Astrology Prediction For December 2015

By | January 24, 2017

Aloha and welcome to moonscopes love your astrology. thanks for joining me for this weeks astrology highlights including the exact Saturn Neptune square on November 26th exact at 4:19am PT. Ive posted a world clock time zone converter for you below this tutorial, so you can find out exactly what time things are happening in your part of the world. Today is November 25th, the day of the Gemini Full Moon. Its an intense period of time were in.

Tomorrow we have the first exact square between saturn at 7 sagittarius and neptune at 7 Pisces. Ill post a link for you here if youd like more details about the grand mutable cross between the Gemini Full Moon, Saturn conjunct Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo which though the degree is a little wide with Jupiter it is strong because were talking Jupiter here which is opposing Chiron the wounded healer. The skies are intense theres a lot of pressure building. The mutable energy brings change,.

Things are unstable. Saturn square to Neptune at 7 of Sagittarius and Pisces multiplies the 25 = 7 spiritual energy of this day. Usually a planet that is in a closing square to another planet has the dominant influence. However, Saturn is not in its element in Sagittarius. The energy predominating is Jupiter and Neptune. Saturn is challenged to bring structure to the expansive energies of Sagittarius ruled.

By jupiter. jupiter opposite neptune expands and adds potency to neptune in pisces. already in its supreme position in the sign of Pisces which it rules. The Gemini Full Moon is the way through for this build up tensions. The Gemini way is to choose to go easy and lightly through the tensions. Meditate and reflect before taking action despite the urgency to act to bring resolution to the build of tensions. Its a great time for light hearted fun and entertainment. Mediation, walks in nature, physical exercise.

Will help you to dissipate the tension now. or long hot sea salt soaks with your favorite relaxing essential oils. Theres opportunity to breakthrough old fear patterns and long established routines and habits. You can now more easily raise the frequency of your mental, emotional and spiritual/etheric bodies through the power of your choice. Focus on reframing your life circumstances in a way that empowers you rather than projecting onto others the inner tensions.

You feel within. As we move past the Saturn Neptune square exact at 4:15am PT tensions will begin to ease somewhat. On November 29th the Sun conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune at that 7 point. Reactivating the Neptune Square energy that occurred on the 25th and 26th. You can have strong feelings of empowerment now and your will forces get strengthened. However, theres a dreamy.

Quality and strong under tow of currents. watch for getting caught into any struggle with whats occurring now. Its best to relax and go with the flow of events. This whole period of time leading to the Gemini Full Moon and onward to the Sagittarius New Moon is presenting you with an opportunity for deepening your faith and trust in the universal life forces that youre supported and life has your back. Or you could get into fear and struggle. Of course Its best to let go of old fear patterns. But the choice is.

Yours. To help you breakthrough old fear patterns instantly you can sign up to get a FREE copy of my book Feel Powerful. Ive posted a link for you here. On December 1st Mercury at 17 Sagittarius will trine Uranus in Aries. Again you can have exciting and sudden breakthrough ideas and connections suddenly appear for you. Make the most of what surfaces for you now.


Aloha and welcome to moonscopes love your astrology. thanks for joining me for this weeks astrology highlights. Ill give you the void of course moon phases at the end of todays show. Ive posted a world clock time zone converter for you below this tutorial, so you can find out exactly what time things are happening in your part of the world. The exact aspects are the peak of the energy and you may feel the build up of energy more when leading up to the exact aspect and then the release comes and the tension diminishes.

Today is december 2nd. we pass the quarter waning moon in virgo tonight at 11:40pm pt. The skies have been intense and today you let go of anything thats holding you back, any resistance to the fulfillment of your desires. December is an 11 universal month 8 + 12 = 11 Mastery choice points can catapult you forward. Complaining is a negative form of affirmation that tells your subconscious mind something like its too hard, life is against you, youre not up.

For the task, you cant do it. manifestation is happening rapidly now. Whatever you believe you can or cant do you are right! The Sagittarius New Moon is on December 11th which multiplies the power of this month to realize your desired results. Let go of being attached to how things manifest for you. Rather focus on the way you want to feel in your life. On December 4th Mercury at 14 Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Virgo at 4:52am PT which.

Can create over optimism. its especially intense today as venus moves into scorpio at 8:15pm PT until until December 29th. Your feelings are more intense and you want the truth of a situation. Youll require others and yourself to be honest. You dont want just to go through the motions. Theres a desire and need for embodiment of what you really want. To make it real. Especially with Saturn square Neptune. At the collective level the Saturn square Neptune.

Represents the build up of energies to create a breakthrough in your beliefs and attitudes, restructuring them to realize your deepest dreams. Your faith and intuition is being strengthened and you let go of what isnt working for you. On December 5th The Libra moon will eclipse Mars at 14 Libra as Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn exact at 12:47pm PT. Very intense energies! On this day also the sun is sextile to Mars at 2:14am PT just before the exact square between Mars and Pluto lending the.

Power of your own will forces to engage with the energies and take action. keep your cool. These energies if used constructively can really clear out your emotional desire etheric energy bodies. Its a HUGE jolt of energy youll need to integrate especially if it hits a personal planet or point in your chart. Ultimately this represents a breakthrough in your ability to embody your own personal power. To release you from anything that prevents you from knowing who really are. Youre.

Reclaiming your power as a spiritual being to take action. Mars is now moving into an exact opposition to Uranus at 17 Aries on December 10th at 5:30pm PT the day before the Sagittarius New Moon. Blocks to owning your power letting go of patterns of feeling victimized are illuminated and released. On December 8th the sun at17 Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. Look back to December.

1st. what positive event suddenly happened out of the blue for you on that day. it could have been very unusual and weird occurrence. A similar energy is at play now suddenly bringing you fresh new energies like a burst of optimism about what can happen. Burdens can be released. On December 10th the day before the Sagittarius New Moon when Mars exactly opposes Uranus Venus at 7 Scorpio exactly trines Neptune in Pisces at 10:14pm PT. This gives you renewed faith despite any obstacles you may face. Remember its not what happens in your life.