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By | August 30, 2016

Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Taurus and Capricorn can be a really good combination in love. This is definitely one I can get behind. And it's going to be a longterm thing I mean, these are two Earth signs, so they're very grounded, and their influence on each other is to put down roots together, you know We're talking the house, pets, kids, the whole deal. So yeah, if these two fall in love and start a family together, it can be a really good thing. Maybe a really boring thing I mean, let's be honest, this isn't a relationship that's going to be filled with.

Fireworks and excitement, or anything. Oh, I did this reading once for a couple, what were their names Well, let's call them Frieda she was a Taurus and Bill, the Capricorn. Whew, boring, oh my gosh! They had the most traditional courtship like, he asks her out, takes her to a fancy restaurant, she's all impressed when he pays with a hundreddollar bill yeah, did I mention these two signs can both be pretty materialistic But it's just because they see wealth and luxury as stability and safety. Well, Capricorn does.

Taurus is a sensualist this sign is all about indulging in the finer things, whatever they might cost. For Capricorn, it's more about status impressing everyone with what they've earned and accomplished, you know But it works well with these two together. This is definitely a good longterm pairing. Yeah, Frieda and Bill I'm surprised they even came to me for an astrological reading, frankly. Seems like they'd be too practical for something like that! And I could tell Bill was having a hard time being open to.

The reading he kept checking his watch, and when it was time to pay, oh my god. He definitely didn't want to part with his hardearned cash, if you know what I mean. I'm sure it was Frieda who talked him into coming to see me. And honestly, they needn't have bothered. Their relationship was a sure thing as soon as they fell for each other. I mean, for god's sake, they started saving up for a house when they were only just dating! That's how two Earth signs can be together incredibly practical like that, and always looking toward.

What People Think About Zodiac Compatibility Air and Earth Signs

Lively music Sexy but scary We are great at sex, and we are, like, pretty fun to date. Scary, I'll give you the scary, absolutely not. I would date andor hook up with one, but I don't see much more. I know some people will say they wouldn't a Gemini because we're flighty and we don't commit. See, I feel like I'd be continually insecure, just like in a perpetual state of insecurity. I feel like a hipster Gemini. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God, that's so hot.

Voiceover Oh, my first crush was a Taurus. I don't think I could date them just because I know how stubborn they are. If you're trying to date them and expect compromise, it's never going to happen. I think they're great, I think they're persistent and focused and really supportive. They're super down to earth. I'm into it, if this is a precursor, I'm like, give me more Taurus, please. Yes, I think that's like the wife material right there. Very like balanced, probably good.

For dreamy signs like ours. Libras sounds to me like the kind of person that's like, okay, so we're gonna split the cheque down exactly. I fall in love with Libras so easily because they're just so charming. You said Beyonce's a Virgo, right laughing Absolutely. Virgo won't put up with your shit. They're really good conversationalists. They almost seem unattainable. I think Virgo would get tired of me real quick. I think they're the ideal person to have a family with when you're ready for that.

But in terms of like having casual fun and you're just kinda dating, whatever, I don't think they're the ones for that. I imagine an Aquarius opens their bed side drawer and there's like an array of toys and they're like, whatever you want. Oh, my God. Oh, I think they'd be good in bed, too. Yeah. I'm attracted to them, like, just right off the back because they're so creative, and I'm like, oh, my God, I love this, but like they're too aloof for me.

Confident and grounded and know what they want. Who's that girl you like hook up with and she flits away, and you're like, oh, man, I really liked her. Yeah, but she was always meant to get away because she's kind of like a figment of your imagination. I would love to date a Capricorn because I think they would be very appreciative of the affection I'm giving them because they're usually over looked. Capricorn man seems boring, but Capricorn woman I would definitely date because I bet she's secretly in charge of everyone.

I find Capricorns to be hilarious. They're just too committed to a plan and I think that life is a journey and I think everyday is different. I like schedules, so if you're gonna plan my day out and say, hey, this is where we spend time together and I'm all for it because I like organization. Meeting every new person is a challenge that's about finding the qualities in each type of person that are for you. They're really close to Christmas, like actually really close to Christmas.

What People Think About Zodiac Signs Air and Earth Signs

I either love 'em or I hate 'em. gentle country music Gemini's are all the emotions all at once all the time. They're super mysterious. One minute, they are the happiest people ever. Twofaced. Sorry. Crazy. And the next minute, they have a different personality. But, I think that they are also super loyal. Very ambitious. Helpful. Gemini is the person at the bar, who if a guy is bothering you will, she'll throw a punch. Woman That's the one that's like the bull right.

I would say stubborn. Stubborn. Super stubborn. Oh my God. Yes. BFF. Very nice car. Oh yeah. They love flashy things. Like, Taurus's are very materialistic. They're pretty chill individuals. I'm just saying the Ford Taurus, it's very stable. It gets in a lot of fights. Dives in head first, yeah. They're the bull and they're like, goin' at it straight. I think they're super down to Earth. I either love em or I hate em. The most charismatic.

The best. I love libra's. Yeah. I love libra's too. My Mom is a libra and she's very, very critical, not just because she's Asian. They're just so charming. Libra's the kind of person that will like, fart in an elevator and then walk out as the door is closing. We're really indecisive and can be wishywashy. Very nurturing. Nurturing, That'd be my word. That's a great word. But, we're lovers. I thought it was the same word as virgin.

Perfectionist. Type A. Great listeners. I think virgo's are like the psychologists of the astrological wheel. Introspective. Detail oriented. Virgo's the kinda person who's gonna help you organize your house. They're triathletes. Aloof. Really like, let's go with the flow. We'll figure it out. Head in the clouds. Always seeing the bigger picture. Very, very in tune with their bodies. Aquarius is the kinda person that owns some kind of large reptile and just makes no, it's like not a big deal.

It's like I got an iguana. It's like who the f has an iguana Plain Jane. What My Mom is a Capricorn Oh, I'm sorry. And she's awesome. Can I use a lifeline No one ever says like, Oh, you're such a capricorn. I feel like capricorn's are really sad. I feel like they're, they feel like they're often overlooked. I feel they're very mysterious and even if they're having a really tough time in life, you more than likely won't know.

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

One great example of a TaurusandScorpio couple is from Pretty Woman Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Remember them Richard's character Edward Lewis was the Taurus Mr. Success, Mr. Good Looks, Fancy Car, Fat Bank Account and Julia played Vivian Ward, the sexy hooker the Scorpio, needless to say. So in the movie, he swoops in and transforms this young, trashy escort into a classy sophisticate, with his money and good tastes. He takes her shopping on Rodeo Drive and indulges her in whatever she wants which is so.

Taurus they love treating their lover to all kinds of pleasures and indulgences. But, come on. That story may have worked back in the '90s, but please! It's so outdated! Okay, okay, I know a lot of you loved that movie, and if I'm honest, so did I. And Taurus and Scorpio, they can be a really good match. I mean, they're Opposite signs in the Zodiac, and everyone knows opposites attract. But the thing about these two signs is, when it's good, it's great I mean, a seriously deep emotional connection, not to mention hot,.

Steamy sex. But when it's not working, ugh it can be seriously awful. These signs are both just so stubborn, and when they get pissed off at each other, watch out! Scorpio starts lashing out with that Scorpion stinger, and Taurus acts like a Bull that's just been stung by a wasp or a scorpion. But in the case of Pretty Woman, it was great especially for Vivian. Both Taurus and Scorpio are the signs of money, so this story is centered on that connection but it's also a story about transformation, which is a very Scorpio.

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