Chinese Astrology Calendar 2016

By | September 12, 2016

2016cc Eng Subs Hui Master Year 2016 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

Last year, Rat offended Tai Sui, hence nothing has been going well However, moving into the year of Monkey, there will be signs of improving fortune. Working personnel will easily get recognized by their superiors and can expect pay promotion Those that are full of drive, there might be a breakthrough opportunity to fruition. Good career development however, you need to depend on your own capabilities, slow down and plan carefully in order to advance steadily. Always pay attention to what are you going to say, try to avoid troubles.

People with bad intentions may pull tricks behind your back, this will cause you to have more stress at work. While dealing with work related documents this year, make sure you have a clear mind and remain calm to avoid any lawsuits. Congratulations! God of fortune will be by your side. You may earn some extra cash based on your instinct. You may be rewarded for your effort at work, there will be chances for promotion however, do remember to manage your finances properly. For those who run your own business, select.

The appropriate time to invest and you will reap your rewards. Profits will be much better than previous years however, try to make sure you have the right business ethnics so you do not get in trouble with the law. Businessman should optimize investment strategies so as to maximize your profits but do refrain from taking part in highrisk investments. Entering 2016, love aspect will rather be peaceful but your mood swings will relatively increase, those that are attached might have disputes with your partner remember to be patient and maintain good relationship with your partner.

For those married, you may find it hard to come to a common point with your partner, therefore communication is very important do pay more attention to your words during arguments, try to give in to each other cherish your happy life Single friends can take part in more social activities to know more friends With more communication with one another you will be able to find the one that is suited for you Health luck is not ideal for you. Due the work pressure, it will lead you to mental and physical exhaustion.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar Explained

The Chinese lunar calendar explained. The Chinese calendar is split into sixtyyear cycles. Each year is given to special distinction and earthly branch and a celestial stem. The 12 earthly branches each correspond to an animal in the Chinese Zodiac the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. There are various origin stories for why these animals were picked, but the most popular involves a race to the Jade Emperor in which a rat came in first after ensuring a cat's demise. The 10 celestial stems originated from a.

Belief in 10 separate suns and this later spawned a system of five elements including wood fire earth metal and water alternating every two years. So each year can be defined by a particular animal and element. The calendar is further divided into 12 lunar months. The lunar months begin on the New Moon and last one complete lunar cycle either 29 or 30 days. However this doesn't add up to a full year so occasionally a leap month is added to balance things out. Each new year begins on the New Moon closest to the halfway.

2016 cc Eng Subs Hui Master Year 2016 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

This will be a great year with huge improvements! You will face valuable assistance in your career and your plans from last year will proceed smoothly Grab this chance to showcase your talents There will be minimal obstacles at work, and there are more opportunities and you will be recognised by your superiors for your excellent results Maintain good relation with your peers and colleagues Also, do be mindful of your words and actions Attend more social events to meet new friends and mentors. It will help in your personal growth and career.

Those doing business have to be innovative and look for alternatives Embrace changes and you will get unexpectedly positive results Wealth luck will improve tremendously this year. Apart from promotions, there will also be significant pay rise. Those in business will obtain valuable help from benefactors with new business deals and direction for expansion With hard work, you will be able to reap satisfactory rewards Reduce your investments and refrain from being a guarantor Participate in charity and focus on career or business and stick to your plans for a potentially promising reward.

Married couples will be blessed, with minor arguments once in awhile Compromising and be more understanding towards one another is the key to a happy and fruitful relationship Due to overwhelming work and related entertainment, male counterparts should resist temptations and stay faithful to your present partner Attached couples will face obstacles and it is important to put in effort to understand and be concerned about each other Single would have to let nature take its course and do not rush things Be careful of online love cheats and focus on your career.

Snake Chinese Horoscope March 2016

The Rabbit comes in to rule the solar month on March 5th. The Rabbit carries pure wood energy, and the wood element is indicative of new growth in springtime. The midpoint of Rabbit month is Spring Equinox, and this year it falls on March 20th, in most places around the world. Throughout history, and across many cultures, Spring Equinox is a notable date in the calendar, and often celebrated. Check your animal sign Horoscope to get some clues as to what the month has in store for you. Snake, have you been burying your head in the sand Pretending that you can ignore an.

2016 cc Eng subs Hui Master Year 2016 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

Unfortunate stars align and this is not a good year for those born in the Year of the Dog You may face trouble makers in your work which can lead to you having low morale Do not set goals that are too far fetch to avoid disappointment. Endure hardship and be mindful of your words and actions. Avoid gossiping and obtain guidance whenever you can. Stay humble and maintain a positive and learning attitude. Take things slow and steady. Do work together with your colleagues to overcome obstacles Be cautious when handling important documents because it can affect your career progression if anything goes wrong.

