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By | June 23, 2016

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

You know, Aries and Aquarius really do make a good match. Let me tell you why. First of all, these two are just great friends from the start. They have a lot to talk about. Aquarius is an Air sign, very intellectual and progressive and fascinating. And Aries is a doer an initiator. This sign likes to take an idea and run with it, make it real. And while Aries is good at starting things, it's not so great at following through but Aquarius is a Fixed sign, which is all about determination and followthrough. Aquarius.

Can be the glue that keeps this couple together over the long term, since Aries can be the type to fall in love fast but then fall back out again. Aquarius can be the grounded one, the one who stays committed no matter what. And both of these signs are very independent, so they have no problem giving each other the space they both need. They really get that about each other. I actually have friends, Jean, she's an Aquarius, and Eddie he's an Aries. They're a couple, you know, and I have to say, it's kind of funny to watch.

Them sometimes. Jean, she's the passionate one Aries is a very fiery, passionate sign and sometimes she turns that on Eddie, who's just very coolheaded. Aquarians can even be kind of aloof, you know They aren't especially emotional people, and they definitely keep their feelings hidden. They just don't like having big, dramatic blowouts, but Aries, on the other hand, really needs to express all their emotions fast and loud, and they kind of live for big confrontations. So my friend Jean, she used to just poke at Eddie.

And goad him and sometimes just allout provoke him, just to see if she could get a rise out of him. I don't know, they've been together for a long time, so these days they aren't quite so fiery anymore. But Jean, she really keeps the passion alive, and Eddie keeps them solid, grounded, you know And they still find each other fascinating, after all these years. This is generally a really good pairing of signs for a love relationship, whether shortterm or longterm. And if it's just a shortterm thing, these two can stay friends.

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Ah, one of my alltime favorite AquariusPisces couples is Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. What an incredible couple! And what a love story! So Paul was a true Aquarian he founded his Newman's Own company and gave all its profits to charities, and he also founded a center for the prevention of drug abuse after his son died tragically of a drug overdose in the '70s. And he and Joanne started a camp where kids who are seriously ill can go for free so he was a true philanthropist, which is a really Aquarian trait. And Joanne,.

She's a Pisces, so it's no wonder she wanted to help sick children, too Pisces is a really compassionate sign, and really just wants to help others and heal others and make life better and easier for people who are disadvantaged in any way. I'm sure this is a quality that Paul Newman was really attracted to in Joanne, because it's a trait that goes really well with that Aquarian philanthropy. Both of these signs want to make the world a better place, they just come at it from different angles. Pisces is the much more.

Feeling, intuitive, nurturing one of these two signs, while Aquarius is the more innovative, progressive one the one who really takes action. And Aquarius may not be nearly as emotionally expressive or attuned as Pisces, but it's a very loyal, devoted sign in love, which is very important for sensitive Pisces. Plus, these two signs are right next to each other in the Zodiac, so they tend to have a strong sexual connection and that's always a good thing in romance! So these two actually do make a pretty good couple in a.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Have you ever seen Harold and Maude If you haven't, you really need to! It's such a wonderfully quirky, sweet, hilarious movie. So he's this really young rich kid and he's really depressed and obsessed with sex so in case it's not already obvious, he's the Scorpio in this duo and he meets Maude, this old lady who's just very strange and odd and and she's like 80 years old! And Harold just falls for her quirky, unique outlook on life. Maude really embodies the Aquarian personality, for me. She has her own way of looking at.

The world, her very own truth, and she's very wise. She opens up this depressed young boy's eyes to the beauty of the world of art and music, and just having a good life. And he's previously obsessed with death, which is a very Scorpionic trait both obsession in general and specifically with death but through his relationship with this wise, unusual woman, he learns to embrace life, too. You know, another ScorpioAquarius relationship between two people with a pretty big age gap is Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. She's a.

Scorpio, and I'm guessing he just really fell for how sexy and passionate and intense she was. And him being an Aquarius, he probably really didn't care what other people thought about him falling in love with a woman old enough to be his mother. And they were married for quite a while, by Hollywood standards! Sure, it didn't end up working out that's not too much of a surprise, since Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed signs, and they're Square to each other, so there's a lot of tension and conflict in this connection. Both.

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Gemini and Aquarius are both Air signs, so they're Trine four signs apart in the Zodiac which is a really sweet, harmonious connection for a romantic relationship. And these two make a particularly good pairing because they really keep each other guessing, which is very important to both of them. As Air signs, these two fall in love on a mental level first they make great friends, and they can have a really fun, stimulating, intellectual meeting of the minds, right off the bat. They truly find each other very fascinating. Aquarius.

