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By | April 7, 2016

Barack Obama Horoscope Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Barack Obama is a Leo. He has great leadership abilities and he also has a reputation for being a bit full of himself. Which is fine. Leos are pretty awesome so we can let being full of himself slide a little bit. He's very relationship oriented anyone who is born around sundown is. That's an interesting thing about astrology is that time we are born is very important in determining the lessons that we are here to learn. So. President Obama is relationship oriented and we know that. He never lets an occasion.

Pass where he doesn't mention Michelle publicly and he knows how important she is to his success. He has some very strong planets in Virgo and that's what makes him so cool.collected.and so well thought out. Without all that Virgo he might be more like a bad Leo and just be arrogant. But Virgo makes him service oriented and dedicated to his work and career. And the other interesting thing about his chart is that he has Aquarius rising. He truly is a high minded and idealistic man. It's nice because the US chart has some very prominent.

Aquarius in its chart too. The United States is a very high minded and humanitarian country. So. it's nice to have a president who is aligned with that. Looking at the future. We see more prominent women figuring into his administration. Some new ones that will emerge this year.and one. and this is a bit of a if you're listening Mr. President pay least one woman who will be a bit of a disappointment.a disillusionment in fact. It won't your wife.but look out for someone. Probably a woman who you think has got your back.but really doesn't.

Moola Birth Star Astrology Alert December 2526th Important For Moola

I'm at the kitchen table, here. An inspiration came to me that I should do something for the people who are born under the Moola Star. Usually there is a perception and a saying in Tamil, that people who are born in Moola, if they happen to be male, they will do extremely well. And those born female under Moola, who happen to be female, will have a very challenging life. And I have, somewhat, in my own research, have seen that to be the case. Now, the reason why I got interested in Moola is because Moola is the center of our Galaxy. The Star which.

Happens to be in Sag, in the Milky Way, is the center. And there is an opportunity for the Moola people to benefit from this on the 25th and the 26th, when the Arudhra Star happens. Arudhra, on the 26th, you have the Moon in Arudhra directly opposite to the Sun in Moola. This is a very, very important time for the Moola people to correct their destiny. So, this thought came to me before I forget. I thought that I would do this tutorial for you. So, we would do a ceremony for these people, Moola Star people, on the 26th. What it is,.

What are the Transneptunian planets Uranian Astrology Witte Hamburg school

Alfred Witte was a renowned German astrologer and a member of the Kepler Circle. Now the Kepler Circle was a group of avante guarde astrologic minds whose main purpose was to clean up and evolve astrology base on the groundwork layed by Johan Kepler. Now up until that time the methods for charting the sky had been fairly crude, going from the advent of the telescope to the pendulum clock, we were still in the early 20th century dealing with a twodimensional system trying to understand a three dimensional picture. So Witte and his colleague Friedrich Seigrunn were trying to use the traditional system.

To calculate and predict Russian artillery barrages during World War I based on precise astrological records that they kept, but they couldn't do it. So Witte creates this whole new system that is geometrically based as well as based on symmetry between planets. So gone is the two dimensional static chart which most astrologers still use today, and in was the moveable dial, and with the moveable dial he can now reference any plane or point he would like and then when he references a point or plane he can see symmetrical arrangements,.

That is, things that are equidistant to that point that gives us even more information about the point in question. So all these tools and techniques were really a major breakthrough for the time. Lets go back to the battle front. So with the dial Witte and Seigrunn were now beginning to accurately time the bombardments with amazing precision, but perhaps the equally important discovery Witte had made was that he started to notice unoccupied points on the dial that were repeatedly being activated when things would happen in the environment. And so after years of proofing he aptly named these spots.

Hades and Cupido. These points are referred to a Transneptunian planets in the Uranian system. The Transneptunian planets are actually hypotheticals. The physical bodies have never been discovered but they are points of energy that have been proofed over years. There are eight Transneptunian planets in all, the first two Cupido and Hades being discoved by Alfred Witte and the remaining six Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus and Poseidon, discovered by his students as they carried on Witte's work with the dial. The Transneptunian planets add a tremendous amount of clarity and depth.

