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This tutorial an going to talk abt the twelfth of astrology. Prominence of twelfth house of a birth chart. Karaka of birth chart. Before jumping into the discussion, Let me introduce myself I am astro hominis. Welcome to my astrology YouTube channel. watch the tutorial and rate it in the comments section, along With your suggestions. And if you are new to my channel, subscribe and stay notified. Nww. Let's get into the point of discussion. The twelfth house of astrology!!! Pieces is the twelfth ZODIAC sign ruled by Jupiter. If u missed my tutorials on the previous and houses and ZODIAC signs, click on the I card.

Above to go through them. Twelfth house is opposite to sixth house. Which is conditions, logical reasoning and critical thinking. Twelfth house doesn't have any boundaries. Free from restrictions,and conditions. Spirituality Subconscious mind, imagination, things which are completely out of the world, even space, is associated with twelfth house. Twelfth house is the last moksha house. Meaning spiritual liberation. Isolation and foreign people and places are also associated with twelfth house. So Mediation, imagination, sleep, dreaming, charity, letting go of things, imprisonment, hospitalization are also associated with twelfth house. Saturn is the karaka of twelfth house.

Feet and ankles are the body parts associated with it. And friends, if you have a planet in 12th house, go through my tutorials, try to analyze it yourself and comment below,, and I will guide you to the best of my knowledge. Always Remember, The effect of these planets depend on strength of the planet. The 12th house and its lord, planets in 12th house, planets aspecting the first house, 12th lord also need to be considered. For tutorials on planets, retrograde planets and ZODIAC signs, you simply go through the description section. I pasted all my tutorial.

Who is Inteligent

The way we respond to our immediate environment and handle challenges is governed by our intelligence. Mercury controls speech, intellect, sharp logical thinking, mathematical analytical ability Moon, in general controls mind are the major indicators of intelligence. Hence if mercury and moon are well disposed in natal chart the native becomes intelligent. 3rd house represents connectivity, logic, senses mental ability to connect and comprehend. Hence when 3rd house and 3rd lord are well disposed we can connect and comprehend the matters easily. The most important house to look at is the 5th house, the house of poorva punya which is manifested in terms of intelligence.

And has the capability to attract good mentors learning environment. Hence when 5th house and 5th lord are well disposed the native becomes learned and intelligent. Jupiter governs wisdom and its sign Sagittarius is considered as the most intelligent sign of zodiac Hence a well disposed Jupiter bestows wisdom and if it is associated with 5th houses or involved in good yoga the native becomes intelligent. AscendantAscendant lord represents self and when well connected with the planets and houses related to intelligence can make a person highly intelligent. Some other combinations for intelligence are.

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