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By | June 23, 2016

Denmark Solves Birth Rate Decline

A creepy tour company in Denmark is encouraging people to procreate in Denmark now this company is asking for a very detailed information about women in order to make this progression happen but apparently this is a response to their declining birth rates now a apparently there asking for people to as submit evidence that they had conceived while they were on a trip to Denmark and they do so by taking a picture of a pregnancy test and sending it over to the company they also asked the women who.

Enter the date have their period uh to people who want to be part is competition to enter the last day to their period so they can go to Denmark when they're the most pearl they're getting a little too detailed this is this is ridiculous okay and then they say well that's just me absolutely same use it as a picture your vagina that would be really helpful we just want to see what state its a.m. et cetera I don't know that I would continue to send information via now what will this.

But travel company given you if you do manage to get pregnant in Denmark if you can prove you can see if your child on a trip that you book through this company I we will give you three years old baby stuff but they don't really specify with that baby stuff I Wow I want to get pregnant because I really really want free baby stuff so with him right now and mr. tonight okay but when it comes to birthrates it actually is a little bit of an issue in Denmark so let me give me the statistics.

On that I'm in 2012 only 50,000 babies were born that's about one point seven children per family that's not enough to maintain their population in fact one in five couples in Denmark are currently childless na don't plan on having children with some buddies and i cant brighten in Denmark sounds like there's something rotten in Denmark this house like this company would like to have a case that dated mandated more warmer and warmer monday I babyish lose those were your it up I look inside out respond I E.

They want to bang on your trips that's fair and that's fine and a trial UBS no's it's clever they just got a little too creepy with it no look it's a it's a really great marketing ploy congratulations you've got us to talk about it are I don't know if this is gonna convince people to book travel through your company I but I think you definitely do go far when you're asking female participants to enter the last day to their period you can ever imagine doing that yet by the way I like how you.

Jennifer Lawence Goes NUDE For Vanity Fair

Jennifer Lawrence's leaked images had already caused lots of controversy, and the Hunger Games has kept quite a low profile following the leak. But looks like Jlaw has moved on in life leaving all the controversy behind in 2014, and she is now back with a bang, as she can be seen stripping naked and wrap a hiant boa constrictor around her body. The stunner stripped starkers for Vanity Fair, posing seductively as she laid out on her front, barely hiding her modesty as the snake wrapped itself around her. The mag posted the snap on Instagram, and the caption reads Girl Meets Boa JenniferLawrence,.

What To Eat While Breastfeeding CloudMom

Hi. Now I'm going to talk about what kind of diet you want to follow when you're nursing your baby. Most women when they've just had a baby are very preoccupied with losing the extra baby weight, this is totally normal. However, you do want to make sure that you continue to get the kind of nutrients that your body needs. The first nutrients that are coming into your body are going out and taking care of your baby. So you want to make sure that you have enough for that and that you also then have enough for you. So don't forget.

About your own diet, you don't just want to be eating pizza and French fries and drinking soda. You really want to focus on what kind of nutrients you're getting. So I've put out some of these things here. Fruit is just absolutely terrific of course, pineapple, pears, bananas are super nutritious. I put out some peppers, whole grain pasta is wonderful, whole grain bread, eggs which you can have hard boiled if you're on the run, yogurt. In the morning you might want to try whole grain cereal with some raisins or oatmeal.

Is even better. Salads, nuts are terrific and milk if you can drink milk. So these are all very, very healthy choices for you to have. Keep in mind and keep reminding yourself not to be critical of your own body. You might not have the same body that you had when you were 25 years old, but look what your body has just given you. Your body has just given you a baby and that is the most beautiful thing ever. So be easy on yourself, remind yourself of this, and remember to keep cherishing your own body for having done this very magical.

Teacher Fired For Doing The Right Thing

Teacher Jennifer Mets says that she was forced to resign from Red Bank High School after sheet ok a sick student to the doctor and then paid for the bill because the student was uninsured now apparently the school officials dictated to her this is what she says out what I should write in the resignation letter including forcing me to waive my right to a hearing now apparently she has done this on two different occasions and the district was annoyed with her because apparently they have a strict policy against that you're not allowed to take.

A student to the doctor even if you get the parent's permission now the student in question had some serious issues okay she had a temperature a 105 degrees pneumonia a kidney infection a bladder infection should also seven months pregnant she's I should also note that most soon with 18 years old this is a high school obviously and the school says you know what we're not we didn't for certain won't quit okay she quit on her own however this is a liability issue here's an exact statement from the.

