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By | May 30, 2016

Taurus and Leo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Leo and Taurus, I don't know about these two. They can make a good pairing in love, if they can both work really hard at setting aside their stubborn tendencies so they can work together. They're Square signs, you know And that just brings a lot of friction and tension. Which can be a good thing sexual tension, that's a good thing in a romantic relationship, and these two can push each other to change and grow and be better and stronger. But that takes a lot of work and compromise, which these two just may not be.

Willing to do. The thing is, both of these signs like sweetness and romance and harmony. They both love to enjoy themselves and the company of their good friends and family. So that's a lot to base a relationship on, right But they're also both Fixed signs that's where those stubborn streaks come in and Leo really likes to be center stage, the boss, you know, while Taurus doesn't like to be pushed around. So these two can really butt heads, if it comes to that. Mick Jagger is a Leo, and his first wife, Bianca Jagger,.

Was a Taurus. I'm guessing they had way too much butting heads, considering that they were only together six years, and she's famous for saying their marriage ended on their wedding day! On the other hand, it seems like Bill and Giuliana Rancic are making it work pretty well he's a Taurus, she's a Leo and I don't know, I've seen them in People magazine and on that silly Eva Longoria dating show they did together, and they seem like they're really a good team. And these two signs can be a really good team, if they can set aside.

psychic readings Love Notes Oracle Cards Mini LOVE Reading

Here's a little Love Notes Oracle Cards reading for you. You can get the cards at amazon. I'm Lisa Atkinson shuffle Rise above any old wounds and soar free that's Love Transcends card. so that you can magnetize more love in your life and create with love and materialize these loving spiritual events that we all want so badly, that feel so great. So you're life will feel better and you will feel better.and you can get support from me anytime with my Love Notes Oracle Cards deck and guidebook. You can get it on amazon or at SpiritLisa.

Scorpio weekly forecast 23 February01 March 2015

Hello Scorpio's and Scorpio rising, welcome to the week beginning on the 23rd February1st March. Dear Scorpio's, throughout the whole week your planet Mars will be progressing in Aries. Mars is in an extremely powerful position so your energies and motivation will rise. Venus will be progressing in Aries also. In the area of work especially in your daily work and your work life there will be some struggle during the week. There can be intensity and these positions are showing that social relationships will be strengthening. The positive aspects the Saturn in Sagittarius and Venus and Mars are forming is showing that you can.

Gain steady earnings from your working's and jobs. Support in financial subjects can be to question, and besides this the aspect the Sun progressing in Pisces is making with Saturn is pointing out that specially in your love life, emotional life, cases regarding children and responsibilities can occur. Emotionally time to time you can feel extremely fanciful, idealistic and extremely fanciful, but also time to time you may get hurt and feel disappointment, so you have to try to not act like a dreamer. 0112 Especially when the square between the Sun and Saturn is in place you have to act more.

Reasonable. You also have to act more careful in financial subjects this can be luck games, investments or the speculative market. Extreme idealistic and extreme financial approaches can cause some loss. Scorpio's in the beginning of the week the Moon will progress in Taurus, so you can focus more on relationships. The person opposite you, your partner, your spouse, copartner or a close friend of yours and their expectations will be quite important for you. On the 25th February the Moon is going to enter Gemini and from the middle of the week there's more hassle in financial subjects. There may be shopping, payments.

Scorpio weekly forecast 915 February 2015

Hello Scorpio's and Scorpio rising. Welcome to the week beginning on the 9th February15th February. Dear Scorpio's, Mars and Venus will be progressing in Pisces throughout the week, so this period of the year is a period which your love life is brightening and on the foreground. Your feelings are very powerful, your romance life and romance is on the foreground and can make you feel happy and delighted. You could reach your desires and Venus is accelerating your social life so it's possible to attend many fun parties and atmospheres. If you have desires related to children then there may be important.

Developments in this area. The moon is progressing in Libra on the beginning of the week and will be entering Scorpio from the 10th February, so it's going to be in your sign. Therefore you are going to be in a week where your motivation is high when the moon is in Scorpio. It will also be in communication with Venus and Mars so there will be lovely developments in your love life and emotional life. Your creativity is extremely high so I suggest is that you lead your emotional energy into artistic work. This may be a hobby, drawing.

Pictures and subjects related to dance and music. So these subjects will be on foreground and if you divert into these areas then it's possible to produce efficient pieces. You're also in a period which you can use your abilities and creativity positively so you can get high efficiency during this period. Scorpio's our communication planet mercury is going to recover and turn moving forward on 11th February in Aquarius. It will begin moving forward 1 degree in Aquarius and carry on until the 13th march, so we can see that Mercury.

Is more active in areas related to your house so in family relationships especially communication will be increasing and communication will be focusing on the youngsters in the family, on your siblings, cousins and nephews. You could be at home more or do some stuff related to your house. Making agreements, policies and contracts related to your house, estate or office can also be to question. Yes in general it's a very efficient and supportive week for you. Scorpio's that's it for this week so take care and see you next week. Goodbye.