Handle money with proper planning and refrain from high risk investment It is important to have wealth management skills and be thrifty to prepare for tough times Expect to have expenses such as medical bills, repairs and maintenance Also, avoid gambling and investments and do not expect windfall this year. Those in business should stay humble and be cautious when handling contracts. This is to prevent business partners from backing out and putting yourself in a tough spot. It is best to focus on work rather than investments Emotions will be unstable due to misfortune.

It is easy to say the wrong words and create misunderstandings with others. Always have a clear mind and know what you are saying Couples will experience conflicts and misunderstanding frequently, hence it is important to understand and give in to one another Those who are married will not have any sparks Do not bring work related issues back home and affect your partner. Always remember the importance of a supporting and peaceful family Those single should participate in more social events to create chances With many work related issues, there will be negative surge in emotions, lots of stress and fatigue, which are all damaging to your health.

2016 cc Eng Subs Hui Master Year 2016 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

This is a good year especially for career You will be able to obtain valuable help from your benefactors and reach a new height Those in business will forge new partnerships and opportunities will be coming your way Grab them, work hard and stay humble to achieve greater results Be cautious when dealing with contracts. Remember to go through every small detail before making a decision. When facing problems, stay low and calm to solve it carefully Avoid conflicts with people, do not let work cause problems for your health It will be a good year for your wealth, with possibilities of pay raise.

For those who intend to start business, you will be able to receive valuable help from your benefactors There may also be unexpected windfall coming your way However, it is important to participate in charity when you obtain any windfall as it will further increase your luck Businessmen will be able to reap good returns and profits Do look into the details of contracts especially on the terms and conditions of a deal to ensure smooth operations and earnings Your love life will not be smooth and it is important for the married to resist temptations.

Married males should draw the line with the opposite gender to prevent misunderstanding and affect your love life Couples who are facing conflicts should think positively of each other, solve problems together to forge a strong relationship For those single, luck is not on your side this year and it is best that you take the initiative to find your other half Entertaining of clients and working till late will be common due to your career luck this year It will hence affect your sleep, mental health and old illnesses may relapse.

Lore of the 12 Chinese Zodiac In Chinese Myths and Legends

In ancient times, the jade emperor who was the emperor of the heavens in Chinese mythology ordered animals to have a race. The winner would be remembered as calendar signs as a means for people to measure time. But only 12 can fill the spot in the calendar. Hearing this, all the animals were excited and signed up for it. The race route was then designated and the last hurdle was to cross a rapid current river. At that time, the Cat and the Rat was the best of friends and agreed to be in the race together. Though the cat.

Was concerned that he might sleep in on the day of the race, the Rat reassured him that he would wake the Cat up. On the day of the race, the Rat was so excited he went to the gathering place without waking the cat up. Seeing all the bigger, eager contestants he remembered the cat but in fear of starting late, he stayed. He thought of an idea to ride on one of the other bigger animals and figuring that the Ox would be dumb enough but strong enough to win the race, he offered the Ox a song.

The Ox happily accepted and then the mouse sang so softly that the Ox said to sing on his head. It was Mission accomplished for the mouse that when he got on top of the Ox the mouse sat quietly on it until the Ox actually forgot all about the Rat. The race then began, all the animals scurried to win. Except the pig who got hungry and went to eat. The dragon was in the lead because it flew, but he saw a village on fire so he made a pitstop to help them bring rain. The Monkey, Rooster and Goat made a three man.

Team and cooperated to get over all the hurdles. The snake had sneakily hitchhiked on the horse like the Rat did with the Ox and the Dog was just a Dog and likes the run. Near the end of the race, at the river. The tiger was first to arrive. He swam and swam, but the rapids was annoying him at least that was his reason. So the Ox, overtakes the tiger and right at the finish line, the mouse jumped off the Ox's head and crossed the finish line first. Surprised, the Ox was second and annoyed at third was the tiger.

Boing boing boing the rabbit came 4th by jumping on stones surprisingly no one felt like using. Then the dragon came fifth after saving a village on fire, solving a drought in another and helping the rabbit with a huff of air sending it to shore first. The horse must have used a different route because it was galloping gallantly towards the finish line when the snake lunged forward startling the horse. That makes 6th for the snake and 7th for the horse. The three friends combined their strength and finished the race together. The Goat was given the 8th place, the Monkey at 9th and.