Sees Gemini as really clever and funny, and Gemini sees Aquarius as just full of strange and interesting ideas. Plus, there's lots of good sexual chemistry here, and since they're both Air signs thinkers and communicators I'm thinking there's probably lots of naughty talk in bed between these two, and lots of experimental shenanigans, you know what I mean Their relationship is unpredictable, and I mean that in the best way. They both need that sense of surprise and anticipation. If things got too routine, too humdrum, they would get too bored especially Gemini. Now, of course, these two may or may not be.

A great longterm couple take a look at Seal and Heidi Klum. They seemed like a great couple an enviable couple, so connected and in love, but then it ended so abruptly! He's the Aquarius, she's a Gemini. I don't know why they broke up, especially after having so many kids together. But while they were together, they seemed so close and strange! In a good way! I mean, he supposedly proposed to her inside an igloo or something! But then there were rumors of cheating and who knows what, and of course, it didn't work out in.

The end. But Gemini and Aquarius can definitely be a great shortterm couple, or great friends, and they can also make it last partly because Aquarius is a Fixed sign, so there's that followthrough and determination, and because Gemini finds Aquarius's unpredictable ideas really interesting, enough to stick around and see what's going to happen next. Who knows, maybe Heidi and Seal will become friends in the end, because that's the really solid foundation between these two signs friendship. They just find each other fascinating, and they love to talk constantly and trade ideas and laugh and just stimulate each other's.

Libra and Aquarius Compatibility by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Libra and Aquarius, two Air signs, can really make a great match, whether for friendship or romance or marriage. They just really connect well, at a mental level first. This is my aunt and uncle, and they've been together for nearly 50 years! And every time I see them, they're still talking and laughing together, and telling these really interesting stories they're the kind of couple that sort of finish each other's sentences, you know those couples It's so sweet. Aunt Bev, she's the Libra, she's like the social butterfly of.

The two of them. She loves getting the family together because she just loves seeing everyone having a great time. And she's in her seventies but she's still just so pretty she really has great taste and style, like any true Libra. And Uncle Harry, the Aquarius he's always working on some project or other, he's kind of an eccentric, sort of an inventor type he's always thinking up something new to build, some new idea for improving something. And Aunt Bev thinks he's kind of hilarious but also a genius at the same time you.

Can just see it in her face when she looks at him, this kind of bemused look but also very admiring, you know what I mean And he looks at her the same way, like he just thinks she's the most beautiful, charming person he's ever seen. Of course, Libras are really relationshiporiented, so there can be a bit of conflict in this pairing because Aquarius needs a lot of independence and alone time, and isn't really all that romantic. Libra loves sweet little romantic gestures, but those kind of go over Aquarius's head, or.

Aquarius just forgets all the sweet little frills. I don't know, I think nearly 50 years together, my aunt has just learned to buy her own flowers! Libras really need a lot of togetherness and reassurance, so they might feel a little lonely, paired up with an Aquarius. But on the positive side, Aquarians are very loyal and dedicated in love, so if they can somehow make Libra feel that love and commitment they're golden. This is generally a really good match for anything from friendship to a lifelong, committed love affair, and everything.

Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

So Capricorn and Aquarius are right next to each other in the Zodiac, which gives them a good dose of sexual chemistry, because that's always the way with two signs like this, that come one right after the other. Now, these two particular signs are kind of an interesting combination in a love affair. They're both ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of duty, responsibility, maturity, obligation. Both signs are really made for a longterm commitment, when it comes to love. So there's a really serious tone to this connection. Oh, my cousin,.

Sandy, she's a Capricorn, she had this Aquarius boyfriend for a long time I can't actually remember his name! Let's call him Ted. Sandy and Ted. Okay, so she was always a pretty serious person, you know, she always knew what she wanted to do when she grew up, and she was a business major in college, that kind of thing. She worked as an intern at this big company and worked her way up through middle management, that kind of thing just very Capricornian. So Ted, he was an Aquarian, and usually I think Aquarians are kind of,.

You know, they like having fun, they love mingling with the people but when a Capricorn and an Aquarius are together, they're really just so serious together! They commit to each other pretty fast, because they're both kind of built for commitment in a relationship. And Sandy and Ted, they actually worked out pretty well in lots of ways Aquarius needs lots of independence and alone time, and Capricorn is really hardworking and tends to stay pretty busy, so neither one faulted the other for how much time they spent working. They were.

Definitely not the most romantic couple around, and I think in the end, that's kind of what broke them up. I mean, there's a lot of glue there between these two signs like I said, they're both very loyal, and comfortable with a longterm, monogamous relationship but in the end, their connection is just a little bit cold, and it's ultimately more about obligation or responsibility than true romance. And romance is the sweet stuff! I mean, that's really a necessary component of a love affair, don't you think So yeah, Sandy and Ted ended up.

