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By | December 10, 2016

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Hi this is the weekly horoscope for me bra for the week of june 27 2016 hello my Care Bears this week i’m doing my daily horoscope so make sure to check that out also Monday 10 p.m. eastern standard time my prayer for next week as well to connect with that energy and you know the more peace of mind that we have through prayer the more we create peace of mind and positive action.

I’m this week with our with our own actions ok and i did see some events that did happen especially in Germany I’m sorry for what happened in Germany but I was very happy that are even though people got hurt they all lived so that’s a great MAZEL that made me smile because everybody left open cry so thank God so come join me for prayer this week if you would like I’m and let me see what else and also show your love and make sure to like subscribe and share and don’t forget to visit my daily horoscopes I don’t know.

If I already said that so this week Mars is bi quintile midheaven in the second tenth house you are in a great head space when it comes to what you want and when it comes to work you work very hard with this energy you feel more accomplished when you do things on your own Venus trying stepped in and the six and ten house you are making a point to play nice this week you aren’t trying to get into any messed like gossip or Twitter wars with people or rats ok you temporarily are.

Focusing on being a good co worker like it’s like people are going to see you this week and then obviously in those people that you weren’t nice to you you’re like extra nice to them and stuff and it’s like why are you being nice to me mmhmm it’s like that is like something wrong ok but it’s only for this week I feel like it’s because you probably want something for Mother’s at this time so that’s why you’re playing nice venus is a sextiling Jupiter and 12 and 10 th house great energy for those of you got myself a job.

Yes this is a great energy for those of you looking for a job and also talking to certain people at work to get favors and with this energy very favorable time this week when it comes to career and when it comes to job interviews or growing with the company also this is a great time for business endeavors as well Venus sex tiling the north node in the 12th in 10th house this is for some of you good news in regards to many opportunities again getting a job also with business negotiations as well the first card that comes up with the a Ace.

Of coins creating your own reality money opportunities becoming available for you this week also great time for business as well the star card wishes coming true I feel with the asa coins in the star card that this is a great time for business ok so business if it wasn’t picking up because Mars in retrograde and some of you are libra are libra risings while this week it should it should pick up all right it should be better.

The knight of cups my yes card to whatever question i did not answer is yes the two of the ones you’re very ambitious right now you’re very ambitious with what with work and what you want with your goals so you may be a bit more aggressive than usual the knight of Wands feel with this energy is event very entertaining energy also new people coming into your life as well and also doing things a bit differently.