Chinese Astrology Compatibility Horse And Ox

By | January 8, 2017

Hi, this is nandita pandey on behalf of expert village and we are talking about feng shui. Again, as I mentioned if you are talking about Feng Shui, definitely Chinese zodiac sign do come into picture and we talk about Ox. Now if you were born under the year of 1926, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, or 2009. That is, if you are to be born in the year 2009, then you probably are an Ox. And if you are an ox, then you have a lot of stability in your life, you ooze confidence. Absolute confidence. Confident that you are in whatever.

2014 Chinese Astrology Overview

Hi everyone. it’s safrina kadri from fengshuiandprosper . thank you so much for joining me again on this recording here. Today I’m going to be talking about the 2014 astrological outlook for all the astrological animal signs in the chinese calendar. With the Lunar New Year just around the corner and in fact we’re just about 34 days away from Chinese New Year, it definitely is perfect timing for me to share with you what I believe is the potential energy coming up for everyone.

And this is always a little bit of a fun thing to do for us to look at the chart for ourselves, our friends and family and all that. BUT, entertainment value aside, there’s definitely a lot of advantage for us if you know what are the potential energies coming your way. Now, in terms of the information that I’m going to be sharing with you here, and also a lot of the astrological forecasts that are already out there, mind you this is only based on the astrological animal of the YEAR that you were born in. In the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Which is the chinese astrological system, or in mandarin is called bazi, in cantonese it’s called Paht Chee. In the Chinese astrological chart, we look at not just the animal year but also the animal month, animal day and the animal hour that you were born in. And of course included into that chart is also the 5 elements the water, earth, metal, fire and wood. So in terms of the relationship between all these elements and the animal signs that are in your chart,.

It gives you a much greater detail in terms of what can happen in 2014. So of course with us just looking at the animal year now, then suffice it to say you’re only really looking at one quarter of the full picture. Nevertheless, what I’m going to be sharing with you here are general outlook that should be the main theme running for everyone born in the same animal year. However, obviously there are other nuances as well. If your feng shui at home, at work or in your business place either supports a good year.

Or doesn’t support a good year, that also has a little bit of an effect in terms of what ultimately manifests in your reality for 2014. But let’s get into the astrological forecast now, shall we? Obviously we’ll start with the year of the horse because we’re going into the year of the horse. And I in fact am a horseborn person myself. So it’s definitely a year that bodes really well for everyone born in the year of the horse. If you’ve been following Flying.

Star feng shui, the prosperous 8 falls in the south which is the palace of the horse. However, there is also what’s called the Grand Duke element that’s causing a little bit of a trouble for 2014 but it pretty much means whatever projects that you have planned for the year, there might be minor glitches being thrown in there. So glitches in life and glitches in our plans. But as long as we stay positive then any horseborn people can pull through it. The good news is, there’s the Golden Lock Star and usually when that element appears.

In the chart, that usually means really great financial opportunity. i’m also one to believe that an opportunity can come your way but if you’re not aware of it, then you still can’t make use of that auspicious opportunity. So definitely keep your eye out if you were born in the year of the horse because there’s potentially really good projects, really good ideas that can come your way that can boost your income. There’s also the General Star and this is a really good energy to have in the chart because that usually means if we.

Get into trouble or if we’re facing some sort of a challenge, we’re likely to find someone or something come around and help us out of that sticky situation. So if there any challenges or whatever, be mindful that if you know anyone that can help you out it’s definitely a great time to reach out. Even if you don’t, it’s almost like a divine intervention kind of energy. Even if you feel like you have your back. backed towards a corner, know that there are resources out there that can pull you out of that situation.