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By | September 10, 2016

What People Think About Zodiac Signs Fire and Water Signs

I really believe in astrology. I'm like 110 into it. I think it's dumb. Schwingin Air. Stubborn. Dominate. Hardheaded. Aries is a fighter. Passionate. Firey. Bossy, but not bossy in a bad way, but just, you know, in charge of everything. Woman in Leather Jacket It's like someone misspelled pieces. Mmmmm. Pisces are sensitive. They're really creative. They're too nice. I'll take that. Like a lot of Pisces follow their own path. They're very, very much weirdos.

Pisces is that guy that's so nice that you're like, there's something wrong. Exactly. And I get along with every single Pisces I've ever met. They don't ask for much. A Pisces is the person who you're like, It's fine. And they're like, Listen, it's not fine. Let's sit down and talk about this. Yeah. I am. It's so annoying. Woman in Leather Jacket Leos are fun. Boss. Arrogant. Ambitious as bleep. They will fight you on everything. Leos are prideful.

Yeah, we have a lot of pride. I'll say that. Center of attention. I think they're leaders, often. Leaders, yeah. And they like to be in charge. We're also like really misunderstood. We're gold egg, so we're all flashy and hard on the outside, but the minute you crack us, we are all goopy and like mushy. Moody. Oh my God. There's a reason Cancer is a crab. Woman in Dodger's Hat laughs Emotional. Yeah. Loving. Straight forward, but caring.

But I love them. They're also very caring though. They're so peaceful. Very athletic. Yeah. Cancers will bring you flowers. Cancers are romantic. Woman in Tank Top Anthropomorphically sexy. What the hell does that even mean Wanderlust. You know how like Disney characters You're like oh, like Disney characters are attractive, but like oh they're cartoons. Like I'm conflicted. Right, OK. Free spirit. Always looking for another adventure. They're like, Oh I'm sexy, but I'm horse, so you can't have sex with me..

They're very much in their own element. They do their own thing. And they get bleep done. Woman in Leather Jacket Vicious. Yeah, my sister's a Scorpio. And it's just a real, you don't know what you're gonna get. Scorpios are probably more likely to bleep you over. Don't mess with a Scorpio. Hmm mmm. Because you will get whipped hard. Intense. We're intense. Scorpios are intense. But I think underneath it all are really, really sensitive. I'm very sensitive, but I don't show it.

What People Think About Zodiac Compatibility Fire and Water Signs

Schwingin by WarnerChappell Production Music Good and bad. Like probably sexually like the top. Because they're super passionate and intense. I think you would sleep with an Aries, but not date an Aries. Because they're probably really experienced, and I would just be so nervous. But I just don't think I could do it again. I've had too many Aries heartbreaks in my life. Like I would totally see myself with another Aries. Pisces need a little bit more than most people. I could see myself being in like a two year relationship.

And then we'd part amicably. You have to be pretty selfless to date a Pisces. It's like the longest relationship I've been in is with a girl that was a Pisces. Like sexually, a Pisces is like there for you. I couldn't date a Pisces. I think it's 'cause I see them and I like see myself and see like maybe a friendship. I just don't see anything sexual in other Pisces. Like I feel like sex with a Pisces is just very genuine. They're in the moment.

Yes. I would date a Leo. Thanks. Like Leos are very loyal. They're so good at sex. I've dated a Leo. It was really fun. Leos are addicting. Like you fall in love with a Leo and then you're like why am I yelling He was wild. You're like, what are we even fighting about I don't know. Now we're having sex. That's a Leo. Yes, if you are looking for a straightforward boyfriend or girlfriend who will just be good at being a boyfriend.

Or girlfriend, you cannot go wrong with a Cancer. Cancers really are like hubby, wifey material. Seem just like steady, like caring confident people. They wanna like have very romantic sex staring into your eyes. Like staring, like both your eyes are open during sex Yeah, both your eyes Just like really are open looking at staring at each other each other. And with every thrust you feel love. I would love to date one, except that I'd be super nervous.

