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By | November 29, 2016

Bruce Lee A lesson in Astrology

Hello, Welcome back to my next tutorial on Vedic Astrology. This Tutorial is about Bruce Lee from the angle of Jyothisha. Almost everyone knows Bruce Lee, the unforgettable martial arts actor, philosopher, instructor, Bruce Lee the unforgettable martial arts actor, philosopher, instructor, the founder of Jeet Kune Do martial art system, widely regarded as the best martial artist of the 20th century. However there are many interesting and sad facts about this great man that are unknown to many For example did you know that Bruce Lee entered the world meaning he was born during the Chinese Year of the Dragon 1940 November as per the Chinese calendar? early morning in the hour of the Dragon He was born in San Francisco Chinatown and he.

Passed away when he was just 33 and the sad thing about this is that just one month before his alltime hit movie Enter the Dragon was released Lee had frequently complained of blackouts and and severe headaches a few months prior to his death but do you know what finally killed the man who had effortlessly knocked out several people in real fights? Strangely he died a few hours after discussing with Raymond Chow the film producer about their next movie the game of death. Bruce Lee is very strong but his horoscope is very weak only from the point of view of his longevity. Among the twelve houses in any horoscope the harmful houses are the 6th, 8th and 12th houses. The group name for these three.

Houses in Jyothisha is Dushthana, the challenging houses If you want to quickly assess a horoscope all you need to do is find out is how many planets occupy these challenging houses and if no planets occupies these houses the persona is considered very for fortunate and usually has less trouble in life. Ironically the man who was famous for his great physical strength was born with 6 out of 9 planets in these unhelpful houses making his horoscope really weak. Fortunately there were many strong points in the horoscope that also helped him become a legend in.

His lifetime. You can pause the tutorial, note down a few points, whatever that comes to your mind the plus and minus and then continue with the Tutorial. His moon sign Libra is very strong and from here you’ll find many powerful combinations that take men to great heights Moon opposite Saturn and Jupiter, Venus in Libra (own house status), 3 planets with Moon Sun in the 2nd from the Moon are some of the combinations that took care of his name and fame. Leo happens to be his 10th house ruled by the Sun. Sun is on the Ascendant showing a great purpose.

In life. Alone here Sun indicates generally robust body, good health which he had for most part of his life. Sun in the 1st house may also indicate a short tempered person added by the fire element in the body which is called Pitta and always wanting to be the number 1 which he was, but at the cost of great stress. The ascendant of course happens to be a watery sign Vrischika (Scorpio) which is why I deliberately quoted something about what Bruce Lee had to say about water. The ascendant is ruled by Mars the warrior planet. The sign of Scorpio stings only then pushed into a corner. If the lord of the 10th house occupies.

The 1st house, because the 10th is Karma and the 1st house is the physical body the person extensively used the physical body all through their life for the sake of livelihood. Sun as the 10th house lord occupies the Navamsa of Libra Thula, Thula Navamsa, which is ruled by Venus indicating income as an entertainer using his physical strength whenever the the 10th house is vacant always use this rule it comes in quite handy if you want to know which is the best source of livelihood for a person. So here the Sun is the lord of the 10th house nobody occupies the 10th house. There are no planets in the 10th house. Use this rule.

What is called the Navamsa rule and you’ll find that the Sun goes to the Navamsa of Libra ruled by Venus. Venus rules today’s entertainment world especially the world of cinema. many planets in the 6th and 12th house often got Bruce into problems for no good reason for example when he appeared on the Hong Kong TV with host Ho Sho Shin he was asked to display his skills. Bruce demonstrates a technique and Shin is hurled across the stage. However this show of power angered the press. There are several such incidents in his life but why go near a lion? you asked for it and will get it why was Bruce Lee such a great and.

Princess Charlotte Royal baby Astrology Horoscope Birth Chart

Double Venus ruled princess, Taurus Sun and the Libra Moon. This is a girl who is rational, charming, devoted, harmony seeking, a realist with powerful magnetism and a lively social conscience. And with that Cancer Rising there is an instinctive sensitivity, gentleness and tact in dealing with others. Sounds a bit like Duchess Kate, right? Not quite. Look a bit deeper under the hood and what you will find is a person who is drawn to complex undercurrents and subtle life matters with great depth and insight, and a need to use her inner vision, her inspirational energies. Charlottes birth chart reminds me of the mythological creature Alice in Wonderland, and they share profound parallels. Falling down the rabbit.

Hole, finding themselves in a strange land and absorbing a wide gamut of impressions, encountering things that are awesome and fascinating as well as strange, obscure and disturbing. It�s the realm of the psyche, the imaginal realm of the unconscious and by integrating this unconscious into consciousness the MarsNeptune mp around the Meridian indicates she can use her inner vision, her inspirational energies as a creative fount for connection through social services or the arts. And so artistic, literary or communication abilities are strongly indicated in her chart as we have Venus and Mercury, the planets of love and art, communication and thinking, in strong connection to her Meridian, and.

Remember the Meridian is the soul�s essence or point of individuality. But there are blocks and complexities around emotional expression with Charlotte, and there are several indications that an evolution and transformation must take place and its roots are within her ancestry in a smothering matriarchal line. Now the blocks that are showing up are within generations past. Interestingly Kate surfaces as a figure of gentleness and grace as evidenced by the Pisces Meridian and the Neptune conjunction of the Meridian. Kate can really be a great support to her daughter in this situation. The SaturnAdmetos around the Meridian is telling us she would like to be and do more.

But that she feels something is blocking. The Uranus Pluto here tells us that there�s some fear around bringing her individuality to the fore, which if she expresses from this place of inner vision and deeper recesses that she�ll be controlled in some way, and so with this kind of fear she can get into power struggles with others. The UranusPluto can make her changeable, moody and irritable and I�m certain Kate and William will experience this from time to time. And so the planet Admetos in her chart gives us profound insight. Admetos will tell us where the blocked energy lies as well as the potential to bring her energy into the depth. Here we find the MoonAscendant midpoint structure.

Which is the feminine influence in the early environment and more likely in Charlottes chart, the feminine influence �ancestrally� as we also have a strong twelfth house influence. The MarsSaturn midpoint, the UranusKronos midpoint, and the Admetos all around this axis indicates an historic matriarchal line that involved too much control and intrusion into personal space and feelings as well as a too early experience of emotional independence. Charlotte probably experiences some of these unconscious past memories as irritability, nebulous fears and an inability to achieve certain things, so she�ll need to take a look at these skeletons in her ancestral closet, to explore her unconscious, her Wonderland.

She�ll need to look around, take notes and integrate what she�s found in order to know what makes her tick. But remember all is not wonderful in Wonderland, her innate openness to �undercurrents in the atmosphere� can be glorious as well as frightening, particularly to a harmony and security seeking girl like Charlotte with her Libra Moon and a Cancer Ascendant. And she may overcompensate for this by being super rational, as indicated by her MercurySaturn opposition on the Meridian. But Wonderland will always press on within Charlotte, to be a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious, to find an undefinable and immeasurable kind of beauty that heals and fulfills, and.

To find the avenue that affirms her personal power and identity. Charlotte reminds me a bit of the soldier Queen, elected to carry and heal old wounds within the matriarchal line and thus the monarchy. She has the potential to be a pivotal figure not only overturning the status quo, but by bringing her individuality to the fore. Her penetrating insight, her creativity and her inner vision.