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By | May 24, 2016

Hindi Meena Rashi Pisces Predictions April May June 2014 Love life and Married Life

Hello My Dear Pisces friends. It's my special reading for you for the LOVE Life Married Life for the Months of April, May and June 2014. Love and friendship will either evolve or will break altogether and there is no third choice. Love will increase with sharing, caring and giving freedom to your friend. Interestingly you may realize that being together is beautiful and being alone is peaceful. You are being seen as a good and happy person. Your friends circle lets you take the initiative for they know that you are a good leader.

You are capable of inspiring interest and energy in others. If you are single or not yet committed in a relationship then there are chances of a new friendship and promising to mature into a deep relationship and strong bondage. However beware of going overboard such as over indulgence. This is a general reading based on your zodiac Sun Sign. To get a more specific and personal reading for Love Life and Married, I advise you to contact us through e mail or telephone. On the numbers are given below. Also Visit our website.

Astrology Compatibility

Astrologysignscompatibility Carol Allen is the nation's leading Vedic astrologer. With thousands of readings, her insight and experience in helping couples communicate better and choose a proactive path to a relationship is legendary. With astrology signs compatibility your horoscope contains more details than you've ever experienced. Astrology is full of math. Now, I don't know about you, but math was not my favorite subject in school. And I LOVED school. Math problems had a way of thunking my brain shut or was it clunking in mere moments. It didn't matter what kind Algebra with its Xs and Ys since when did letters become.

Numbers, anyway Geometry with its planes and funny triangles. And Calculus and Trigonometry with their. uh, you know, their. um, give me a sec. Oh who can remember what the heck was in Calculus and Trigonometry I sure can't! I spent a whole summer doing nothing BUT Calculus and Trig and I forgot it the minute I passed the final exam and to this day, it's one of the great accomplishments of my life that I passed that exam!. But I digress. When I first began studying astrology almost nobody had personal computers.

Yes, Grandma Moses and I used to hang out. We had to do all the calculations by hand. Fun, fun. Soon one of my teachers got a computer and would run charts for me for $5 a chart. Let's just say you had to be a really good friend for me to get your chart for you. Whew that made things MUCH easier and more fun. You see, astrology is hard enough without having to do the astronomy or calculation side of things. Just interpreting what planets mean in what zodiac signs, and in what houses of.

The chart, and in what combinations, is heady enough stuff to make my brain thunk and clunk. Almost. There are eight aspects of compatibility that are each given a number, and the overall number is a very important indication of the power of the relationship to be effortless, or not. Luckily I LOVE psychology, and understanding behavior, and learning about how people connect and disconnect, and watching events unfold in harmony with what the charts indicated. This stuff is fascinating enough to hold my interest, and make my brain come alive.

And, once a computer and the gods of software do the computing for me, I LOVE looking to the data of astrology. I truly appreciate the math. Seriously it's sooooooo endlessly fascinating. For example, your chart is divided into twelve sections called houses and each house has a certain amount of energy or power, which is reflected by a number. A high number means that the part of the life that house represents will go well and come together easily. While a low number means you guessed it that the part of the life that house.

Represents will NOT go as well and NOT come together as easily. And yes, there's a house of partnership and the number there tells you a LOT about your love life. In a relationship between you and a man, there's lots of math, too. And in my favorite compatibility technique, your relationship gets an overall score that's the reflection of how you'll vibe together. There are eight aspects of compatibility that are each given a number, and individually, each number is not so life and death for the couple though they can be fascinating.

How Does Your Relationship Score But the overall total number is a very important indication of the power of the relationship to be effortless, or not. The overall number is essentially a reflection of your relationship's overall wavelength. The higher the number, the more you and a man will be on the same wavelength and be able to be yourselves and want the same things. The lower the number, the less so. Now, just as with everything in astrology, one issue for good or bad is not enough to save the day or ruin the party..

In other words, the score you and a man receive together is not enough in and of itself to indicate if you should break up or marry. But it can be enormously helpful in understanding the COST of your relationship. If you've been dating a guy or wondering about dating him you should definitely learn what's your score together. Also, find out if the eight aspects of compatibility are favorable or not for you. You can get this invaluable information through the Right Man Report. The Right Man Report is an indepth, personalized astrological compatibility report.