All the time because everybody would want them. Sagittarius females seem like the kind of person that I would end up with. Givers. They are givers. They are probably givers sexually, I bet. They'll just put everything in perspective and you're like the world isn't gonna end. You're so right. I think that they would like play your favorite music during lovemaking. Yeah. I think Sagittarius are very sweet people, but I do think it would take a while to find out what they really want I think that would drive me crazy.

I'm gonna be practical here and I don't think I could date a Sagittarius because their birthdays are too close to Christmas and that's like a lot of presents to buy. Now, it's a tough, tough person to date, a Scorpio. Man. It sounds for like an enlightening hookup, but not for like long term. An enlightening hookup. I have been in relationships with Scorpios and it always ends in just. I haven't had a long term relationship with a girl that's a scorpio, but I will say that relationship.

What People Think About Zodiac Compatibility Air and Earth Signs

Lively music Sexy but scary We are great at sex, and we are, like, pretty fun to date. Scary, I'll give you the scary, absolutely not. I would date andor hook up with one, but I don't see much more. I know some people will say they wouldn't a Gemini because we're flighty and we don't commit. See, I feel like I'd be continually insecure, just like in a perpetual state of insecurity. I feel like a hipster Gemini. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God, that's so hot.

Voiceover Oh, my first crush was a Taurus. I don't think I could date them just because I know how stubborn they are. If you're trying to date them and expect compromise, it's never going to happen. I think they're great, I think they're persistent and focused and really supportive. They're super down to earth. I'm into it, if this is a precursor, I'm like, give me more Taurus, please. Yes, I think that's like the wife material right there. Very like balanced, probably good.

For dreamy signs like ours. Libras sounds to me like the kind of person that's like, okay, so we're gonna split the cheque down exactly. I fall in love with Libras so easily because they're just so charming. You said Beyonce's a Virgo, right laughing Absolutely. Virgo won't put up with your shit. They're really good conversationalists. They almost seem unattainable. I think Virgo would get tired of me real quick. I think they're the ideal person to have a family with when you're ready for that.

But in terms of like having casual fun and you're just kinda dating, whatever, I don't think they're the ones for that. I imagine an Aquarius opens their bed side drawer and there's like an array of toys and they're like, whatever you want. Oh, my God. Oh, I think they'd be good in bed, too. Yeah. I'm attracted to them, like, just right off the back because they're so creative, and I'm like, oh, my God, I love this, but like they're too aloof for me.

Confident and grounded and know what they want. Who's that girl you like hook up with and she flits away, and you're like, oh, man, I really liked her. Yeah, but she was always meant to get away because she's kind of like a figment of your imagination. I would love to date a Capricorn because I think they would be very appreciative of the affection I'm giving them because they're usually over looked. Capricorn man seems boring, but Capricorn woman I would definitely date because I bet she's secretly in charge of everyone.

I find Capricorns to be hilarious. They're just too committed to a plan and I think that life is a journey and I think everyday is different. I like schedules, so if you're gonna plan my day out and say, hey, this is where we spend time together and I'm all for it because I like organization. Meeting every new person is a challenge that's about finding the qualities in each type of person that are for you. They're really close to Christmas, like actually really close to Christmas.

Numerology Love Compaibility Numerology Love Calculator Free Numerology Reading

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2016 marks Year of the Fire Monkey

2015 was the Year of the Golden Sheep, an animal associated with peace, harmony and protection according to the Chinese zodiac. So those born under the sign would have possessed such characteristics. 2016, we usher in the Year of the Monkey. Not just any monkey, the FIRE monkey. According to Oh Sooyoung we can expect those born this coming year to be smart and entertaining but sometimes a little too mischievous. There's a Chinese proverb that says a specific type of animal hidden within everyone. For the new year. in East Asian cultures including Korea, that animal will be the Monkey.

In the twelveyear Zodiac cycle, the zodiac monkey comes with one of five natural elements water, earth, metal, wood and fire. 2016 celebrates the fire monkey. It's believed the Chinese zodiac culture was introduced around the time of the Three Kingdoms. It also spread to East and Southeast Asian regions, but its impact on Korea was particularly strong. And at the National Folk Museum, visitors can spot the Zodiac monkey in various aspects of Korean culture The artifacts portray different figurative meanings of the monkey.with its most prominent characteristics being intelligence and maternal.

