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By | December 24, 2016

Chinese Zodiac Sign Meanings The Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

Hi. This is Nandita Pandey on behalf of Expert Village and we’re talking about Feng Shui. We talk about Chinese zodiac signs and the one that we discuss now is the dragon. If you were born in 1929, 1914, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 and 2000 then you are probably a dragon. And if you’re a dragon you’re full of enthusiasm, full of energy, full of vibrancy. That’s the kind of potential and that’s the kind of aura that you have. That you exude. And you make the people around you also more charming by your own charming ways. But then there are times you need to control your mouth because a lot of things that slip out of your mouth might hurt others. You don’t notice them but then again the people who do, notice that.

You become fool hardy at times because of your magnanimous nature but then you can control it and temper it down and actually activate it. Basically, a little conservationist but then again you can be a very good priest, you can be a very good politician, you can be an extremely good artist. You can also try character sticks, your own character sticks which can actually bring you and make you a very good lawyer as well.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope May 2016

Summer starts in the Chinese solar calendar at the seasonal point known as Li Xia, which falls on May 5 this year, as the Snake starts to rule the solar month. If you’re ready for change, the Snake month can be a good time for you to shed an old skin. There could be a few twists and turns, yet if you’re prepared, you’ll be able to navigate them. Check your monthly horoscope to see if you will be sizzling or slithering through Snake month. Dragon: You like to think of yourself as someone with big dreams, yet there’s another side.

Of your Dragon personality that rather likes being pragmatic and sensible. It’s worth bearing in mind that what seems quite prosaic could actually be something that requires a lot more imagination. This does not mean you shouldn’t try out new things. It just means that it would be wise to think carefully about what’s involved and what you’re going to need to follow through. While enthusiasm can carry you forward, be mindful that you’re not acting on emotions. It would serve you well to be downtoearth this month.