Chinese Horoscope Luck

By | February 15, 2017

Hi everyone, happy new year! This is the year of the sheep and last year was the year of the horse . There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, and sheep and horse are two of them. During Chinese New Year, people greet each other with lots of lucky phrases. It’s like people saying Merry Christmas in the West. This is the same as Chinese people, we have many 4 word phrases to express our new year wishes and blessings. While some lucky phrases can be.

Used for each chinese new year, we like to specify phrases that capture the year of the zodiac. Again, this is the year of the sheep, so in this lessons I’ll show you how to say lucky phrases just for the year of the sheep yng. . Pay attention to the Chinese characters, you will notice that each phrase contains the word yng, meaning sheep. Also, you may find the English translations do not make sense to you and it is because all phrases have been used for thousands of years. By that I mean they are like Chinese.

Idioms, condensed and sometimes rhyming. therefore, you don’t have to worry about if you are saying something wrong, instead; just say them to your Chinese friends and they will be very happy to take your new year blessings. Now let’s go through them one by one. filled with happiness ( is the original Chinese character, people change it to the word just for the year of sheep) a sheep makes you wealthy.

Feng shui 2017 feng shui Predictions for year of the fire rooster

Feng shui 2017 feng shui predictions for year of the fire rooster year of the rooster which begins January 28 the rooster is the sign of dominant awakening triumph in success can only be achieved.

At the price of hard work and patience in 2017 rooster years are a blend of righteousness and justice bombast and logistical efficiency public and private administration jobs.

Military careers or police jobs are highly favored a year of the rooster is often marked by brilliant success for those who haven’t cured with patience the draining and often solitary buildup of a business.

Project just like thanks way teachings the balance of power between the five elements generates happiness and fulfillment the lack of energetic diversity induced.

By a dominating element during a new year of the rooster a new year of the rabbit in the new year of the rat intensify the disturbance of the cyclical forces of time with those in here into each sign of chinese astrology.

Despite the tension and imbalance that dominate in 2017 this year is paradoxically auspicious for weddings one shouldn’t forget that red color of the element fire is the traditional color of the wedding dress in China and.

Other asian countries while the color white symbolizes morning fire melting metal the resulting electric and hot atmosphere will be a source of tension to account for we should therefore expect an.

Intensification of virile and sterile demonstrations on the part of leaders of countries or big corporations migration caused by Wars and climate change shall contribute to degrade and already heavy if not unstable political climate.