Love. In art and pottery, monkeys symbolized power and success. So they were often engraved into stationery and drawn with peaches and deer to amplify luck. But the opposite is true for folktales and poetry, where monkeys represent loneliness or thievery. And as one of the Zodiac guardians, their red faces were believed to be charged with the Yang energy which could ward off evil spirits. So the monkey's face was painted on masks for traditional dances and placed on roof tiles for protection. Based on folklore and observations from nature, the attributes of a person's birth animal,.

Referred to as tii in Korean, were also used to determine one's destiny, disposition and relationships with others Monkeys are highly intelligent, sociable, adept as well as entertaining. They can work well in groups of hundreds to just a few and manage to communicate and solve problems efficiently with one another. They are highly expressive creatures. And to this day, Koreans still keep track of their tti and are optimistic when their year comes around. however, like horoscopes in the West, the Zodiac signs are now viewed as more entertainment than prophecy.

Why I will no longer give annual astrological forecasts

Hi, everyone! This is Safrina Kadri from fengshuiandprosper. Now, we are still in the thrills of Chinese New Year celebrations and I have been getting a lot of requests and a lot of questions and concerns about the astrological forecast for 2015. I have mentioned before that I will be coming out with some information some astrological forecasts for everyone but I have actually decided to not do it. Why Because I don't want it to be a crutch for anyone. Just, you know, where astrological forecasts are concerned, a lot of people think, Oh, if you're born in the year of the rat or.

If you're born in the year of the sheep, then you have a certain type of energy coming to you. Yes, generally that is true. However, if your feng shui is good, then whatever the forecast is, you will have a better 2015. So if astrologically, you're supposed to have a successful year, but your space in your office, in your business, or at home is blocking all the abundance chi, then that success is gonna have a hard time to come into your life. And I have seen it, believe me. I've been a consultant for seven years.

And I've read many many Chinese astrological charts for my clients. There were times when they were supposed to have a lot of material abundance but that did not come through because the house had a very bad feng shui foundation. On the flip side, I've also seen, personally, situations where it's supposed to be an astrologically horrendous year but with the right feng shui, the energy got shifted success was still coming through the door. My husband, for instance, last year and I'm not just looking at the year that he was born.

I looked at his whole four pillars which is the month, the year, the day and the hour that he was born. So last year was supposed to be a fairly challenging year for him, and obviously, with the feng shui that I did for our space, I made sure that the challenges that were coming will be reduced and then any opportunity for success will be boosted. So whether it's going to be an astrologically weak or astrologically strong year, it doesn't matter. You still need to make sure that your feng shui foundation is good,.

Then you'll still come out ahead. Okay So that is the reason why I'm not doing the astrological forecast this year and very likely not going to be doing it in the future. So I do apologize for those who are waiting on me to do that but take this bit of advice from someone who has done a lot of, seen a lot of case studies. Feng shui is still the first and foremost priority you want to shift your energy. Okay So if there's any other questions or any other topics that you'd like me to cover,.

Astrology forecasts for Scorpio in 2015 Tutorials on Love Relationships

Hello Dear Scorpio and Scorpio rising. What awaits you in Love and Relationships in 2015 Let's first analyze the planetary positions. In the beginning of the year, during the period between the end of January and beginning of February, the movements of Venus and Mars in Pisces will definitely enliven your love life and your emotional life. Your social life may activate, you may attend social meetings much more, as important opportunities may come your way. Especially if you are a single Scorpio, it would be wise to take advantage of this period.

January 27th, 28th, February 1st, 2nd, 19th and 20th are important dates in which the planets support you. We must try not to be alone and aim to be in as much social activity as possible on these days. There may be introductions to excite us, as special people may come our way. Yes, between March 17th and April 12th, Venus moving in your opposite sign indicate for optimistic influences. Especially concerning longterm relationships, more constructive developments may be in conversation, you may take advantage of this period towards this. March 23rd, 24th, May 17th, 18th, and especially.

