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By | July 4, 2016

Name Numerology Numerology Name Calculator, Get Your Free Numerology Reading

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Numerology Chart What it revealed about me

Hey guys, my name is Jessica and I just wanna take some time to share my honest opinion and experience about my Numerology Chart. First of all, let me just say that I was never a huge believer in stuff like horoscopes, psychics, numerology charts. stuff like that. But I had turned to this, because I was just. at a really low point in my life. It seemed like anything that could go wrong, went wrong My boyfriend dumped me, my apartment was broken into, I lost my cat. the stress was causing.

My grades to drop life was just not going well for me. And it was at this point that I got really desperate and turned to my numerology chart. After some research on Google, I found numerologist and I ordered a numerology chart. Their readings are actually based on Chinese numerology, which is apparently one of the earliest forms of predictive science, which dates back to, like, 4,000 years or, you know, something like that. point being, it's been around for a really long time. So I got my personalized numerology chart which contained custom calculations for me.

The forecast for the next, like, nine years were just amazingly accurate and the results until now couldn't be more exact! It helps me understand my life, my destiny, how to overcome these challenges I was facing, and, it was just. all really shocking for me! And if you're in a similar situation and you haven't given a numerology chart a chance, I highly recommend it. I mean, I used to be just as skeptical but it's definitely worth a try. In fact, numerologist is actually giving away free numerology charts to anyone.

Understanding Astrology How the Zodiac Signs are Calculated in Astrology

Hi. On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, also known as Bryce. And I'm here to tell you about Astrology. Before we talk a little bit more about astrology, I want to give you an understanding of why it can be a little complicated and why some people steer away from it. With astrology, you could go into a very in depth astrological chart which is called a natal chart. This chart deals with the twelve houses. In order to go into a very detailed account, it takes a lot of calculations, a lot of mathematics,.

And a lot of time. So, a lot of people lean away from that because they don't want to get involved with those calculations. To understand astrology, you don't have to do those calculations. You could do a overview of your astrological sign which would include the Sun sign, the Ascendant, and the Moon sign. And, that would give you a really good basic understanding. I want to show you how astrology's done with a visual. And, you can buy these at any, I think I got this one at WalMart. Okay, when you look at one of these diagrams of the constellations,.

You'll see that it's listed by month, July, June, May, April, March, February. Depending on the day, you'll move, and the time, let's say it's seven o'clock on May seventeenth. That shows you different constellations that are present to you. They're at different degrees of length depending on the latitude. If we're born above the equator or below has a lot to do with mostly the Ascendant more so than any other sign. These, this shows you where the different constellations are at this specific time. So, you have an idea if someone's born.

On May seventeenth at seven pm, looking at the South side, you'll see the different constellations that the person came through and what the different degrees could be. This, you don't have to know. But, this gives you an understanding of how astrology is calculated and it's mostly done by mathematics. And, it's done by looking at tables of calculations. But, this will give you a good visual to say, now I have an understanding of how I could be considered a Crab, which would be Cancer. And, that's, this visual is as good enough as going outside.

Guide to Mystical Numerology What is Sacred Geometry in Mystical Numerology

Hi! On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, known as Bryce, and I'm here to tell you about mystical numerology. Sacred geometry is the bomb. Sacred geometry, mystical numerology is my greatest passion. And, what makes it my greatest passion is the sacred geometry that exists on this planet, in the cosmos, and I can interpret within mystical numerology. Sacred geometry now is being looked at by science. And, science is believing that they made a mistake and everything is not substance and particle. They have found sacred geometry in the smallest organism that's alive, and that is the virus. It's in the form of.

The triangle or the tetrahedron. So, they find it in the smallest living organism, the virus, and they also find it in the Universe. NASA has found sacred geometry in the Universe which is the decahedron. That, decahedron means two plus ten faces and that is usually taking twelve pentagons and putting them together to create divinity. And, that's what the decahedron is, it's the sign of divinity which exists above us. Sacred geometry exists and is mystical numerology. All the patterns that I spoke about, the Monad, the Dyad, the Tetrad, the.

Triad, the Heptad, the Hexad, the Octagon, the Ennead, and the Decad. It's all within your sacred geometry with exists in mystical numerology which I can interpret. The one thing to really embrace about sacred geometry is that there is progression within it and there's always movement. In sacred geometry, everything is within movement and change and everything must transform. So, we're not always a triangle. We're not always a cube. But, we have the sacred geometry of our proportion, meaning our frequency. Either we can raise these vibrations with inside of ourselves. Say we raise the four, and the four is the.

Cube and that contains. But, that's what builds structure and framework. So, some of us may have the cube, the sacred geometry of the cube inside of us, and we may make it very large meaning that we'll rise our frequency up to embrace the vibration of the cube. So, that we have structure. We have security. We have stability in our lives. But, it is up to our thought process to either raise it or lower it. So, we may feel a little contained by the cube. Which it does do. It does contain. But, it creates framework that we all need.

Guide to Mystical Numerology Difference Between Western Eastern Numerology

Hi! On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, known a Bryce, and I'm here to tell you about mystical numerology. To conclude mystical numerology, we're going to discuss the difference between Western numerology and mystical numerology which is also called Chaldean. I don't consider mystical numerology Chaldean because that's placing it in a specific time in history. And, the Majji from the Chaldean period when they had fled they had destroyed most of their work. So, to say it's Chaldean is placing it in a specific time. Western numerology is placed with Pythagoras in a specific time. And, he developed a practice.

And a ritual for his people in his time which was carried through the Picine Age. In Western numerology, everything is reduced down to a single digit. In the Aquarian Age, you cannot reduce anyone, any spiritual individual, down to a single digit. You have to know the full story. Just like each one of us wants the full story of who we are known to one another, mystical numerology does just this. Mystical numerology involves the Chaldean alphabet. Anyone can find the Chaldean alphabet and they can interpret a general reading for themselves.

But, in the mystical practice is, it's the Triad of the patterns that determine what the person is about. And, the master numbers. And, that means that instead of someone saying that someone is just a five. What patterns in their angstroms did they go through to become that five Is it a fouronefive or is it a onefourfive The difference is if it's a fouronefive, they're closer to a Virgo type personality. Then, if they're a onefourfive, they're closer to a Gemini type personality. But, you have to look at.

Guide to Mystical Numerology Patterns in Mystical Numerology

Hi! On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, known as Bryce, and I'm here to tell you about mystical numerology. What is the most important part of mystical numerology The most important part of mystical numerology would be what is considered the patterns. They can also be considered keynotes or sonics. Or, they can be considered numerical energy and what that represents is the nine numbers from one to nine. And what, the best thing to understand is not to see them as we were taught 1,2,3. A,B,C in school. Because that.

Would take a different direction. But, you have to look at where numbers come from. And, numbers, which are patterns, and I'll probably refer to them as patterns because I'm more comfortable with that in teaching you this, the patterns created an energy around them. Each pattern is from sacred geometry. Each pattern comes from the planets and from the constellations. Each planet is represented in each pattern. That means that each pattern from one to nine and including ten are patterns within themselves that contain a certain vibration of a certain energy. For instance, if you take the one, that's the Monad, that's the.

Beginning, the one comes from the Sun. The Sun is the center of our Solar system, so therefore, the Sun also reflects outwards the radiation and the heat needed to sustain. That's exactly as a one. A one pattern is the Monad. It's the beginning. It's of selfdiscovery. So, when you work with the patterns, you're not working with numbers in mathematics. You're working with patterns that lead one into the other and tell a story. So, in mystical numerology, we look at all the patterns. We look at if someone is a five, we look at the energy that.

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