Assistant superintendent it's a liability issue it's an issue I'll insubordination after doing something you're officially warned not to do and doing it again so of course don't use human judgment don't be human if you see someone who's suffering super because nothing against our policy okay we want you to be insubordinate you wouldn't want you to question our thorny so sit down and do what we tell you do to unrelated case we go to the fire department at the fireman that refuse to go across the street and save the elderly guy's life.

Um they said known I would violate the rules you know the reason they did that are many is that because those bosses like this in the world wall by piece Tennessee administrators who say I don't care whose lives at stake okay about women's lives as they go by the way her baby's life is at stake great or republicans across the country must be livid the administrators are in Tennessee putting the fetus is like being real human beings who gives a damn pics Peterson of Brighton so putting all that in jeopardy.

I don't care was much more important to me is that you never violate you don't even go one inch beyond what I have told you might directives okay and issue is so now's a good that's it you lost your job and oh yes you voluntarily give know the pressure to resign war ceded to put the Islamic she walked in there is a guy a great job here in America near way to save her life which they are residing know they're like how dare you violate our rules.

I remember she went beyond taking this 18yearold to the hospital she paid the bill home good teacher we're not talking about like a CEO some big company we're talking about an underpaid public school teacher who's helping a student out with her medical issues yeah in the old issue an American hero and now she's fired when this is pure it bureaucracy run amok and its this is why we have zero tolerance policies people don't use human judgment company at fire they lose their livelihood because this for god sake somebody hire her mean a private school something someone.

Why Steven Seagal Wants to Move to Russia

Steven Seagal win over Russia recently along with Dana Rohrabacher was a congressman I and they came back enamored with lot on your puter and now he's stepping up to defend pueden as no Putin takes crimean he says putting desire to protect the russianspeaking people crimea his assets and the Russian Black Sea military base in Sebastopol is very reasonable what's going on his right was asleep are the answer is that they love authoritarian leaders say like our near dictator they just takes one every wonks he's so hard to fell I'm trying.

K so I maybe he likes that did put one in the Crimea with Washington law breaker arm know for sure who learned the poster ski pizza kebab book rooms agape he says if that wasn't enough food is what a great old living world leaders well you know there was no Sun Mandela who is a living legend recently deceased of course a who freed his people in South Africa and there was one near pueden who decided to invade other countries like Ukraine and Georgia and take part in Orlando.

Well the great world leaders and because that wasn't hard it up overthetop enough is trying harder to fill the hole in his heart for pueden he says I would like to consider as a brother keep it now partly answer is that he's a rightwinger and loves you know the strong man like this I'm not say anything abt saying UK and part of the reason is any and by the way you want to you one step further see nothing you moving rush these guys for all these years and they're good ol large shoulder bag.

Well you know what were you doing good he still looked bleak evil empire any colder russians with gorbachev your get on this wall know although Sunderland or shown lotta near what are you doing to me me you're robbing me on the I Y is undercover busy you now the wrong with that I'm just said right here's something else that might be drawing Steven Seagal Russia thirteenpercent flat taxer so this is a new program that Russian serve a started saying hey a all the people all across the world that are rich and don't like paying high.

Fox News Rips Bradley Cooper And Zach Galifianakis

The five is very upset and Bradley Cooper in Sac al fin actors turns out Bradley Cooper help to set up the interview r4 between two ferns a present Obama had no Washington and the media a being as dumb as they are I believe they now think that the whole reason that may got to 7.1 million sign up for Obamacare was because or Obama went on Zack Africa galvanic gal from Pakistan's go okay now I am doing a live show soapy pink online chooser that powerful a politically powerful great I guess I want them to believe.

That such as was just a small part but got there hurt mandare her dog don't asthma for there are and Greg Gutfeld is a most bitter over the lot so he's really angry Bradley Cooper for apparently talking the president into this and Galifianakis have a c4 doing interviews so here's what you guys gonna say on the five what what miss Bradley Cooper and edit ultimately Zack Galifianakis what would you do in the white house there got I'll tell you what their tools that's all they are literally.

