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By | October 14, 2016

Welcome to stock market live India, in today’s tutorial we are going to see nifty prediction for next week 11th of july to 15th of july 2016 nifty trend next week contract that we are going to see for nifty target will be for July 2016 so i have created short table and five important points what nifty has done in the previous week the annualised volatility of nifty is 15.48

so when i say annualised volatility, you can get it on nseindia website free of cost nifty next week target nifty support and resistance and annualised volatility for nifty future as of last Friday closing is at 15.48, so i have calculated the annualised volatility with Fibonacci ratio for seven day in the formula we can see the nifty support and resistance on this table

8555 as final target or sixth nifty trend ends here but if you are taking position in the buy level then 155 points on either side can be good target next week nifty target net value is 512 crores by DII investors sorry it is 8247 not 8427 in next week nifty target levels nifty open interest is at negative that indicates possibility of coming down for next week 2.15% of the open interest of nifty future position holders you can go to nseindia and get these at the nifty future information

nse india with vix home page here you will be able to see daily graph of india vix movements also considered USD INR movement search for forex or currency in nseindia nifty next week outlook FII and DII data that shows what are Foreign Institutional Investor are thinking about our market net value of 330 crores is maintained Infosys stock weekly trend

infosys share price target infosys news you can infosys change in open interest from nseindia infosys share price target may be negative about the results and closing their positions hope this tutorial has given you idea to take positions for nifty next week target also followed with infosys share buy or sell please leave your comments below

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Welcome to stock market live india In this tutorial we are going to see weekly trading tips for Nifty weekly trend 22 25 Aug 2016 aug contract is closing on 25 of this month based on annualized volatility we can see the nifty trend 12.72% annually for nifty info is available in nseindia

when we calculate annualized volatility with seven days and break the levels with fibonacci ratio then we get 152 point movement for next week change in open interest is around 6,34,725 or 2.66% nifty prediction for tomorrow india vix closed at 0.09% on 19 Aug 2016 USD INR closed at 67.15 on 19 Aug 2016 0.37% change in USD INR

in this experiment we can see that if market goes at 8640 then it will on short position with target at 8618 to 8488 at the last level nifty weekly outlook stop loss for nifty weekly traders will be at 8713 if nifty makes high at 8713 then stop loss will be at 8640 targets will be 8735 to 8865 i also suggest with keeping trailing stop loss on these target to book profit nifty weekly report

check for last week tutorial for icici bank future movements this week i have chosen sbi bank stock future that expires on 25 aug 2016 annualized volatility is at 43.51 so weekly expected movements is around 15.50 points change in OI is 36,63,000 4.27% this data is available in nseindia negative percentage as seen if it touches 254.97 then it is short with targets upto 244.8 and

stop loss will be at 262.30 if market makes high of 262 then you can expect targets up to 272.40 and beyond with stop loss at 254 .90 market predictions we can see today what FII and DII trading activity on NSE, BSE and MSEI net holding value is around 409 crores DII investors 106 crores USD INR changes on 19 Aug 2016

India VIX has closed by 0.09% high at 14.90 low at 12.1090 levels when India VIX has gone below 15 levels market has maintained side ways without any major movement if you are interested to see the info you can search on historical data on nseindia it will be side ways during these levels of India VIX if you have any suggestions then I welcome you to share it on comments