Daily Horoscopes Sagittarius 2014

By | February 6, 2017

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Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox The Astrologer

Virgo beyonc and sagittarius jayz are a great example of the way a virgosagittarius couple can be together. Now, these signs are Square, which is a hard aspect in Astrology, one that brings tension and conflict to the relationship. But Square signs can also force each other to grow in very positive ways, if they’re both open and willing to change. And since Virgo and Sag are both Mutable signs, they’re all about changing constant change and flexibility, that’s really what being a gowiththeflow Mutable sign is all about.

And virgo is kind of the perfectionist of the zodiac, so this sign is definitely into striving for personal growth and to be a better person. Now, the fact that Beyonc and JayZ were together for quite a while before really coming clean about their relationship that’s very Virgo, since this sign takes its time about falling in love and committing to a partner. But once that commitment is made, Virgo is in it forever so it’s going to be Beyonc who keeps these two together. I don’t know what to think about the cheating.

Rumors and there have already been rumors here and there about jayz cheating on her, even since their marriage but they put up a very united front together, and of course they’re parents now to their little baby daughter, Blue. Virgo and Sag can be a good match, but they do have plenty of differences they have to work out. Virgo is really practical and frugal, but Sag, on the other hand, is really loose and carefree. This sign doesn’t want to be limited or restricted by anything not a budget, not other people’s expectations.

but these are all the things that virgo kind of lives by and structures its life by. So, yeah. Can these two balance each other out? Sure, but it’s going to take work. Maybe that’s why it took Beyonc and JayZ some time to commit to each other and make it official maybe they were working out the kinks. Which is a smart move work out the problems as much as you can before you get hitched, so at the very least you know exactly what you’re getting into once you do head to the altar!.