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By | March 20, 2016

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

You know, Aries and Aquarius really do make a good match. Let me tell you why. First of all, these two are just great friends from the start. They have a lot to talk about. Aquarius is an Air sign, very intellectual and progressive and fascinating. And Aries is a doer an initiator. This sign likes to take an idea and run with it, make it real. And while Aries is good at starting things, it's not so great at following through but Aquarius is a Fixed sign, which is all about determination and followthrough. Aquarius.

Can be the glue that keeps this couple together over the long term, since Aries can be the type to fall in love fast but then fall back out again. Aquarius can be the grounded one, the one who stays committed no matter what. And both of these signs are very independent, so they have no problem giving each other the space they both need. They really get that about each other. I actually have friends, Jean, she's an Aquarius, and Eddie he's an Aries. They're a couple, you know, and I have to say, it's kind of funny to watch.

Them sometimes. Jean, she's the passionate one Aries is a very fiery, passionate sign and sometimes she turns that on Eddie, who's just very coolheaded. Aquarians can even be kind of aloof, you know They aren't especially emotional people, and they definitely keep their feelings hidden. They just don't like having big, dramatic blowouts, but Aries, on the other hand, really needs to express all their emotions fast and loud, and they kind of live for big confrontations. So my friend Jean, she used to just poke at Eddie.

And goad him and sometimes just allout provoke him, just to see if she could get a rise out of him. I don't know, they've been together for a long time, so these days they aren't quite so fiery anymore. But Jean, she really keeps the passion alive, and Eddie keeps them solid, grounded, you know And they still find each other fascinating, after all these years. This is generally a really good pairing of signs for a love relationship, whether shortterm or longterm. And if it's just a shortterm thing, these two can stay friends.

Aries and Libra Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Aries and Libra in love now, these two create a lot of energy and fire together. Just think of wind on a brushfire it spreads the sparks everywhere, right Aries, a Fire sign, and Libra, an Air sign, work just like that together Libra makes that Aries passion just spark and spread like crazy. The quintessential AriesLibra couple, in my mind, was Bonnie and Clyde. These two what a crazy, exciting, doomed match they made! Running around the country, robbing banks and killing police officers with the Barrow Gang. The thing with.

Aries and Libra is, they're Opposite signs, and opposites truly do attract. These two probably fell in love at first sight, you know what I'm saying And I'm betting they had lots of ups and downs and crazy passion between them, because with these two signs, when it's good, it's great but when it's not, it sucks. So Clyde Barrow, the Aries he was the driving force behind their crime spree he had the courage, the guts, the daring and initiative to pursue this lifestyle of anarchy. Remember, Aries thinks like a.

Warrior. Bonnie Parker, on the other hand she was a Libra, and Libra is all about harmony and partnership. Libra wants to do whatever it takes to make it work in Bonnie's case, even if it's illegal! By all accounts, she was not at all the cigarsmoking, coldblooded killer they made her out to be in the papers. One of the Barrow Gang members even said he didn't think Bonnie had ever shot a gun at a police officer. So what was she doing with someone like Clyde Barrow My guess is, she was standing by her man, just like any Libra.

Would. She probably fell in love with the romance of it all Clyde cut a really dashing figure with his machine gun, after all, and maybe being part of a gang made Bonnie feel less lonely. Libra needs lots of love and romance and reassurance. And like a true Libra, Bonnie was gorgeous and stylish, perfect for this exciting persona the press created for the newspapers. Yeah, these two signs have a lot to offer each other, if they can appreciate their differences and their complementary strengths. And Bonnie and Clyde certainly.

Aries and Leo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Aries and Leo geez. I had two friends Sarah, who was an Aries, and Matthew, a Leo. Talk about heat, between those two! They met one night at a nightclub and the attraction was just instant. Kinetic energy between them, you know what I mean From the very start, they were just burning it up together. They were all over each other, all the time. It was so annoying the kind of couple that everyone around them is like, Get a room! But with two Fire Signs like that, there's just a huge amount of passion but that.

Means not just the tearingoffeachother'sclothes kind of passion, but also raging tempers. Sarah and Matthew, they would just go at it, arguing and bickering. And every fight was like a war a battle of wills, to the death. But the funny thing about them was, it was like, that was just part of their foreplay. It was like they fed off the energy they created together by butting heads. And then they would go kiss and make up and, you know. It was totally insane! I have to say, I always envied their heat, but I can do without that kind.

