Are Horoscope Predictions Real

By | January 23, 2017

Now anything that you want to do you want to look at the planets and stars, you want to step out of your house the planets should align themselves properly. Yes? Right time, wrong time. Are you looking at all those things? Rahukalam, gunakalam, whatever else. If you want to get married you go and ask the third person can I live happily with my wife?.

I think it’s obscene. Whatever the kind of fool you marry why can’t you live well with her or with him? Whatever kind of idiot you are married to, once you have chosen to marry why dont you live well with them? Or if they are showing some new kind of madness you did not predict, why dont you leave them? Anyway with all the predictions, horoscopes all matching well.

Still these two people nobody can match, isn’t it? Any astrologer will match horoscopes for people but can they match these two people? To what extent you are being responsible for the other only to that extent your marriage works. Is it so? How responsibly you handle the other person, only to that extent it is working. Is that so? No?.

Personal development i am talking. Questioner I am not talking with reference to that. I am not talking about as a predictive science. Sadhguru I understand; I am talking about developing your life. Questioner Like for example you say that on certain period of moon like Amavasya or Pournami certain energies are more predominant. Sadhguru Yes, I will come to that.

Now, see every shape, every form has a certain impact upon you. Now this vessel is sitting next to me; it is emanating its own kind of vibrations. Every object is doing it but now it’s up to me whether I allow this vessel to influence me or I influence this vessel. Thats left to me. Which way should it be? Which way should it be?.

This vessel should influence my life or i should influence its existence? Human nature should do that, isn’t it? Now all this stars and planets; they are inanimate things, arent they? Rock and stone, isn’t it? Rock and mud. Isnt it so? Inanimate.

Now should inanimate things rule the destiny of your life or human nature should rule the destiny of inanimate things? Which way should it be? Human nature should if you have realized the potential of what it means to be this; otherwise inanimate things will rule you. Now Pournami comes, full moon day.

Do you know during full moon days and new moon days people who are little mentally disturbed go hyper on those days? Are you aware of this? Do you all go crazy on new moon days? Ha, do you? No. Compared to them you are little more stable.

Truth Misconceptions about Astrology Predictions Stars Energy

Acharya shree, what are your comments on astrology? Astrology is in Indian culture. They have different name. They say: What says my horoscope?. They consider it is Vedic Astrology. Vedic means like old. It is a chart. It has 12 houses. And there are in 12 houses there are different kind of nakshatras.

And grahas. Planets what we call it. Actually there are many planets but which are moving, rotating, so we consider them and they are effective because they are in the bigger shape. Like bigger than Earth. Or bigger than Mars. Bigger than sometimes.bigger than Jupiter. But in our solar system there are just I think Jupiter is considered very big. So there are nine planets are main.

So astrology, it is a belief that if you are born in certain time and all these planets are affecting.your body is made their effect is already in the body. Suppose the Jupiter.Jupiter was close to you when you were born. Or the Mars was close to you. So your body has that effect. That is belief and it is coming since thousands of thousands of years. And whenever those planets rotate in certain angles or moves in certain angles so it creates that kind of situation it can happen. prosperity happen for certain country or certain area.south or north or east.

Or certain kind of person. That’s what we call them Oh, this person is born with stars.very lucky. Or a person is not having good luck, this person is born with bad stars. So that is astrology. Astrology is determined by the astrologer lot of like since thousands of years same incident happened whenever they rotate in certain angles or certain circles.

So that’s what they determine that this is going to happen. but this is not necessarily. It is just their belief. Like in Hindu culture Rama supposed to get the crown. He’s supposed to be a king of the Ayodhya. But in the same day instead of he became king he was exiled. So the astrology didn’t work. And his kula guru means the astrologer was very well known.

And he did he fixed the time of the crown. But he got exiled on the other hand. So he didn’ is not necessarily astrology will work. But let me tell you because people have misconception about astrology. Actually astrology means there are many stars or planets, they affect you. Yes it is sure the energy affects us because even though Jupiter is far away from us but the energy from the Jupiter still affecting us.

Or mars energy is still affecting us because they are big planets. Bigger than Earth. Moon is the closest. So moon affects more. Our emotions. If it is the Venus, Venus is also close to us so it affects more. The people get emotional and they get very vibrant and they get radiant If the Venus is close to you when you are born.

Or when it will rotate again and will come to you. Because we know the speed of every planet because they are rotating. So that is mathematically anybody can calculate it. And now the computer calculates very easy. So you can make your horoscope and you can see where the Venus is, where the Jupiter is, how much I am getting affected by them. Affected by them means affected by their energy.