Hindi Kanya Rashi Virgo Predictions April 2014, May 2014, June 2014 Career, Finance and Money

Hello My Dear Virgo friends. This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria It's my special reading for you for the Career Finance and Money for the Months of April, May and June 2014. In the beginning of this quarter you will find yourself totally immersed in the career matter or focused on a financial situation that is likely to have long term impact. The planets make you work hard while people around you would be enjoying life. If you maintain your pace and continue to work sincerely with total loyalty towards your seniors or clients, then working will become easier.

Use your 6th sense to the maximum it will work well for you. You are likely to be engaged in so many activities that it will be really challenging to decide and concentrate. Though finance will continue to be a challenge in this quarter too, but the benefic aspect of JUPITER will not deprive you of the funds whenever you need them. However, this is a general reading based on your zodiac Sun Sign. To get a more specific and personal reading of your Job, Business, Career, Money and Finance,.

Libra Annual Horoscope 2014 Astrology Important Trends At A Glance

Hello My Dear Libra friends. Its my special reading for you for the year 2014. At a Glance and Important Trends You have to make yourself a promise that you will remain centered. What I mean to say is that you will have to always maintain your balance of mind. I am saying so because Rahu, Saturn and later the transit of Mars are likely to test your patience. There could be situations which are tempting you to loose your cool. There could be persons who irritate you so much that you get very angry or mad and do.

Something which you should not have done. Also you will be called upon to take certain decisions or make some choices and you will find yourself confused. Well take care! On the positive side, throughout the year you shall remain busy both as a professional and as a member of your family. As a professional you are likely to make quick success in your career due to 2 factors 1. you will get quite ambitious about your growth and 2. Your luck will support you quite well. But handle people and situations carefully as there could be lapses in your communication.

Leading to clash of egos. This is also a time to do a lot of self introspection. Some of you may feel your real age. Some of you may become a little fussy or old fashioned. Take good care of your health throughout the year as you might face chronic or lingering diseases. The flow of money is expected to be steady, but don't expect any windfalls. Yes, the earning potential shall improve in the second half of 2014. Do spend some time to review your investments and savings. Overall, don't be impulsive, or take decision when emotional.

Scorpio Annual Horoscope 2014 Astrology Important Trends At A Glance

Hello My Dear Scorpio friends. Its my special reading for you for the year 2014. At a Glance and Important Trends Scorpio horoscope 2014 indicates that some of your friends and colleagues may help you directly or indirectly to generate income. If you have been thinking of starting a new business, 2014 is a good one for you. The configuration of planets in your astrological chart suggests you to go ahead without any hesitation. For some of you, who are employed, may change your job. In general, good progress and prosperity are on cards. To be more specific, some gains.

Through mother or relatives from the maternal side are likely to come to you this year. In 2014, astrology suggests that you to keep your cash and other valuables at a safe place. Loss of wealth, investments is on cards if you are not careful. 2014 is likely to be favorable for your Love life. This year is likely to give you some intense periods of pleasure. As per horoscope 2014 for Scorpio, relationships with relatives may change and in the end of the year as more serious problems may appear. Be careful, you may be criticized by those.

Virgo Predictions April 2014, May 2014, June 2014 General Trends

Hello My Dear Virgo friends. Its my special reading for you for the general trends of April, May and June Months 2014. MARS in the 1st house continues to make you aggressive in dealing with the problems. This also gives you courage and confidence to tackle the issues of your life boldly. The family issues and the maters of domestic front are likely to be on a happy note. Money and security shall always be at the back of your mind. Some new developments will leave you unsettled and a little dissatisfied about your progress.

In life. Learn from the past but try not to get caught in trying to undo which has been done before. The family and friends shall be very supportive throughout this quarter. It would not be an exaggeration if I may also add your spouse and business partners to this list. Combining the support of siblings or friends with your energy and strength, don't just wait in a corner for the right opportunity rather go create one and enjoy life. However, this is a general reading based on your zodiac Sun Sign.

Free Astrology Software Download AstroVision LifeSign Mini

When it comes to astrology, authenticity matters and if you are looking for an authentic astrology software solution, your search ends here. Presenting, AstroVision LifeSign Mini, AstroVision LifeSign Mini, the most popular vedic astrology software. This unique software is free to download and extremely simple to use. It takes in basic information such as date, time and place of birth and then prepares your personalized horoscope report. And the most amazing part, LifeSign Mini provides personality predictions. Discover more about yourself and see how the planets influence your character life. With LifeSign Mini,.