Breaking it off after quite a few years together. I think they hit that point where it was either get married and have kids, or go their separate ways. And I remember Sandy talking to me about it, she was very sort of systematic and logical about whether or not to stay with him but in the end, she really did want to be with someone who was a little warmer, you know, a little more passionate and romantic. So she ended it. I always thought she did the right thing. Ted was fascinating, and he definitely respected her, but there just.

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Since Cancer and Aquarius are quincunx that's a hard aspect in astrology it means they're five signs apart in the Zodiac it's really hard for these two to make it work in a love relationship. They're just too different, and there's not enough common ground between them for an easy connection. Plus, whenever two quincunx signs come together, it's a karmic relationship. They're together in order to work out some kind of karmic baggage. So you know it's not going to be the easiest, most harmoniously flowing relationship in the world.

Lindsay Lohan is a Cancer, and she and Aquarian Wilmer Valderrama dated for a while in the mid2000s. Now, the celebrity gossip about these two was that he was a bit of a cradlerobber, and they started dating when she wasn't quite 18 years old. So they kept their relationship quiet until she was of age, and then she actually moved in with him for a while but the rumor is that when he wanted to break up with her, he just changed the locks! Isn't that crazy Knowing she's a Cancer, I mean, that must have really done a number on her. Cancers.

Are really emotional and they really need security in a relationship. I can't help it, I know she's made one bad choice after another and she's really screwed up her life in a lot of ways, but I feel for the poor girl! An early experience like that with someone she probably thought she was in love with that can't have been fun. Aquarius just isn't as deeply emotional as Cancer is, although it is able to commit longterm, just like Cancer. But Aquarians can actually come across as being a bit on the cool side, emotionally,.

Which would drive a deeply feeling Cancer up the wall. Seriously, Cancer is the sign of the Crab, and this sign has this selfprotective shell that it retreats into whenever it's feeling hurt or threatened. I would think that would just happen again and again in a relationship between these two signs. I don't know, I suppose these two might commit to each other and stay together longterm Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, they were an AquariusCancer couple, and they were married until his death. But there's going to be a lot of emotional bumps and blowouts along the way as Cancer gets its feelings.

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Okay, Taurus and Aquarius this is kind of an odd match. First off, they're Square both Fixed signs so they can definitely commit to a longterm relationship, but they're also both pretty stubborn and set in their ways, which can make a romantic partnership really tough. Farrah Fawcett was an Aquarius, and she and Ryan O'Neal he was a Taurus they were together for, what, almost 20 years And then they got together again toward the end of her life. Such a sad, romantic story, sort of. I don't know, I watched his.

And his daughter Tatum's reality show what a messedup family, right I mean, he just came across as this crazy, lonely old man. So weird to watch this guy who used to be such a heartthrob and now he's just living in this place all alone, he's got this dog that poops all over the carpet, he's just alone and still completely full of himself, as if he were still 20 years old and on top of the world. But anyway. I guess he and Farrah were really passionately in love but as often happens, that passion took several forms,.

Including passionately angry. They had major blowout fights, and Ryan was supposedly physically abusive to her. The thing about Taurus and Aquarius together is that Aquarius is an Air sign very intellectual, very progressive, very unusual these people really do march to the beat of their own drummers, and they don't want to be limited by anything. They need freedom and independence and supposedly it was Farrah who never wanted to marry, even though Ryan did. And Taurus, this is actually a fairly traditional sign, when it comes to.

Values. I bet it drove Ryan crazy that he couldn't capture this gorgeous, fascinating woman and make her his own, you know She was like this beautiful butterfly, always flitting out of his reach, because he was this plodding Bull lumbering after her! Well, it seems like their love did endure the test of time, in the end. But they definitely had plenty of bumps along that long road, and that's kind of how it goes with this pairing. These two signs can push each other to grown and become better people, but they can also.

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Let's take a look at Leo and Aquarius relationships. So, the first thing to know about these two signs is they're opposite. Meaning, six signs apart in the Zodiac directly opposite each other on a chart wheel. And when two signs are opposite this is one of the hard aspects in Astrology they can really have a lot of friction. I mean, they have complementary differences, so if they can figure out how to work together, how to appreciate each other's strengths, they can definitely work it out. But I don't know, Leo and Aquarius.

these two are both Fixed signs, which means they can definitely make a commitment and stay in a longterm relationship. But it also means they're both really stubborn! And they can get stuck in a rut together. Jennifer Aniston is an Aquarius, and Justin Theroux, her guy, is a Leo. If they break up, I have to say, I won't be surprised. There's just a lot of potential for trouble here. Now, Jennifer, the Aquarius she's got eclectic tastes, she's probably looking at Justin as a really interesting, fascinating.

