Chinese Zodiac Signs Dragon 1976

By | October 20, 2016

The Year of the Monkey begins the night ofthe new moon on the 8th of February marking the start of Chinese New Year celebrationsaround the world. As the Goat hands of the baton as year ruler, what sort of luck willthe mischievous Monkey be bringing your sign? Let’s find out.Dragons, the Monkey can bring allies for Dragons. Be prepared to talk about what you want toachieve, as part of a team effort, and on your own. When you put together a plan ofaction, allow some flexibility and leave room for others involved to put forward their ideas.Two heads can be better than one, so allow for your shared vision to flow.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope May 2016

Summer starts in the Chinese solar calendarat the seasonal point known as Li Xia, which falls on May 5 this year, as the Snake startsto rule the solar month. If you’re ready for change, the Snake monthcan be a good time for you to shed an old skin. There could be a few twists and turns, yetif you’re prepared, you’ll be able to navigate them. Check your monthly horoscope to seeif you will be sizzling or slithering through Snake month. Dragon: You like to think of yourself as someonewith big dreams, yet there’s another side

of your Dragon personality that rather likesbeing pragmatic and sensible. It’s worth bearing in mind that what seemsquite prosaic could actually be something that requires a lot more imagination. This does not mean you shouldn’t try out newthings. It just means that it would be wise to think carefully about what’s involved andwhat you’re going to need to follow through. While enthusiasm can carry you forward, bemindful that you’re not acting on emotions. It would serve you well to be downtoearththis month.