It figuratively they are predictable tool selling a product they don't use heat that's what is nothing new their celebrity sell things that they don't use all the time except this product happens to be coercive they're actually selling a burden that they are immune from job could you imagine if they support the troops in this matter and troops in conflict they supported but if they support the troops the way that they supported government programs imagine that hollywood imagine if these were personal what why we don't know troops have a happy it's not a totally.

Different issue who is our ap her support for people get health insurance can you believe that they already have health insurance they don't need it yet they want to help people that don't have it get it in wat that sounds like it's a nice thing to do but core serve coercive trying to help other people Hollywood liberals a plus they hate the troops allow it to them again and let me tell you the real Bradley Cooper a has been a picture on USO tours Talking Points Memo explains but you don't need to talk with my mother.

Explained that have a look at the pictures here here's Bradley Cooper on the USO tours with all the troops keep you going cuba going I anything go on and on and on hey wait a minute there's no author Lynn Zack Galifianakis and who are they talking to that would be the troops okay there they were doing a benefit for the troops right there a something they have done often in fact Guelph attackers was also featured in comedy warriors as a documentary that followed by Ward and veterans.

Marijuana Legalization Will Kill Puppies! According To DEA Head

Michelle and her two is the head at the DEA was testifying in front of the House Appropriations Subcommittee and it was a hearing on DEA funding and she brought up the whole issue of marijuana legalization now in both Colorado and Washington they have legalized marijuana for recreational use as you see this as a really really big problem particularly for dog owners she's really really concerned that if these people have dogs the dogs will be uh exposing the marijuana and they could die so here's what she said her there.

Was just an article last week and it was on pets it was about the unanticipated are unexpected consequences of this and how that marion is now are seeing dogs come in their pets come in and being treated because they've been exposed to marijuana now I've got a little questionable but she's really really worried about that so first the wall should we ban chocolate because chocolate is extremely harmful to dogs may wish to get into that and another thing to take into consideration is that DEA agents that do.

These drug raids kill dogs willy nilly just so they can capture someone I'm in the process of doing something with marijuana which is ridiculous and I have involve that's a great point is in this socalled a 2012 study they found that two dogs to a large amount of marijuana infuse butter because butter is a real problem that marijuana man one doesn't harm the dog but it it it prevents him from throwing up being about her love the mother right and died at a sample 225 docs okay would ingested the same thing so 212 I was obviously less than two.

Percent what percentage of the time to the cops go in a drug bust should the dog first so I guess is like I don't know 12 percent let me let me jump in with that so I wanna do research to see how many dogs were shot and killed in the process abuse drug raid because I'm curious like if you're really worried about that then you should definitely stop doing is right apparently cops are not forced to report on the number of pets that they've killed in the process a parade but.

There is someone from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is down a little bit a research and he estimates that about 250 to 300 incidents a year occur and he estimates that there are as many as 1,000 cases there on reported min so but of course the best for this story is how desperate they are like the run out over excuses as to why marijuana so don't you worry that it also beaten bother yeah that is that even though the marijuana its close that a combination right now on a and butter.

And to add a whopping 25 those die well that's why we've got on the air dry it shows this there that this these numbers that talk about the dogs juxtaposed to that its that's great stuff minutes yeah i i love that there had to be a what about the dogs go is I mean she stretching she's trying to find every angle to put the you know is at the heart strings or whatever americans right and it's not working we know better we've seen the dogs in those tutorials we.

Get shot by the Asians you know we know how how r destructive the drug war has been on a number of people throughout the country so it I this question to identity any questions or career and she hates that but you can't twist the facts in order to meet your own agenda which is smart for that this is super desperate I mean you get a ride if you're worried about the dogs not be able through up the butter if they have met water with it what are you ban the butter.

Hobby Lobby Totally OK With Abortion If They Make Money Off It

The Hobby Lobby is a crap store and how they're very angry that they would have to provide insurance for their employees that work who that contains the birth control contraception but they're good christians and they want to be able to deny that to people so that when they have sex you automatically have kids now when you have sexy unwanted pregnancies is there a chance you won't have more abortions there now something Catherine okay in a no one thing and that's the Jesus Christ and no of were guests to.

Contraception yet but there was very consistent on this a they wanna make sure their employees do not get it that's what they want all in the Supreme Court now an interesting thing happened having impose some look into this from and they found that the Hobby Lobby investor money trace and Sridevi gonna put their money somewhere and now let's finally ambassador hobby lobby's attorneys argue that the provisioning the formal Care Act for small this is the Supreme Court case I was talking about of course their cores most.