June 1st, indicates for special dates. Concerning your private relationships, you may take advantage of these dates in the year for any new steps, such as for a ceremony, engagement, marriage, or wedding. Yes, during the Summer season between May 8th and June 6th, Venus in Cancer will again support you with romantic topics. During this period, especially during travel, there may be more introductions. Romance will definitely be active, it may also find you somewhere far away from where you are now, dear Scorpio. The Venus retrograde movement will of course influence every sign in the field of.

Relationships, as it may effect you too. We would advise you NOT to take any new steps during this period, as it's a time for caution. Especially with longterm relationships, and with topics of family, you may experience these influences. Towards the end of the year, December especially, seems more appealing for you. December 6th and 21st is a period in which Venus enters your sign. This will increase attraction to you, attracting the opposite sex's attention. There may be positive developments towards your relationships. Especially December 17th, 18th, and towards the end on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, this indicates that perhaps December may be.

Astrology forecasts for Gemini in 2015 Tutorials on Love Relationships

Hello dear Gemini and Gemini rising. Dear Gemini, 2015 will be quite an active and social year for you. Thus you may face great luck with relationships. When analyzing the year overall, especially during the first period of the year between February 21st and March 20th, social energies seem to be increasing. During this period, friends, and group works such as organizations may keep you busy in your daily life. Thus, in such environments you may show yourself much more and attract more attention, attracting meeting with important persons. Such introductions may blossom.

Into great Romance. Mark your agendas for this year March 2nd 3rd 4th 5th are seriously important days for you. Relationships formed during this period may prove to be very happy and longlasting. During April, between April 12th and May 8th, Venus will be in your Sign. Thus, the planet of Love, Beauty, and Relationships being in your sign will support you especially with longterm relationships, bringing you forth topics of marriage. If you've had plans for engagement or marriage during this period, ideal dates are April 21st, 22nd, 26th 27th, as the sky will specially be supporting you here, promising you happiness. June.

6th and July 19th Venus in Leo will make a smooth interaction with Jupiter, strengthening your communicative side. Thus, during any vacation or travel, or within a work environment you will be much luckier with new romantic introductions and instances. This period especially your relationships with friends will strengthen, in fact flirting between friends may occur as well. Between November 9th and December 6th, with Venus entering Libra, Venus will be supporting you with topics of Love, and Children. If married, you may consider becoming a parent towards the end of the year. Alongside this, if you are single, there is.

A high possibility that someone may enter your life. November 13th and 14th are valuable days for you. 5th and 6th of December are also significant dates, especially for new beginnings in relationships. For instance, if you've have admired someone, you may consider a proposal during this time. You will have an increase of luck if desiring marriage, in fact you may take advantage of these dates for organizing special occasions, dear Gemini. Yes, for more details on money and career forecasts, and to mark down the lucky dates of 2015, please follow the tutorials. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Stay well.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Using Astrology to Find Romance

Were going to discuss a little bit about romance and astrology and this does not necessarily mean that astrology can create a romantic situation. But, there has to be a certain amount of romance and there is already romance involved when people coming together. It may not be the same but we are pretty free individuals that like to have self expression so most of us can feel passion and romance. It is how we express it that's important. Some signs express it more so than other signs but, in all signs there can be romance and there can.

Be passion and there can be excitement. So when we say romance in astrology, it doesn't mean that it is just for cancer people or Sagittarians or Piscesians or Leos, that all twelve signs have the ability to be romantic its just what level the one wants to be on and the endurance to maintain that romance. If the person can accept this then that's fine. But to have on going romance you would have to look for that in specific signs. But romance already does exist so there is romance within the sign for each sign. And, all signs.

Carry the romance ability and the passion and the excitement and the sexuality it is just how it is expressed that's really important. Now when you think about romance in astrology you have to thin about the romance and the passion that exist within spirit. There is already a romance to life it's a romance of living. This is explained through atlas, this is the celestial globe which has all the constellations. Each symbol that you look at has romance that leads into other signs all the time. This entire globe is actually.