Astrology forecasts for Scorpio in 2015 Tutorials on Love Relationships

Hello Dear Scorpio and Scorpio rising. What awaits you in Love and Relationships in 2015 Let's first analyze the planetary positions. In the beginning of the year, during the period between the end of January and beginning of February, the movements of Venus and Mars in Pisces will definitely enliven your love life and your emotional life. Your social life may activate, you may attend social meetings much more, as important opportunities may come your way. Especially if you are a single Scorpio, it would be wise to take advantage of this period.

January 27th, 28th, February 1st, 2nd, 19th and 20th are important dates in which the planets support you. We must try not to be alone and aim to be in as much social activity as possible on these days. There may be introductions to excite us, as special people may come our way. Yes, between March 17th and April 12th, Venus moving in your opposite sign indicate for optimistic influences. Especially concerning longterm relationships, more constructive developments may be in conversation, you may take advantage of this period towards this. March 23rd, 24th, May 17th, 18th, and especially.

June 1st, indicates for special dates. Concerning your private relationships, you may take advantage of these dates in the year for any new steps, such as for a ceremony, engagement, marriage, or wedding. Yes, during the Summer season between May 8th and June 6th, Venus in Cancer will again support you with romantic topics. During this period, especially during travel, there may be more introductions. Romance will definitely be active, it may also find you somewhere far away from where you are now, dear Scorpio. The Venus retrograde movement will of course influence every sign in the field of.

Relationships, as it may effect you too. We would advise you NOT to take any new steps during this period, as it's a time for caution. Especially with longterm relationships, and with topics of family, you may experience these influences. Towards the end of the year, December especially, seems more appealing for you. December 6th and 21st is a period in which Venus enters your sign. This will increase attraction to you, attracting the opposite sex's attention. There may be positive developments towards your relationships. Especially December 17th, 18th, and towards the end on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, this indicates that perhaps December may be.

Bernie Sanders UPDATE CAN HE WIN Presidential Election 2016 Astrology

So what I've done is gone ahead with all three charts and identify the sensitive structures within them. That is those structures that tend to get sparked at important or pivotal events in their lives. And by identifying these and what kind of connections they're making now it will give us a really good perspective on how the election might unfold for each individual candidate. So let's get started with Bernie Sanders. I can't stress the importance of two sensitive structures in Sanders chart that are present always present at major and pivotal events. ZeusKronosMercury, which is his powerful.

And creative mental leadership And Jupiter Vulcanus Pluto, one of the most successful midpoint structures, all kinds of positive change and development and the influential and expansive development of power. So leading up to the Democratic National Convention Bernie Sander's chart is in this current mode of expansion and will continue to grow over the year, but the energy will really pinnacle midsummer, around the convention. Sanders chart is strong and will continue that trend as his sensitive structure JupiterVulcanusPluto which is in powerful contact to his Natal Moon and his Directed Poseidon and these two.

Planetary pictures just heighten in energy as we get closer to the convention in July. Now what that means with both the Moon and Poseidon is that Sanders will continue to exert powerful public influence, developing and building momentum while continuing to transmit his ideological concepts. This may or may not mean he's leading in the primaries but rather that his influence will remain strong. Also building in strength over the next six months is his directed Aries point, which is the world axis, in connection to his natal apollon point which indicates widespread expansion,.

And with those MeridianJupiterVulcanusPluto structure here too, probably a lot of money funneling in over the next several months. Although his chart is still strong at election time, I'm a little bit less impressed with it. Sander's November chart just doesn't contain a strong enough ZeusKronosMercury axis, an axis that has been so active in past elections wins. And his chart also lacks a connection to the world axis that would show in this type of event. So the repeating theme in his chart over and over again is about this release of idealism and the inspiring of new growth, a generation.

Of power and development and expansion. The Neptune and Jupiter transits of both his Meridian and Sun over the next six months continue these themes and the Saturn transit which is square will be challenging but serve as impetus to keep building and do what is needed. So Sander's Neptune transit in these situations generally tends to inflate or dissolve, poof and they're gone. My guess is that Sanders will be relevant as long as collective unconscious feelings are strong and there is a need for a mouthpiece, Sanders being their channel.