Lisa Atkinson Love Notes Oracle Cards Reading for February 17, 2014

I'm Lisa Atkinson. My website is SpiritLisa so don't forget to go over there and get your free gifts. Now, I just want to connect with you and let you know that somebody is working on love in expressions, material expressions of love and this is so fascinating to me right now because love conceives is the card and right now, there's a huge shift going on. It's a paradigm shift on the planet. And we are actually creating more quickly with divine inspiration. Divine light is becoming materialized faster. And I'm seeing this with friends in medium circles and also myself, with um. manifesting.

Scorpio weekly forecast 26 January1 February 2015

Hello Scorpio's and Scorpio rising welcome to the weekly forecast of the week beginning 26th January 1st February. Dear Scorpios in the beginning of the week on the 26th January during the evening the moon is entering Taurus. Relationships will be in your lineup in the first three days of the week. You could pay more attention to the expectations people have from you, this may be your spouse, your partner or your copartners. Shares or activities you will do together are going to be in your schedule also. On the 27th January Venus is going to change signs and so it will leave Aquarius.

And enter Pisces and stay in Pisces until 20th February, now this is a really nice sky movement for you. Venus will be supporting you in Pisces because it's pretty powerful in Pisces it could add strength to the luck, productive and emotional energies and will progress in your 5th home so it will add some luck into your love life until 20th February. During this time new opportunities can appear and romance can increase in your life. Your creativity can also increase so if you have artistic work then you can produce very efficient.

Pieces. It's also a very suitable time to be interested in hobbies, there can be delightful progress in things to do with children and Venus is very supportive in pregnancy and birth. Relationships with children can improve and become better. You can have nice sharing's in your social life for example you can attend fun parties and you can attend artistic atmospheres. Scorpios from the 29th of January the moon is going into Gemini and especially on 29th January financial problems can keep your mind busy and more action can be taken on money.

Issues. If you want to do some shopping its best to not rush because on the same day Mercury is in Retrograde and also Neptune and Saturn has tense aspects. Once you do shopping on that day you might not be happy with the things you purchased afterwards so for that reason you may do some research this is also valid for issues regarding money. you might be in a kneed of financial support or a maybe a loan so you might do some research for this case but its best to wait a bit until you decide. After 30th January.

Astrology forecasts for Virgo in 2015 Tutorials on Love Relationships

Hello dear Virgo and Virgo rising. Dear Virgo, the second half of 2015, especially following August 11th, Venus in your sign will of course bring you great luck within the love and relationships in your life. However, the first half also withholds some positive energies, let's take a look at those first. During the first half of the year, from the end of January until February 22nd, Venus continuing in your opposite sign will bring a lot of action to your house of relationships while interacting with Mars. During this period, certain opportunities with relationships.

May be of discussion. You may spend your energy towards this, in fact communication with your partner or spouse may increase. February 1st, 2nd, 10th, February 11th 19th and 20th are all significant dates for you, as the planetary positions will be supporting you on these special dates. Yes, While taking advantage of such opportunities, Venus will be in Taurus between March 17th and April 12th. This position is supportive for you, especially as Venus rules all Love, affection, and relationships, bringing you luck in these fields. You may feel much better as your attraction may be on the rise. During this period, April 1st 2nd, 11th.

And 12th, significant opportunities may arise. In fact these mentioned dates are ideal for starting a special relationship or undergoing a special beginning. You may take advantage of this time, dear Virgo. This may be a marriage, engagement, or a proposal. The energies will be supporting you. Yes, we must be cautious of the summer period, as Venus will go retrograde between July 25th and September 6th. Certain hidden energies may take effect for you. Since this retrograde movement will take place in your 12th House, hidden admirers, even certain secret adventures may come up.

This period withholds quite risky energies. Especially if in a longterm relationship, you mustn't be too emotional and get carried away with excitements. The period following September 6th may bring about more optimistic energies for relationships. Especially for you, Following August 11th, Jupiter entering your sign Virgo will intensify all these influences. With Venus in your sign between October 9th and November 9th, the smooth interaction Venus will make with Jupiter at this time will create extraordinary luck for you, especially the last week of October between the 22nd and 29th. The luckiest days of the year in fact. Thus, you may take important steps in.

Your relationships during this period. The New Moon and Full Moon occurring in your sign, and in your opposite sign may lead you to a decision in marriage. These are ideal days for any engagements, or weddings, and in fact relationships starting at this time may really turn out quite optimistic and happy for you, especially with Jupiter's help and support, dear Virgo. Yes, for more details on money and career forecasts, and to mark down the lucky dates of 2015, please follow the tutorials. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Stay well.

Astrology forecasts for Pisces in 2015 Tutorials on Love Relationships

Hello dear Pisces and Pisces rising. Dear Pisces, you will experience 2015's significant influences in Love and Relationships especially after the period following August, as Jupiter will enter Virgo after August 11th, supporting you greatly with relationships. Yet, of course, the first half of the year holds positive energies as well. Especially this year from the end of January and during February, the presence of Venus and Mars in your sign will indeed enliven your love life. During this period, especially during the last day of January on the 31st, Romance may increase in longterm relationships. You may gear your energy towards.

