Astrology Compatibility Leo And Capricorn

By | January 21, 2017

Leo and capricorn, hmm, i’m not too sure about this one. well, okay, so president obama is a Leo, and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, she’s a Capricorn. And they definitely seem like a really good couple very close, very romantic and supportive of each other. But these two signs are quincunx. That means they’re five signs apart in the Zodiac a quincunx is one of the hard aspects in astrology and it just means they don’t have much in common at all. It’s not even like they have a lot of tension between them; it’s more.

Like they just don’t even get each other, at all. so when these two signs come together in a relationship especially a longterm, committed one it always means there’s some karmic connection that’s bringing them together. They have something deep and intense to work out, if that makes sense. And with the President and the First Lady, god, could there be any more intense Karma than that? I mean, I can see why Michelle would be attracted to Barack he’s a Leo, he’s passionate about his beliefs, he’s handsome and stylish.

And charming leos are very charismatic. i should know, shouldn’t i? i’m a leo! but anyway, Leos are all about the spotlight, and Capricorns are very ambitious. So Michelle Obama, I mean, this sounds kind of worse than I intend it to sound but she was probably a bit calculated in marrying Barack Obama. She probably could see the future with him, and knew she wanted to be with him and help him go all the way to the top. Let’s look at another LeoCap couple Ross and Rachel from Friends. Okay, completely different from.

The president and the first lady! but you can see the similarities, right? rachel, jennifer Aniston’s character she’s the Leo in this couple, and Ross, he’s the hardworking, ambitious Capricorn. And he was always so uptight and serious, and Rachel was just so bright and shiny everyone loved her, how could Ross resist? But their relationship definitely went through some ups and downs. Sometimes she just saw him as too much of a stick in the mud, and other times he saw her as just this silly, selfabsorbed, vain little thing.