Leo Horoscope August 2013, September 2013 Astrology Forecast

Hello my Dear Leo friends. Here is my special reading for you for the months of August and September 2013 GENERAL OUTLOOK Despite the challenges, there will be a smile on your face and this attitude is going to be very beneficial later on. CAREER FINANCE You will be quite fortunate in money matters. Similarly you will be good at successfully addressing most of the professional matters. In nutshell, you will not only enjoy working but get gains also in these 2 months. LOVE MARRIAGE You may be irritated by the actions or remarks of your spouse.

indian astrologer in sydney blacktown parramatta bankstown astrology readings free

Namaste and welcome to SANJEEV'S ASTROLOGY in Australia life can be stressful financial hardships trouble at work relationship and family pressures and sometimes we need help pandit sanjeev is an Indian astrologer who has deep spiritual healing and psychic abilities and he's dedicated his life to providing guidance and comfort to others maybe you were devastated from a broken relationship or just want to get your partner or spouse or stop the divorce maybe you're trying to get a new job had legal troubles or a desperately trying to get a PR VISA Sanjeev use.

This deep prayers palmistry analysis spiritual rituals and astrological readings to help you to get out of financial legal difficulties to turn your life around even if you think a partner is gone forever he's powerful traditional Indian prayers will clear all your problems within 9 11 days with 100 guaranteed results if you think someone is sending you bad energy or even doing black magic Sanjeev can help remove all of that negative energy Sanjeev works personally and powerfully with you your life will be attached in a profound and significant way don't use kind com.

Free Astrology Software Download AstroVision LifeSign Mini

When it comes to astrology, authenticity matters and if you are looking for an authentic astrology software solution, your search ends here. Presenting, AstroVision LifeSign Mini, AstroVision LifeSign Mini, the most popular vedic astrology software. This unique software is free to download and extremely simple to use. It takes in basic information such as date, time and place of birth and then prepares your personalized horoscope report. And the most amazing part, LifeSign Mini provides personality predictions. Discover more about yourself and see how the planets influence your character life. With LifeSign Mini,.

You can also check your compatibility with your likely partner based on your horoscope and get webbased reports on how compatible you both are. LifeSign Mini LifeSign Mini is available in eight different languages, English, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali In addition, you can also choose regional preferences such as chart styles including the North Indian, South Indian or the East Indian style and much more. The number of Yogas, with one yoga in detail, your Dasha periods.

And whether you require remedies for your star or current dasha are among the many addons that are available AstroVision is the pioneer in astrology software development and has a strong presence in the field of astrology for over 29 years LifeSign Mini, based on ancient Vedic wisdom is the result of AstroVision's sheer dedication and commitment to bringing the most authentic astrology software to you absolutely free of cost. More than two million users from across 170 countries have downloaded and used LifeSign Mini and over 20 million horoscopes have been generated.

2016 marks Year of the Fire Monkey

2015 was the Year of the Golden Sheep, an animal associated with peace, harmony and protection according to the Chinese zodiac. So those born under the sign would have possessed such characteristics. 2016, we usher in the Year of the Monkey. Not just any monkey, the FIRE monkey. According to Oh Sooyoung we can expect those born this coming year to be smart and entertaining but sometimes a little too mischievous. There's a Chinese proverb that says a specific type of animal hidden within everyone. For the new year. in East Asian cultures including Korea, that animal will be the Monkey.

In the twelveyear Zodiac cycle, the zodiac monkey comes with one of five natural elements water, earth, metal, wood and fire. 2016 celebrates the fire monkey. It's believed the Chinese zodiac culture was introduced around the time of the Three Kingdoms. It also spread to East and Southeast Asian regions, but its impact on Korea was particularly strong. And at the National Folk Museum, visitors can spot the Zodiac monkey in various aspects of Korean culture The artifacts portray different figurative meanings of the monkey.with its most prominent characteristics being intelligence and maternal.

Love. In art and pottery, monkeys symbolized power and success. So they were often engraved into stationery and drawn with peaches and deer to amplify luck. But the opposite is true for folktales and poetry, where monkeys represent loneliness or thievery. And as one of the Zodiac guardians, their red faces were believed to be charged with the Yang energy which could ward off evil spirits. So the monkey's face was painted on masks for traditional dances and placed on roof tiles for protection. Based on folklore and observations from nature, the attributes of a person's birth animal,.

