feeling a bit up and down emotionally this week which may.

Have an effect on the relationships in your life. Perhaps step away from those you love when you feel like you can't maintain emotional control. This will help to eliminate bickering and any unnecessary fighting. If you are single, you may be trying to decide between two people or you just feel indecisive about what you want to do. Just take a deep breath, narrow your choices down, and take time to decide what it is that you want to do. Pressure will ease off and you will feel better about the choices you made.

Last, we have the High Priestess here. She's in the job career position. For those of you with businesses, you may find that business is slow the beginning of the week, but it will pick up greatly as the week progresses. The best part is that you can expect money to be really good. There is also an indication of there being a bonus or two, so that's always nice! If you are looking for work, it seems you may have a delay in hearing from a potential employer. Just be patient as it will come, it just may not be this week.

June 20, 2015 What do the Numbers Say Rob den Oudstens Daily Session

Hello everyone, June 20, June 20 is a day in which you are a wise counselor to the people around you. That, with your big heart quickly feel responsible for others. That's because others tell their story to you. About what they experienced at pain, sadness and disappointment. You feel those things in your belly, in your feeling, as if it is your own. And that makes you feeling yourself responsible for that person. Thus, you can say no. Your services is actually too big. You're looking for appreciation in people.

Who can not give you. You are much more than the others. They do not understand your wisdom. Today is such a day when you challenged again to arrive at your feelings. This is done by people, which are dominant. Who actually want to know nothing of your good intentions. This is done by a threadlike situation or because people say something to you you really get into your feeling. The idea is that you again life from your feeling. You are super sensitive, but often you do not understand, because your head take decisions.

First Alert Forecast Sept. 11, 2014


Thunderstorms throughout the area and additionally showers and thunderstorms will be on the increased about southern and eastern portions of the state again tomorrow Meanwhile much windier conditions will be pushing into the Albuquerque area especially as we get to the late afternoon in the evening hours On Saturday they'll be a few lingering showers over southern portions of New Mexico cooler statewide everywhere else but temperatures a ride back toward normal levels by Sunday afternoon 12 hour planner Will start off cool with temperatures in the 60s breezes come up a little bit toward.

The noon hour but late afternoon especially into the evening hours will have those 20 to 30 mileperhour winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour specially downwind from the Canyon Zones There be periods of heavy rain with that flash flood watch in effect over southeastern part of New Mexico don't cross any flooded road Occasional showers and thunderstorms over south western New Mexico daytime highs in the 80s It would be rather sunny and quiet in the four corners with highs mainly in the 80s It will be windy and cooler Los.

Alamos and Santa Fe high is only in the 60s most of the storms along the eastern slopes of the central mountain chain Most of the strong thunderstorms will be from the Mountains east but highs only in the 50s and 60s Metro area will see a cool start with daytime highs below normal in the afternoon only in the 70s with increasing Canyon winds during the late afternoon and evening Tonight Lows dropping into the 50s and 60s Seven day forecast It'll be windy during the late afternoon evening with him I.

Slid showers and thunderstorms on Friday it will be a cool start 50 a high of 75 with a mixture of clouds and sunshine for Saturday however temperatures returning to nearnormal levels Sunday afternoon in the next week TAKING A LOOK AT TRAFFIC WATCH 7. WE ARE SEEING THE NORMAL SLOWDOWNS FROM AROUND THE CITY BUT WE ARE GOING TO ZOOM IN AND TAKE A LOOK AT I25 NORTHBOPUND AROUND CENTRAL. WHERE SPEEDS ARE BETWEEN 29 AND 52 MILES PER HOUR. AND THIS IS A LOOK AT OUR I25 AND LEAD.

June 24, 2015 What do the Numbers Say Rob den Oudstens Daily Session

Hello everyone, today June 24 is a heavy day. Because today you, your conviction or both, quite be shaken. You are challenged to live more from your feelings. And definitely more from to talk your feelings. And you will be tested in your relationship, how solid is that relationship. Your relationship needs renovation, extra energy. Whether it is an ideal situation to cut off a relationship. Today is a day that goes the authenticity of things. Anything that is not real, which may be a relationship, can today simply blows apart.

That's why I say it is a severe situation. Such a relationship will remain as you are willing to talk. To look at each situation. Bringing innovation and improvement in. If you don't do it, then just the whole thing blows apart. That is a natural selection. Despite it hurts. Does a transformation always bring pain. But ultimately does it give you more. And what it is worth more, is you're going to be more of who you are. You'll experience.more selfacceptance. You go for the authenticity of things. It may be a day, that you just get a ticket.

June 18, 2015 What do the Numbers Say Rob den Oudstens Daily Session

Hello everyone, today June 18 is a day in which you find yourself feel very happy, you have lots of ideas, you are very positive. But you have so many ideas that it threatens to become chaotic. It is difficult to make a choice. But you have to make a choice. Otherwise you have nothing at your ideas. You run out of time. Yet you want to drop any ideas. What happens is that you of doing everything a little bit. Therefore likely to occur chaos. In other words, you do everything at once.