Of constant clashing in my relationship, if you know what I mean. Plus, Sarah had to learn to kind of pump up Matthew's ego sometimes, you know Because Leos, they need that they need to feel adored. And Aries, sometimes they have a hard time remembering all those little frills of romance, which are the very thing that keeps Leo's love burning. Both of these signs want to feel like they're the one in charge, so it's understandable that they got along so famously but also fought constantly. Good thing Sarah, the Aries, she.

Never stayed mad for long. Matthew, on the other hand, well, Leos can kind of hold a grudge. But Sarah was just so dynamic and energetic and who knows what other talents she had. that he could never hold onto their fights. He didn't have time he had to keep up with her! And Aries isn't the most committed sign in the Zodiac, but Leos are all about it so Matthew taught Sarah about the value of sticking with the relationship, even when things got rough sometimes. They had a really good match, and it's no wonder.

Aries and Taurus Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Aries and Taurus, together in love When I think of this pairing, I immediately think of Posh and Becks you know, David Beckham, the British football star, and his wife, Victoria Beckham. Okay, she's an Aries, he's a Taurus, and these two are known for their incredible good looks and luxurious lifestyle. I mean, for a long time, Victoria was best known as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, and she's all about modeling and high fashion she's an international style icon, for goodness' sake while David Beckham comes across.

As this downtoearth, regularJoe kind of guy well, as regular and downtoearth as a wildly rich and famous football star can be. So we blame all the poshness and luxury on her, but really, it's him. Taurus is the sign of money, after all and together, these two are supposed to be worth close to $200 million! And a lot of that is from David Beckham, who at one point was the highestpaid footballer in the world. I mean, how crazy is it to be that goodlooking AND rich Let me tell you, Victoria's a lucky youknowwhat!.

And they've been married going on 15 years, which is pretty much forever in celebrity terms. But that's not too much of a surprise, since there's always a sexual spark between two signs that are next to each other in the Zodiac, like this combo. So together, Aries and Taurus can strike a good balance, though they're really pretty different. Taurus is really stable and grounded, but Aries is impulsive and fiery, so they definitely have something to offer each other if they can appreciate their differences and make it work. But Taurus.

Aries and Cancer Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Okay, Aries and Cancer. This is Fire and Water, which aren't exactly a great mix. A perfect example of this kind of couple is Homer and Marge Simpson from the TV show The Simpsons. Think about it Homer is like an berAries so totally selfcentered, always just following his impulses wherever they take him, without ever thinking about the consequences, or about how he might be hurting Marge's feelings. He doesn't think he just acts, and it gets him into all kinds of trouble. That's quintessentially Aries. So Marge is always getting her feelings.

Hurt. She's always grumbling to herself, brooding over whatever Homer's latest stunt is and Cancers are known for being very emotional. They tend to bottle it up and brood until they explode. So while Homer is doing his thing, Marge is the one left to keep the family together and make sure everyone's taken care of. Cancers are very familyoriented. Marge is a nurturer She puts up with Homer, she makes sure the kids are fed and tended to, she always listens to her sisters' advice. It's almost like she's too busy with her family.

To see Homer's selfishness good thing for him! And she's very emotionally connected and tuned in to the people she loves, and sometimes she gets stuck between them, because she feels everything they feel again, that's very Cancer. While Homer isn't so emotional or, his emotions just burn through him, fast They're there and then they're gone, on to the next one. He gets mad, he's happy, he's sorry for some ridiculous mistake he made. But whatever it is, he doesn't feel it for long. Five minutes later, he's already.

Moved on to the next thing. These two signs are Square they're three signs apart in the Zodiac, or ninety degrees apart on a chart wheel which creates a lot of friction and tension between them. No wonder Homer and Marge butt heads a lot! They're both Cardinal signs, which means they both want to be the one in charge and they are both in charge, just in different areas. And this is the way these two signs have to work together They have to find a way to compromise, to let each other have some authority and control, because.

Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Aries and Sagittarius now, here's another pairing of two Fire signs in love, and this can really go either way. I mean, it can be incredible thrilling, passionate, everything both of these signs would hope for or it can be way too much heat, if you know what I mean. Just take a look at Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. She's an adventurous Sagittarius, he's a hotheaded Aries and I mean, he really seems like the hot temper and aggression of that sign, personified. I mean, how many times has this guy been in the news for punching.

Some photographer in the face Or the terrible, ongoing custody battle that he and Kim had after they divorced, or that truly unfortunate incident where Alec was recorded calling his own daughter some really rude name. Clearly, this is a guy who doesn't stop to think before he acts, and especially when he's all riled up that's a very Aries quality. Now, Sagittarius is also a really spontaneous sign, so I'm guessing that when it was good between these two, it was incredible and exciting for both of them. They probably shared a real love.

For thrills and adventure. They probably traveled a lot, they probably had some seriously hot sex it's just that Aries temper that can sometimes get in the way. Plus, Aries being so impulsive, this sign might just get bored of the relationship all of a sudden, and decide to move on and Sagittarius has a certain reputation as well, of being a bit of a player. I don't know, I've known plenty of Sagittarians who were perfectly faithful to their lovers, but, the reputation is what it is, you know These two signs together it can really.

Aries and Gemini Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Wow, Aries and Gemini a Fire sign and an Air sign together have you ever been sitting by a campfire when a big gust of wind blows in You know what happens sparks fly everywhere, and everyone screams and jumps up and laughs and runs around like a bunch of maniacs, right Well, that's just like when these two signs fall in love! Gemini is an Air sign, and this is a very youthful sign, no matter the age very young at heart, very playful and flirtatious and witty. And Aries is a Fire sign, the first sign of.

The Zodiac, very mememe and if you're an Aries, please know that I mean that in the most compassionate way possible. Aries is just a powerhouse of energy and purpose and drive. It's that Mars energy coming through. So these two signs, they both tend to fall in love fast, so their relationship is likely to just take off like wildfire. They always have something to talk about or to bicker about, which seems just as well. You know, Warren Beatty is an Aries, and Annette Bening is a Gemini, and they've been married for.

Over 20 years and that's almost unheard of in Tinseltown! I'm sure they've had their share of ups and downs I mean, everyone's heard the rumors about Warren cheating, right And Annette is a Gemini, the sign of the Twins, which is also the sign of bisexuality. I don't know, I'm just saying, she probably really enjoyed her role in that movie, The Kids Are All Right I mean, she got to kiss Julianne Moore, right And how bad could that be Anyway, Aries and Gemini they really do make a great couple, very fastpaced and fun. The.

Aries and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Okay, let's take a look at Aries and Pisces in love. One of the first couples that comes to my mind is Buffy and Angel from the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What a great show that was! And what an incredible love affair those two had such deep passion, so many crazy ups and downs they swung between headoverheels in love and complete and utter hatred they tried to kill each other more than once, for goodness' sake! Buffy, obviously, was the Aries the slayer. She was all about power and energy and that.

Warrior spirit. She kicked butt, literally and figuratively. And she was creative in how she fought the demons and vampires that was her strength she could really think fast on her feet. And Angel, he was the Pisces the vampire with a soul. He was deeply compassionate, utterly absorbed in loving and protecting Buffy, and what a tragic guy so tortured about spending a hundred years as a ruthless killer, back when he was a vampire without a soul. So these two as a couple, whew I'm getting hot just thinking about.

It! But there's always a major sexual spark between two signs that are next to each other in the Zodiac, as Pisces and Aries are. And Pisces has a lot of intuitive understanding of who Aries is, and what makes her tick so Pisces can deal with that Aries impulsiveness and selfabsorption, which can be tough for some of the other signs. But Pisces is selfless enough to put up with it, and Aries gets a lot out of Pisces's deep, endless love when she slows down enough to pay attention and tune in, that is. It's no wonder Buffy and.

Aries and Capricorn Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

My cousin Robin, she's an Aries, and her boyfriend Darren is a Capricorn. Yeah, these two well, they're both Cardinal signs, so I guess there's never a dull moment between them they both want to be the one in charge, you know what I mean And they're both willing to fight for it, although in different ways. There's a lot of competition between these two signs, and who's going to be the one to compromise Well, that's a tough one. I mean, a lot of times, Aries and Capricorn just aren't going to make it work. There's just so much conflict.