This especially. And the month of March is significant, as the Full Moon rising in your opposite sign between March 5th and 20th will lead you to make important decisions in your relationships. For instance, you may experience a sudden Romance followed by a decision in marriage. Or you may experience change within an existing relationship. If you've had certain problematic relationships that have been bothering you, you may end these during this period, or you may go the other way and decide on marriage. Yes, during the summer period between May 8th and June 6th,.

Venus continuing in Cancer will bring you important opportunities with Love and flirting. Attend as much invitations as possible, attending social activities, engaging with the crowd, increasing the chances of meeting special individuals. Especially for you, Special Lucky Dates are May 12th, 13th, May 21st 22nd, May 30th 31st and June 1st are all days to mark in your agenda. These may be special dates you open up to your loved ones. You may make a proposal, you may become engaged, you may get married or experience a special occasion. These are truly lovely days.

Yes, as of August 11th, once Jupiter enters Virgo, will in fact be the time in which your longterm relationships will be most supported. Jupiter supports such topics of marriage. In fact from this time until 2016, a lot of Pisces will get married during this period. You may meet your ideal partner, meet your significant other and get married. Especially between October 9th and November 9th when Venus enters Virgo and makes a smooth interaction with Jupiter, you may take advantage of these dates for special occasions. the Last week of October, the beginning of.

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Let's take a look at Cancer and Pisces together in love. So here we have two Water signs two very feeling signs, very emotionally attuned to each other. Both very vulnerable signs. Pisces is extremely romantic, and Cancer is very protective of its loved ones, so these two can really make a great match and they're in it till death do they part, you know what I mean These two aren't playing around together. They fall in serious love with each other, and they're in it for the long haul. OK, so I want you to work with.

Me on this one. Think about Cinderella and Prince Charming. So she's this sweet, loving, romantic young girl who does everything for everyone else she's basically just a slave to her evil stepmom and her ugly stepsisters and she's always just getting pushed around by them. But she's so selfless, she never complains and that's just so Pisces. And then she ends up living out every girl's fantasy when, at the end of the fairytale, the shoe fits and by the way, Pisces rules the feet! The glass slipper slides right onto.

Her perfect little foot, and she marries into a wealthy royal family and lives happily ever after, protected forever after by her Prince. Cancer is all about family and protection, you know so that's just such a perfect, iconic pairing of these two signs. Of course, in reallife, notsofairytale endings, we have Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain. Well, that was kind of a really sad story, overall, wasn't it I don't know, maybe Courtney Love didn't live happily ever after with her Prince Charming, and she wasn't exactly Cinderella in the traditional sense although she did have that blonde hair and those pink,.

Satiny dresses, although they were always ripped full of holes with tattered lace and everything but the Cinderella story sort of fits. Kurt Cobain was a Pisces, and that sign rules drugs and addiction. And Courtney Love, the Cancer say what you will about her, but she was very protective of her man, and it seemed like she gave him as much comfort and stability as she could. That's Cancer, trying to shield their loved ones from the harshness of life. And in the end, she couldn't save him no one could. But their love.

Libra weekly forecast 915 February 2015

Hello Libra's and Libra rising. Welcome to the week beginning on the 9th February15th February. Dear Libra's, your planet Venus is supporting you whilst its progressing in Pisces and Venus is extremely powerful in Pisces so in financial subjects, love, relationships, passion, beauty and esthetic it will be beneficial for you. While progressing in your 6th house of course you will be relaxing and facing some help in your work life. Mars progressing in this area is showing that your energy and motivation is leading into your daily routines. There might be hassle regarding your health but.

Because you will be taking advantage from Venus's supporting affects it's possible to overcome your health issues. Also besides this as a Libra lady if you want to perform personal care or do improvements on beauty and esthetic then you can appraise this week. It's possible to get efficient results while Venus is in Pisces, so you may work on your appearance, clothing, makeup and esthetic and work on your image. During the week Venus will be supporting you. On the first day of the week the moon is in Libra, so it's possible for you to start this week with a strong motivation and start.

The week pretty energetic. After the 10th February the moon is entering Scorpio and on the 12th February till the evening or on the week financial subjects will be on foreground so you can do organizations in these areas and you may need to do some spending's and shopping can become in schedule. From the evening on the 12th February the moon is entering Sagittarius and towards the weekend it's going to be a period which you will be making more communication with your close ones and you could plan a trip or activities with your.

Relatives, siblings or your close ones will be having priority for you. Mercury is improving this week and this is an important development and on the 11th February Mercury is turning moving forward 1 degree in Aquarius and going to progress in Aquarius until 13th March. As being from the Air element you will get support from Mercury so your mental activities are going to speed up and communication in your daily life will become more comfortable. You can specially succeed in areas which you can express your abilities like writing or.

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