Feng Shui BaGua Feng Shui BaGua Relationship Sector

For those who want to improve relationship with your spouse, with your kids, with your co worker, or with people around you. You can apply feng shui enhancement in the relationship sector. The color is red, pink, and white. It is at southwest of the ba kua. And it the element is earth. And the body part is abdomen. And then it represents mother of the family. Actually you can remember easily, it's the mother earth. So when you want to improve this part of your relationship you can put a lot of objects related to the earth, you.

2014 Virgo Love, Relationship, Marriage Annual Horoscope

Hello My Dear Virgo friends. Its my special reading for you for the LOVE Life Married Life for the year 2014. My love horoscope reading for the Virgo indicates that the second half of the year is more suitable for you in the matters of heart. You will get a more favorable response to your romantic pursuits. Also for marriage, the period after July is quite favorable. Looking at the position of the planets, I feel that it may be exactly the opposite in January to July period. Therefore, for the first 6 months of the year 2014, you should not be in hurry to propose or get married.

As you may get disappointment. And if you miss the chance then you might have to wait for quite some time to get another good one. If married, there are chances of petty issues spoiling the marital harmony. So the planets advice you to rise above the ordinary differences, try to understand each other, extend a supporting hand and wait till you get a favorable response from your spouse. Whether married or in relationship or looking for a right partner, throughout the year, you should not loose your cool come what may. The chances are that the price for loosing your mind would be very heavy.

If you are not in a relationship then in 2014, you are quite likely to meet a good candidate who could be your soul mate. The effect of this new love will strike like a thunderbolt. However, this is a general reading based on your zodiac Sun Sign. To get a more specific and personal reading of your love life or married life, I advise you to contact us through e mail or telephone. The numbers are given below. With these words, I wish you a lot of harmony and a romantic period together.

Pisces Horoscope August 2013, September 2013 Astrology Forecast

Hello My Dear Pisces Friends. Here is my special reading for you for the months of August and September 2013 GENERAL OUTLOOK What a wonderful period you are having. You will love to travel, spend time with your spouse and party with friends. CAREER FINANCE You are well equipped with expertise and skills in your line of profession. You strive hard, proceed skillfully to achieve professional gains and get personal satisfaction. LOVE MARRIAGE You are enthusiastic, bubbly and in high spirits in your loving relationships. There is beauty all around. But mid September onward, do not demand perfection as it.

Nice Guys

Nice guys finish last T hat's why i treat you like trash It's not what I really want to do But you only date bad guys So I'll give it my best try To treat you the way you want me to I never open a door or pull out a chair You can tell me how your day was But I don't really care And if you ever get cold You just have to hack it.

'Cause I'd be cold too if I gave you my jacket Like whoa, you ain't sittin' up front Front is for the homies You can sit in the trunk I never answer my phone Whenever you call it And when the waiter bring a bill I never reach for my wallet Nice guys finish last That's why I'll treat you like trash It's not what I really want to do.

But you only date bad guys So I'll give it my best try To treat you the way you want me to And Imma beat you in every competition Goin' out with the girls You better get my permission Wait no, I take that back, you can't go House is on tonight And that's my favorite show Do I look fat in this dress Hell yeah, you do Wait, let me speak your language.

Cows go moo mooing Nice guys finish last That's why I'll treat you like trash It's not what I really want to do, oh You only date bad guys So I'll give it my best try To treat you the way you want me to But behind the scenes She means the world to me I wanna tell her that she's beautiful And show her that's she's loved Hold her hand when she's scared.

Tell her how much I care But that won't win her heart because. Nice guys finish last That's why I'll treat you like trash It's not what I really want to do, oh You only date bad guys So I'll give it my best try To treat you the way you want me to Ho Is this the class where you learn how to pick up girls Nice guys. Wait, let me speak your language.

Whos A Good Or Bad Match For You, Based On The Chinese Zodiac

Whos A Good Or Bad Match For You, Based On The Chinese Zodiac,Hey OTGWers, We talked about the characteristics for all the zodiacs now lets see who you should or should not surround yourself with. What Sign are you.

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