Chinese Astrology Horse 2016

By | October 11, 2016

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Horse Chinese Horoscope April 2016

April is Dragon month, and the Dragon takescharge on April 5th. The Dragon ruling April is predominantly an earth element, with alittle wood and stored up water. No wonder the Dragon is the bringer of spring rain.The water element in the month clashes with the fire element in the year. 2016 being theyear of the Fire Monkey. When fire and water clash they can make steam. Will you feel asense of propulsion this month? Will the optimistic outlook of the Dragon bring a sparkle to youreyes? What sort of things can you look forward to during April? Check your animal sign andfind out what the Dragon has in store for you in the month ahead.

Horse, when you notice a garden full of beautifulflowers and ask the gardener the secret of growing such blooms, you can expect him totell you that it takes time. The flower doesn’t pop up in an instant, even if it appears thatway. Your speedy Horse personality likes to see immediate results. However, you know thingscannot be altered in the blink of an eye. Progress is rarely rapid, even though theremight have been times when you have sped along. This month, think about longterm advantagesrather than shortterm gains. When you can accept that positive processes require youto take many steps, and to be persistent, you can remain confident that your effortswill prove worthwhile.