And that brings chaos. You're doing everything at once. There is a challenge today to talk and live again from your feelings. Because you are sitting in your head where all thoughts enter. You can actually forgotten that feeling. It is important to talk directly from your feelings If you do not then you get problems in throat, neck and shoulders. Your body is filling with negative energies. Your throat, neck chakra is too small, you get problems in throat, neck, shoulders. That is not what you want. Life challenges you to talk directly from your feelings.

The crazy thing is that we think we do. If have thyroid problems in the area of the throat, neck, shoulders, then you still talk from your head. You're less spontaneous as you think. You're also very ambitious today. You walk yourself over. A major project does not go through today. It is delayed or failed. Yet you come into calmer waters. You'll need it. Furthermore, it is of interest today, you're good at giving guidance, you associate a joke about it. Bring some more humor in your life, do not take yourself too seriously.

May 21, 2015 What do the Numbers Say Rob den Oudstens Daily Session

May 21, May 21 is a day in which you are too much in action, where you too much in your thinking, actually only want to follow that thinking, to believe that thinking. Part of that thinking Is not whining but going on. And with that thought you want to held control on the situation. It is true that today you are really ambitious, you go for it. Your greatest ambition will be that you learn people to find themselves worthwhile. You do it all from your big heart. But the love you give today is experienced.

By the others as claiming. That claiming the people don't like. They criticize you to truncate your claim, making that your ambition, your project will fail today. This in itself is not bad you need a break, you're tired. The point is that you do not take that rest because you're feeling yourself too responsible for those people around you. You have the feeling that you have to save the world. But the only thing that makes sense to save, that's you yourself by going to sit into your creativity and rely on the solution that you will find.

June 17, 2015 What do the Numbers Say Rob den Oudstens Daily Session

Hello all, today is the 17th of June. It is a day in which your psychic skills, your intuition will be tested. You are very intuitive, but it's your unlearned to listen to it. Except that you're intuitive and you're a gifted psychic, it is a day in which you are challenged by discussions. Those discussions are needed for the people around you. They do not understand your wisdom. They cannot really stand it. You will be meet people who are very much in the situation of not whining but going.

What are you talking about, you have to prove. Otherwise, you should keep your mouth shut. That makes your psychic for information that you get, is difficult to place for those people. There, they can actually do anything with it. They only believe they can see. What they can prove. You have to believe in yourself. Your mission is Earth. Your mission is to open the eyes of people. To make them aware of the things behind things. You get opposition. People do not change. People want to remain in the same situation.

Everything, via the same patterns. But you bring renewal. You do not seem so mundane. You are a stranger in this world. What matters, is to have the guts daring to tell what's all about. Because you have more information. You get more information than others. What you can do is build a bridge between the people who do not understand you and need to change. There to bring some humor. Trying to break free from your regular patterns. Go with whatever comes Go with the flow. Dare to go on a new path you do not know.

June 19, 2015 What do the Numbers Say Rob den Oudstens Daily Session

Hello everyone, today June 19 it is a question above all to listen to your clairvoyance. You are clairvoyance, So you are born, but you do not trust, you dare not trust. You rely only on what your mind will agree. Clairvoyance comes from your heart. You see somebody and you can tell a story about it. You do not know how you know, but it's true. For example, your first instinct if you see someone's look, which is not to be trusted. No, says your wise head then, not judge, give that person a fair chance, you do that.

Three months later, it turns you still have duped. Then you think I had listened to my clairvoyance. Had I listened from my heart. Today is such a day again that will happen. You give a lot of love, you are one with a very big heart. But your great amount of love that you give to people around you, can be interpreted as a claim. People may feel themselves claimed by your great love. And that's especially because you draws people to you which are locked in their feelings. They have the idea that they have to give back.

As much love, if they receive from you. Because this kind of barter it seems to be here on earth. It is possible that they truncate touch with you. On the course go for you. Accept that they are there yet not as far as you. Bring understanding, trust your creativity. Learn who else and yourself find worthwhile. Try proving something to let go. This is again linked to the old feeling that you have to be not good enough. But there's nothing wrong with you, as you stand for who you are.

June 22, 2015 What do the Numbers Say Rob den Oudstens Daily Session

Hello everyone, 22nd June. June 22 is a day full of action, a very busy day. Some things will fail. Today there is dishonesty in the game. Many rules, which one trying to impose to you. Everything seems to be determined by the rules. There is little room for emotional things. And little room for harmony. While you are a true harmony bringer. You want to do everything from harmony. Today you have to deal with bad luck, setbacks and dominant people who try to force their rules to you. And yet it brings you insights.

One of the insights it brings to you is selfesteem, selfacceptance. Look at your relationship, and the relationship with yourself, your relationship with a potential partner, or no change is needed in there. You have a tendency to letting go everything on the same way. But that relationship need extra power, required a renewal. And this renewal can occur because you're going to say more what you like and what you do not want. Try to talk about that. Today there is a tendency things degenerate into a fight. This is not your intention.

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