Between them! But Robin and Darren, they've actually worked it out even though she told me she didn't really like him for the first 5 years. Anyway, what kept them together was their common goal. That's the key between these two. So Robin was unemployed for a long time, and everyone in the family always thought she was really lazy but she wasn't quite the contrary. She was always on the go, always busy. As an Aries, she definitely has the courage of a warrior. And Darren, he also used to be unemployed which is somewhat.

Unusual for a Capricorn except then he woke up one day and just decided to climb to the top, and now, wouldn't you know, he's making a bucketload of money. So what does Robin do to fill her time She decides she's going to get an accounting degree to manage all that money he's making. That's a very Aries move just making a lightningquick decision and going for it. And since these two now have a goal they're working toward together, they're really making a go of it. They really have a lot of energy and chemistry.

Together. I'd say they're Aries and Cap together at their best. Plus, since Robin and Darren are making lots of money, they're living in some serious style, which Capricorns love to do so he's happy, she's happy, they're happy together. And good for them!. There's a lot of energy to this pairing, and Aries can be a serious hothead, while Capricorn can get really uptight in the face of that Aries temper. So we'll see. But in the meantime, they're working together, a real dynamic duo so good for them. Capricorn can definitely.

Aries and Aries Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

When two Aries fall in love, it can be extremely hot I mean, this is a Fire sign, after all. And fire feeds fire, right But whenever there's too much heat, there's the danger of all that lovely sizzle just going blazing out of control, and eventually burning itself out. Now, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have been married since 1997, and they still seem to be going strong so obviously they've figured out something that works. Sarah also used to date Robert Downey Jr., who's also an Aries so there's definitely.

Something she's drawn to about the heat of this combination. But in general, this isn't really a pairing I'd suggest, if you know what I mean. It comes down to Aries being really competitive and impulsive, and always wanting to be the one in charge. I mean, what happens when two people come together who are both like that Well, just think about two rams Aries is the sign of the Ram two rams going headtohead and locking horns! These two are definitely going to fight constantly. But maybe they can make up for.

It with seriously passionate kissingandmakingup sessions. Who knows Maybe that's what's been keeping Miss Sex and the City and Mr. Ferris Bueller together for all these years that blazing passion. For most people, though, this pairing would just be a little too hot to handle. Plus, with Aries being the type to just follow impulses wherever they lead. There's just not a whole lot of staying power here. Seems like one or the other of these two would pretty quickly start feeling that itch you know the one I'm talking about.

Aries and Virgo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Okay, let's just be honest Aries and Virgo are not a good match. There's really going to have to be a lot holding these two together, because they are just so different. First of all, it's Fire and Earth Aries is a hotheaded Fire sign, and Virgo is a grounded, stable Earth sign. And just think about what happens when you shovel dirt onto a campfire. You put the fire out, that's what! You kill the flames! So Aries sees Virgo as a real buzzkill, which is no wonder and that can make Virgo feel really insecure and unappreciated.

But it's just how these two are Aries is all about passion and impulsiveness, but Virgo is the opposite this sign is very careful, very reserved, all about planning and forethought and never taking a step forward until they've researched it and slept on it and planned it to the last detail. It reminds me of a reading I did once for these two women, Brandy and Erica. They were in a committed relationship, but they were having lots of problems of course I could've told them that from the start and saved them the trouble! So they.

Came to me for a reading, and all I could tell them was.sorry, girls. Aries and Virgo are quincunx it's one of the hard aspects in astrology and it means there just isn't much in common between these two. No real glue, no points of connection, just a lot of headscratching and misunderstandings. But the funny thing about this pairing is, there's a lot of karma to it they come together for a reason, to work out some big issue, something from their pasts or whatever. Who knows, maybe Brandy and Erica reminded.

Each other of their mothers, or something. I didn't hear from them after the reading I probably hurt their feelings! But I had to tell the truth, didn't I but I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn they ended up breaking up. If an Aries and a Virgo happen to fall in love, it's going to take a lot of work to make it last. And while Virgo is probably up for the drudgery, Aries just isn't going to want to stick around for something that doesn't feel exciting or natural.

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