Astrology Birth Chart Combinations

By | May 29, 2016

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses Saturn Uranus Astrological Signs

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village. We're going to move on to the symbols of Saturn and Uranus. Here is the symbol for Saturn. Saturn is sort of a, sometimes it gets a negative, bad rap. It is the task master of the planets. Sometimes it is associated with the father, mostly because it has a very disciplinary type of effect. A lot of people look negatively upon Saturn just because of where it shows up in your chart means where you are going to do the most work in your life. But it is a positive thing really. Without it we would.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility Fire and Water Signs Compatibility

Compatibility column fire and water. As you can imagine fire and water can be a really difficult combination because water puts out fire and fire makes water boil. It is a very challenging mix and not the easiest one for a couple to master. However, fire and water also make steam so it can be really hot and have a lot of passion, imagination, emotional intensity and creativity combined. Water is the emotional one so that can sometimes put fire out because if we have a lot of emotions it can be kinda heavy. Water is very imaginative though and the combination of imagination.


Marital Conflict Husband and wife are two different individuals coming from different back grounds with different lifestyle have different way of thinking and have different ambitions in life Most marital problem crops up due to lack of respect for each other's freedom space and issues regarding childrearing money The cause of almost all serious marital discord is selfishness to promote individual interest rather than family interest. Domestic abuse can be the reason which hampers healthy family relationship which can come due to anger and jealousy. 2nd house represents relatives family and Jupiter is karaka of the house. 4th house is the house of domestic comfort.

If 2nd house2nd lord, 4th house 4th lord AscendantLord of Ascendant are not amicably disposed in both the natal charts it may lead to promoting individual interest and promote conflict. Career oriented women find it difficult in conceiving children which in turn may lead to conflict Difference in parenting values may also lead to confrontation. 5th house represents wisdom Jupiter is natural karaka of wisdom and children and if afflicted may lead to differences. Beeja sphuta Kshetra sphuta, if not well disposed may lead to difficulty in bearing children.

Profession and finance are important to fulfill spouse s need and lead a comfortable life. 2nd House represents liquid money, 4th hose stable property, 10th house profession There are several other factors including dasa to find condition of money and finance of the individual. 12th house its lord and karaka if badly afflicted may lead to quality bed time and infidelity which may lead to maritaldiscord. There are several other astrological reasons to find infidelity among the couple. If partners neglect each others' feelings or be indifferent towards each other's need then it may transform to unhealthy family relationship.

Vedic astrology considers condition of moon as the most important factor in marital bliss. Afflictions to 2nd house and mercury may also lead to communication gap or bad mouthing and may lead to marital discord. Rahu's conjunction with Moon will cause psychological problems that may come in the way of mental health cause marital discord Affliction in navamash chart, affliction to dara karaka, 8th house, dasa lord may lead marital discord The other factors include unrealistic demands from partners, absence of space for each others feeling sharing of responsibility.

Who is Inteligent

The way we respond to our immediate environment and handle challenges is governed by our intelligence. Mercury controls speech, intellect, sharp logical thinking, mathematical analytical ability Moon, in general controls mind are the major indicators of intelligence. Hence if mercury and moon are well disposed in natal chart the native becomes intelligent. 3rd house represents connectivity, logic, senses mental ability to connect and comprehend. Hence when 3rd house and 3rd lord are well disposed we can connect and comprehend the matters easily. The most important house to look at is the 5th house, the house of poorva punya which is manifested in terms of intelligence.

And has the capability to attract good mentors learning environment. Hence when 5th house and 5th lord are well disposed the native becomes learned and intelligent. Jupiter governs wisdom and its sign Sagittarius is considered as the most intelligent sign of zodiac Hence a well disposed Jupiter bestows wisdom and if it is associated with 5th houses or involved in good yoga the native becomes intelligent. AscendantAscendant lord represents self and when well connected with the planets and houses related to intelligence can make a person highly intelligent. Some other combinations for intelligence are.

Natural benefic Vs Functional benefic Vedic Nuggets series With ENG subtitles

Sir, you specifically used the word 'functional benefic' while talking about 2nd and 12 house planets. Some people, for example, see if Jupiter is sitting in 2nd and 12th, even if malefic, they simply think of Jupiter as always benefic. Is that right It's half correct. Because if Jupiter is always benefic, then while posited in 2nd house, why does it give diseases in body parts related to 2nd house to lot of natives. Particularly, cancer ascendant, even Jupiter is posited in 2nd house, then native gets some diseaseproblem related to mouth, speech, voice. Jupiter gets frustrated in 2nd house. Now, if benefic mercury is in 2nd, Venus is there in 12th, then you won't see such problems.

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