You can also check your compatibility with your likely partner based on your horoscope and get webbased reports on how compatible you both are. LifeSign Mini LifeSign Mini is available in eight different languages, English, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali In addition, you can also choose regional preferences such as chart styles including the North Indian, South Indian or the East Indian style and much more. The number of Yogas, with one yoga in detail, your Dasha periods.

And whether you require remedies for your star or current dasha are among the many addons that are available AstroVision is the pioneer in astrology software development and has a strong presence in the field of astrology for over 29 years LifeSign Mini, based on ancient Vedic wisdom is the result of AstroVision's sheer dedication and commitment to bringing the most authentic astrology software to you absolutely free of cost. More than two million users from across 170 countries have downloaded and used LifeSign Mini and over 20 million horoscopes have been generated.

Hindi Simha Rashi 2014 Leo Annual Horoscope Astrology Money, Career, Finance

Hello My Dear Leo friends. This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria with a special reading for LEO Sign covering aspects such as Money, Finance and Career for the year 2014. This is a time to shine with your full radiance especially if you have been lying low or your career was not so great in the previous year. Planets advice you to go ahead, take a wellcalculated risk, act with your full energy and make sure that you get to encash your full potential. It is your skills, loyalty and hard work which will not only be rewarded but you will earn.

Appreciation and recognition. Also it is foreseen that during year you will do huge selfanalysis and probing into your past patterns, but make sure that it is done to learn some useful lessons. You are likely to get direct or indirect support from your stable family to further your career especially if you are in a family business. There is also a possibility of some of you inheriting family wealth or property. In your social circle, you will be fortunate to have some amazing friends who are likely to help you in making more money, improving your profits, connecting you with some right.

People or generally supporting you to move up in your career. So be thankful to Jupiter's and its transit for that. Thus you will successfully mix business, career, networking and money making in 2014. This will also help some of you change to a better job. However, this is a general reading based on your zodiac Sun Sign. To get a more specific and personal reading of your Job, Business, Career, Money and Finance, I suggest that you to contact us through e mail or telephone on the numbers given below.

Barack Obama Horoscope Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Barack Obama is a Leo. He has great leadership abilities and he also has a reputation for being a bit full of himself. Which is fine. Leos are pretty awesome so we can let being full of himself slide a little bit. He's very relationship oriented anyone who is born around sundown is. That's an interesting thing about astrology is that time we are born is very important in determining the lessons that we are here to learn. So. President Obama is relationship oriented and we know that. He never lets an occasion.

Pass where he doesn't mention Michelle publicly and he knows how important she is to his success. He has some very strong planets in Virgo and that's what makes him so cool.collected.and so well thought out. Without all that Virgo he might be more like a bad Leo and just be arrogant. But Virgo makes him service oriented and dedicated to his work and career. And the other interesting thing about his chart is that he has Aquarius rising. He truly is a high minded and idealistic man. It's nice because the US chart has some very prominent.

Aquarius in its chart too. The United States is a very high minded and humanitarian country. So. it's nice to have a president who is aligned with that. Looking at the future. We see more prominent women figuring into his administration. Some new ones that will emerge this year.and one. and this is a bit of a if you're listening Mr. President pay least one woman who will be a bit of a disappointment.a disillusionment in fact. It won't your wife.but look out for someone. Probably a woman who you think has got your back.but really doesn't.

Zodiac Sign CANCER Astrology Tips and Advice for Happy Prosperous Life

Hello My Dear Cancer friends, This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria with some useful tips and astrological advice for the year. First of all the Tips Become mentally and emotionally very strong. Don't take things to heart. If there are problems then face them bravely, if there are setbacks then take them in your stride. Rise and fight the odds again. Be ready mentally, emotionally and financially to help a close family member who is likely to be not well and will need medical help. So maintain your selfcontrol. Travelling on official purposes will give you a lot of learning so make full use of.

Such opportunities. Offer some part of your income to some old age home. Offer service or donation to orphanages. Now the Astrological Advice Offer milk and water on shivling. Use silver glass for drinking water Wear clothes in colors shades of White, Silver Wear Pearl after consulting with me your horoscope However, this is a General Advice for your Zodiac sign To get a more specific and personal reading, I suggest that you to contact us through e mail or telephone on the numbers given below. With these words, I wish you a very happy and prosperous life.

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