Chinese Horoscope Wood Snake

By | February 14, 2017

April is dragon month, and the dragon takes charge on april 5th. the dragon ruling april is predominantly an earth element, with a little wood and stored up water. No wonder the Dragon is the bringer of spring rain. The water element in the month clashes with the fire element in the year. 2016 being the year of the Fire Monkey. When fire and water clash they can make steam. Will you feel a sense of propulsion this month? Will the optimistic outlook of the Dragon bring a sparkle to your eyes? What sort of things can you look forward.

To during april? check your animal sign and find out what the dragon has in store for you in the month ahead. Snake, your deepthinking Snake nature has been known to make a simple situation complicated. There are times when it just makes sense for you not to try too hard. Be watchful that minor setbacks are not turned into major problems because you resist taking the easy option. Even if you care about the situation, there’s no need to make more effort than is required.

Snake Chinese Horoscope March 2016

The rabbit comes in to rule the solar month on march 5th. The Rabbit carries pure wood energy, and the wood element is indicative of new growth in springtime. The midpoint of Rabbit month is Spring Equinox, and this year it falls on March 20th, in most places around the world. Throughout history, and across many cultures, Spring Equinox is a notable date in the calendar, and often celebrated. Check your animal sign Horoscope to get some.

Clues as to what the month has in store for you. Snake, have you been burying your head in the sand? Pretending that you can ignore an undesirable situation does not mean that its going to change all. There are times when you need to take a stand for what you believe in. Theres no need to ignore events or people, and you can speak up without being vehement. Leave others in no doubt about what you mean. By keeping a cool head and a warm heart, youll.