Employers to cover contraception their health plans infringes on the company's right to exercise religious freedom because the company's owners believe that emergency contraception and I you these are actually forms of abortion interesting so where they put their money hobby lobby's 401 K employee retirement plan holds $73 million dollars in mutual funds that invests in multiple forms Google companies that produce a emergency contraceptive pills intrauterine devices there would be no you de and abortioninducing medications no no no way comes to their principles they will not ban unless of course.

To I'm in 73 million dollar hearing and make money right now and then dog Inc the company's Hobby Lobby invest in include Teva Pharmaceutical interest industries which makes the plan beam morning whoops sport which makes the plan b morningafter pill in Para guard a copper IUD sleep as well as spies are the maker though portion inducing drugs cytotec and process in e2 sport interesting art well we're probably done with that right get a sense that one more hobby lobby's mutual funds also invest into health insurance companies that covers surgical abortions.

Vote YES for Your Union April 10 and 11

Your KState Student Union is here today because students 75 years ago invested in KState's future. They voted unanimously to dedicate student fees for this essential part of campus life, which was built in 1956. Since the beginning, students have continually voted toward making improvements to the building that plays host to the campus. However, a steady increase in enrollment and structural deterioration is contributing to the Union's struggles. The struggle to fulfill its promise of important programs and services to the KState community. On April 10th and 11th, students will have the opportunity to ensure the future of your.

Union by voting YES to renovate and expand the current building. The Union serves basically as a home and a great resource for students across campus, so knowing students spend a lot of time in the Union creates a pretty big demand for the renovations for the Student Union. A lot of people that come onto campus, the first impression that they have of the university is the Union. I think we should give them that first impression feel of KState. As up to date as we are and advanced as a university, I think that our union should be the same.

Current plans include A significant increase in study area, meeting rooms, and recreational space for student use. Enhanced retail, dining, and event hosting space to increase revenue streams for the Union and local business And a new southwest entrance that will provide an attractive first impression for campus guests and students. By voting yes, you'll have every future wildcat love us for basically improving the campus and giving them more opportunities, more space, more study areas and everything that the campus really needs. I believe that if students really just stay committed and dedicated to this thing, I believe.

We can really make this happen and make this a great experience for us and for the generations to come. In 1941, our students voted a $5 increase on their tuition. Tuition at the time was $50 and they raised their fees by $5. An incredible increase just to build a Student Union. Students paid $5 from 1941 to 1956 but they never got a chance to enjoy the Student Union. Part of what help makes KState so special is that we're prideful of our buildings but also the programs and services within our buildings and within our facilities. We've done it.

Grammy 2015 Katy Perry Taylor Swift To Be SEATED Together

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are currently locked in an ongoing feud, and both these rivals are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to express their hatred for each other. For ex Katy Perry's subtle dig at Taylor Swift during her superbowl performancee. Anyways looks like the makers of Grammy are hoping for some offstage draam at the expense of their feud. As the seating plan for the event that was revealed on Friday, shows both these pop stars seated in the same row, though it is unclear how close the pair will be to each other.

Lesbian Couple Eight Children Were Inside, So He Set It On Fire

73yearold Miami man was arrested after he set fire to a home containing a lesbian couple and eight children now this man up bar Leo Venice I'll well ah via the web a did so because he doesn't like lesbians in fact he told the authorities that he despised the two adult victims for the simple fact that they were lesbians and he also said every time he saw them kissing he felt a deep repugnant and in his opinion they did not deserve to have children well how about the children asshole about that by a day children at home.

That they deserve to have a life he so moral yeah I guarantee you that this guy who's deeply offended by at lesbians is be I would be shocked if you wasn't deeply religious and he asked them I would be shocked if he didn't say he was prolife acceptable time they tried to burn 10 people live including take its crazy so he basically said aid mattress on fire and then he put it really close to the home they were living in and he ran away immediately and then when officials came to put the fire out.

Thankfully no one was hurt by the way let me totally clarify that when they came to put the fire out apparently he came out of his home he was just kinda watching and they asked for one of the neighbors asked for help and she said he get a hose get a hose and he was really reluctant to do so so they thought there was something a little questionable about that but then later apparently one of his neighbors has custer surveillance cameras they look at the surveillance footage and they saw.

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