Referred to as tii in Korean, were also used to determine one's destiny, disposition and relationships with others Monkeys are highly intelligent, sociable, adept as well as entertaining. They can work well in groups of hundreds to just a few and manage to communicate and solve problems efficiently with one another. They are highly expressive creatures. And to this day, Koreans still keep track of their tti and are optimistic when their year comes around. however, like horoscopes in the West, the Zodiac signs are now viewed as more entertainment than prophecy.

Name Numerology Numerology Name Calculator, Get Your Free Numerology Reading

Name numerology you need me no accident numerology name calculator beast on the math up the universe eightyfour thousand year old science the day has come to take control of your own destiny love money career happiness experience the peace of knowing the right path to travel in your life learn who you really are and your real purpose identify your strengths and weaknesses overcome difficulties in obstacles master your EMU shins instead of being a name numerology slave to them have more success and joy in your life the new ever thought possible allow us to prove it to you.

How Your Birthday Affects When You Die

Can the activity of the sun predict your lifespan Hi everyone, Crystal here for DNews. Does the sun really have an influence on human lifespan and reproduction If the possibility sounds like some pseudoscientific astrological nonsense, listen up, because biologists in Norway are proposing that exposure to the sun rays can reduce your lifespan up to 5 years, and if you're female, make it less likely that you yourself will reproduce. The study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B relied on historical data found in records from 1676 and 1878 so we can be relatively sure that the people studied.

Spent most of their time localized to Norway and experienced the same solar conditions. In a survey of the birth and death records of 8,662 people over the two hundred year period the researchers chose to sample, the data showed a reduced life expectancy of up to 5.2 years in people born during years of increased solar radiation. And worse, women of the low socioeconomic classes born during those times, were likely to experience reduced fertility and low lifetime reproductive success. So what does this mean and why would the solar cycle, an 11 year cycle of the sun's.

Magnetic activity, have any influence on some human on earth's ability to reproduce Well the answer may lie in UV radiation. Of all the types of radiation emitted from the sun, it seems like UV radiation has the worst reputation. We know that UV radiation causes skin cancer and contributes to premature aging and DNA damage. But the authors of the Norwegian study attribute the deadly effects of UV rays to a molecular mechanism. Specifically, its destruction of folate. Folate or Folic acid is a crucial biological molecule that helps out in many of the reactions.

That keep our bodies going. It is also necessary for cellular division because of its role in DNA synthesis and repair, but exposure to UV radiation can destroy this crucial nutrient and have physiological consequences. It is known that a deficiency in folate leads to complications in pregnancy and development, but unfortunately for us, we can't synthesize it ourselves, we've got to eat it. Most pregnant women are encouraged to take folate supplements to promote proper fetal development. but its an easy bet that those Norwegians back in 1679 weren't able to pop a supplement.

When they found out they were pregnant. And today's scientists think that low folate levels may be the reason for the low birth rates and reduced life expectancy of people born during periods of high UV exposure. Personally, I think it would be interesting to see if these results could be reproduced in a modern population with access to sunscreen, and nutritional supplements. And honestly, there are so many other variables that can influence lifespan and reproductive success like diet, and workload in addition to environmental factors like the sun, that at.

Vedic Astrology How Moon Phases Affect Your Life

If you meditate at a time that is not conducive for meditation, that meditation is not going to give you results. If you meditate on a Full Moon Day, especially when the Moon is high up, you will have a lot that you can accomplish. The meditation on a Full Moon Day and a meditation on a New Moon Day are diametrically opposed to each other. There are specific meditations. If you want enlightenment, you meditate on a New Moon Day. If you want to speak to your dead ancestors, a New Moon Day is the best time to do. If you want money, material comforts, a Full.

Moon Day. Each Phase of the Moon is very important, and they carry a certain energy. And you can easily accomplish things by following this Phases of the Moon. And these are secrets from the Yogis. The Yogis are so tuned to the Planets, tuned to Phases of the Moon, tuned to the Phases of the Stars. And they don't want to waste their energy by speculating on anything. They know for sure and then they don't even talk. They say, this is what it is. The most important thing is to just become.

How To Make A Prediction In Vedic Astrology Without Dashas Part 2

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Timing Of Marriage In Astrology Horoscope Secrets

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