Guy not to mention, of course, hot and sexy! Leos are always really charismatic and charming, you know They really know how to put on a show, how to keep all eyes on them. So it's no surprise that she fell for him. And he probably sees her as this fascinating, dynamic woman which she is. She acts, she produces, she's a philanthropist I mean, for someone who'll probably forever be seen as Rachel from Friends, she's actually a really interesting person. But Aquarius can be a pretty aloof sign, emotionally, and.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Okay, whenever I think of a Sagittarius and an Aquarius in love, I think of Shrek. So Shrek is the Sag he's from Scotland, and Sag rules faraway places he lives very happily in a swamp, and Sag loves the outdoors plus he's got strong morals and principles about right and wrong, just like any good Sagittarius. So he goes on a quest to help the fairytale creatures who've been pushed out of their homes by the evil Lord Farquaad. That's Sagittarius the sign of the Archer, always going off on a quest like a knight in shining armor,.

Aiming for the stars. And Princess Fiona is a quintessential Aquarius just take a look at, let's call them, her odd, unique tastes such as, falling for Shrek! She didn't mind going from a babe to an ogre, and you know only an Aquarian would be cool with that one! Another great SagAquarius couple was Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Of course, they didn't make it work forever, but they were married for over half a decade, which is pretty close to forever in celebrity years. And by all accounts, they were a great.

Couple for quite a while. Sag and Aquarius generally do make a really good match. They're both visionaries who look to the future and see the big picture. It's a real meeting of the minds. They're both always up for adventure. And while Jennifer, as the Aquarius, was the more committed of the two of them Brad, as the Sag, probably saw the marriage as an adventure, and then he saw the divorce as the same thing! but these signs can both be pretty easycome, easygo with relationships. They both need a lot of freedom and independence,.

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Oh my gosh, Virgo and Aquarius the first couple that comes to mind for these two signs is Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Oh, my god where do I even begin with this one! All right, most of you probably don't even remember that bizarre, awkward kiss they had on stage in 1994, after they were secretly married. Ugh, that was just the weirdest couple ever! But in some strange, twisted way, it kind of made sense I mean, Lisa Marie, she's the Aquarius, so she probably has unique and eclectic tastes in men didn't.

She go on to marry Nicolas Cage And he's definitely an odd one, himself. But I don't know, maybe she just saw marrying Michael Jackson as well, what am I talking about I have no idea why she married him that's the thing about Aquarius this sign definitely dances to its own drummer. Who knows what they're going to do next. And Michael, why did he marry her Virgos are very precise and they make decisions carefully, so I can't imagine that he jumped into anything. But oh, my god, it was so obvious there was just.

Zero physical connection between them, no chemistry at all. Which makes sense, since Virgo and Aquarius are quincunx they're five signs apart in the Zodiac, which is a very fated, karmic connection. These two signs really don't have very many similarities between them at all, so when they fall in love, it's like, they're here to work something out together. In fact, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz they're another good example. He's an Aquarius, she's a Virgo. And their relationship, just like Michael and Lisa Marie, definitely didn't work out. There's just not enough passion here! Not enough heat to keep these two together.

How to Seduce an Aquarius by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Hi Im Kelli Fox with How to Seduce an Aquarian Good thing, the Waterbearer doesn't care what anyone else thinks because they can really turn some heads! Their motto might be The weirder, the better or perhaps Anywhere, anytime. They're in it for the experience, and love to try new and unusual positions and techniques. I've been told they're quite innovative in the bedroom, so others should prepare to experience things they might never even have imagined. This is the sign of groups.if you get my drift. The Water.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

When Ellen DeGeneres came out publicly as a lesbian in the late '90s, it was surprising to a lot of people, mostly because coming out in public really wasn't that common yet, when she did it. And probably a lot of people thought it would kill her career, but it didn't. She managed to push forward and become even more famous and wellloved than she'd ever been before. Of course, she had some bumps along the road, like when she had an affair with Anne Heche what a strange one that one is! But back to Ellen when she ended.

Up in a longterm, committed romance with gorgeous, sexy Portia deRossi, that was the real stunner no one suspected the lovely lady lawyer from Ally McBeal was into women. But the two have really made it work They married in California in 2008, and together they do lots of philanthropy work. They're both vegans which is just so Aquarian this sign is all about trying out unusual or uncommon lifestyles, not to mention being a leader in progressive causes like animal rights. Their relationship really shows what a love connection between two Aquarians is like it's all about living life on their.


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