The Rooster 10th. The dog who was actually at the river quite early, finally came to its senses that he played in the river for too long and jumped to the shore claiming the 11th place. After some time, thinking that no more animals was coming to claim the 12th, the Pig came like meh after taking his time eating and napping in the middle of the race. So what happened to the Cat Well, he woke up too late and now forever holds a grudge with the Rat. This is one rendition of the story on how the 12 Chinese zodiac came to be do you know the others.

Chinese Horoscope 2016 Rat

The Year of the Monkey begins the night of the new moon on the 8th of February marking the start of Chinese New Year celebrations around the world. As the Goat hands of the baton as year ruler, what sort of luck will the mischievous Monkey be bringing your sign Let's find out. Rats, the Monkey brings a lot of encouragement for you, and bodes well for collaboration with others. There can be a lot of productive discussion. Think big and think about who you want to have on board. There are details.

Lunar New Year 2016 Google Doodle

Today the Search Engine Google is celebrating the Lunar New Year by showing a Doodle on its Homepage. Lunar New Year is celebrated in many countries such as China, Korea, Mongolia, and Vietnam. Though not officially used in the United States, the lunar calendar plays an important role in global timekeeping. The calendar is marked by the Chinese Zodiac, which is used to predict health, wealth, and compatibility. You've probably heard of the animal designations prescribed to various years rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, pig or dog.

Eng Sub 160208 Qingyu Chinese New Year Greeting

WQ Hello everyone, I'm Wang Qing. FJY Hello everyone, I'm Feng Jianyu. WQ We would like to wish everyone a All happy Chinese New Year. WQ Wishing everyone good health and all the best in this brand new year. FJY Safe and sound, happy everyday. WQ Yea and while working WQ those that are working please continue persevering and hope you can be promoted. FJY and those that are still single, hope you will be able to find a boyfriend who is as handsome as Qingge. WQ Yea although it could be pretty difficult.

WQ but I would still like to wish the best for everyone. FJY and those that are already attached can start looking for the next one soon. WQ I think it's better for you to stay faithful and loyal. WQ The year of the monkey is also Dayu's year. FJY Yea it's my year. FJY So if you can find a boyfriend that is like me, there is nothing you should be afraid of. FJY Great! FJY Okay WQ Let's finish it quickly. FJY Wishing everyone FJY Wishing everyone a prosperous year of the monkey and everything goes well in 2016.

FJY Are we going to say this together WQ Don't we need to do this as well FJY Oh. WQ What else do we need to say after that FJY Hmm. just Happy New Year WQ Last but not least we will repeat these words again, Happy New Year FJY Give me red packets laughs okay! WQ Last but not least, we will FJY No no no start over from the beginning again. FJY Lastly, wishing everyone a Happy New Lastly, wishing everyone a prosperous year of the monkey and everything goes well in 2016.

Economic Calendar Of The Week Feb 812, 2016

Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy economic calendar of the week. Each week our news analysts review the upcoming economic events that you should be monitoring. The coming week starts off with a crucial development, that of Chinese FX reserves. If outflows are smaller than forecast then this would provide a boost for risk assets in the coming sessions, as it indicates that China has managed to control its outflows. Conversely, any bigger outflow could put stock markets on the back foot, risking a selloff similar to the one seen at the beginning of last week. Janet Yellen's testimony to Congress and US retail sales.

Will be the other major events to watch out for, especially now that nonfarm payrolls have revived confidence in the US economic recovery. China will celebrate its long Lunar Holiday this week. In Australia, the week kicks off on Monday with the release of data on job advertisements by ANZ. In the past, budding employers would advertise positions in newspapers or on job websites. Now positions are more likely to be found on individual company websites or through social media. So while the data on job ads is less instructive, figures show that they have still risen for seven out of.

The past nine months. Turning attention overseas, there are sparse helpings of top shelf' US economic data in the coming week, with the main economic data of interest being in retail sales on Friday. However ahead of that the focus will be on the testimony by Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen, to the US House of Representatives financial services committee on Wednesday and her testimony to the equivalent US Senate Committee on Thursday. Investors will be hoping for clues on the timing of future rate hikes. In terms of data the week kicks off on Tuesday with the release of the monthly US wholesale.

Sales and inventories figures, while on Wednesday the monthly US Federal Budget is slated for release. And on Thursday the usual weekly jobless claims numbers are released. On Friday retail sales figures, business inventories, import prices and the University of Michigan consumer sentiment index are released. Forecasts centre on retail sales lifting by 0.1 per cent in January after a 0.1 per cent fall in December. Similarly, a modest 0.1 per cent lift in business inventories is expected. The preliminary January reading on consumer sentiment is expected to show a modest lift from 92.0 to 93.0.

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