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By | March 20, 2016

Vedic Astrology How Moon Phases Affect Your Life

If you meditate at a time that is not conducive for meditation, that meditation is not going to give you results. If you meditate on a Full Moon Day, especially when the Moon is high up, you will have a lot that you can accomplish. The meditation on a Full Moon Day and a meditation on a New Moon Day are diametrically opposed to each other. There are specific meditations. If you want enlightenment, you meditate on a New Moon Day. If you want to speak to your dead ancestors, a New Moon Day is the best time to do. If you want money, material comforts, a Full.

Moon Day. Each Phase of the Moon is very important, and they carry a certain energy. And you can easily accomplish things by following this Phases of the Moon. And these are secrets from the Yogis. The Yogis are so tuned to the Planets, tuned to Phases of the Moon, tuned to the Phases of the Stars. And they don't want to waste their energy by speculating on anything. They know for sure and then they don't even talk. They say, this is what it is. The most important thing is to just become.

Astrology How to Find Your Astrological Moon Sign

Hi, I'm the Star Goddess and here's how to figure out what your Moon sign is. The Moon in astrology rules your emotions and feelings. It's a very important planet and because it moves one degree every two hours it changes signs every two and a half days. The only way to calculate your moon sign is with an Ephemeris, the table of planetary motion. It is done by the Jet Propulsion Lab and it chronicles the minute movements of each one of the twelve planets, each one of the ten planets and through each one of the twelve.

Signs. The way you figure it out, is you pick a date. Mat our producer is born on February first, nineteen eighty five. So we turn to nineteen eighty five, we look at the month of February. The left hand side are the days of the week, across the top are the ten different planets. The first one is the sun, the second two are the moon. So we look down and we see that his sun is in Aquarius and his moon sign is Gemini which makes him mutable, sparkling,.

Witty and bright. The critical thing about finding a moon sign is remembering that sometimes the moon changes signs during the day because it moves so quickly. If you need to figure out what that is, you come down to the bottom of the Ephemeris on the second part of the page and you'll see that it gives the exact moment in time the moon changes from one sign of the Zodiac to the other. So now you know what your moon sign is. You can get a better understanding of what your wants and needs are and what you need to do to get those needs.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Influences of the Moon on Astrological Romance

One of the things that we're going to discuss is the rising, which is also called the ascendant and the moon sign. These you can find in any astrology books in the charts in the back. What's important to know is, if you're a Virgo, you're moon sign could be in Pisces and your ascendant could be in Gemini. And these characteristics sometimes become a little bit stronger than the actual sun sign that you were born under, it just depends on the person. Like if you're a Virgo, you tend to be very organized and very critical and a perfectionist and you.

Don't like when people are late, you're more affectionate than romantic and you like to know when things are going to happen. Virgos tend to be very health conscious and they pay attention to not only their health, but everybody else's. If that brings in a moon sign of Pisces, then the Virgo would tend to be a little bit more indecisive and not as organized as most Virgos can be. The Virgo will have a higher sensitivity and more compassion so a good Virgo with a Pisces moon usually ends up in health care because the high compassion.

From the Pisces brings in the health concerns of the Virgo. And then if it brings in the Gemini, the Gemini, this is two, well actually it's three mutable signs so it's very adaptable. But the Gemini brings in the higher intelligence, so with the Gemini quality and bringing in that high intelligence, Geminis really like to move fast and explore different things, I would think that a Virgo with a Pisces moon and a Gemini rising would not only be in health care or, which would be a suitable profession, but that they would be a supervisor, or a.

Astrology What Is a Void of Course Moon KG Stiles, Astrologer

Void of Course Moon What it is How You Can Benefit! A Void of Course Moon is a period of time when the Moon is not making any exact aspect or touching another heavenly body. During the Void of Course Moon you may feel aimless with a lack of focus. The Void of Course Moon is an excellent time to complete projects, do more menial tasks, or take time out to relax or meditate. It is not good for beginning new creative projects or making plans for the future as.

The Moon is not in aspect with a planet and thus your plans for the future are not anchored, so they very well may come to nothing. Generally schedule important meetings, events and beginning new projects when the Moon is in aspect to planets when there will be more opportunity for success. One of the positive attributes of a long void of course moon period is to ameliorate harsh planetary influences that may be occurring during the Void of Course Moon period of time. Either nothing will come of the harsh planetary influence, or its effect may be greatly diminished.

Vedic Astrology Luck is Based On The Planets

If you want to change your life, it is important that you understand what is happening because the Planets will come and influence your mind in one way or the other. If they positively influence your mind, it is good. If they are negative, then you have to take care of these Planets, because Karmas, which are a bunch of life events, are based on the Planets. The Planets are the agents of your Karma. A period comes that you find that money is coming. And you find that everything is working out there is no problem, life goes very smooth.

And if a time comes that you find that you can't even get a job, no matter what you do, no matter how smart you are. No matter how good your resume is, your past history is, and they simply don't want to look at it. I'm not saying that your talents are not important. Your talents are important, but if you don't have the support of the Planets, your talents are useless. Why In simple language, You don't have the dammed luck. And that happens all of the time. You are very accomplished, skillful, but nothing.

New moon in Aquarius 19 February 2015

Hello and Welcome to the week beginning on the 16th February22nd February. Dear followers this week in Aquarius the second the new moon of the year is rising. This is the second new moon and we will experience it in Aquarius and it's going to rise on the 19th February at 0147am 29 degrees in Aquarius. We can observe the Aquarius themes quite intense and Aquarius is a sign which takes attention on subjects related to society, organization, friends and projects and ideals for the future and In all of these cases there.

Can be renewing's, new beginnings and new attempts. Straight after the new moon the Sun and the Moon is going to enter Pisces so actually both the signs energies are going to be on foreground so this means that Pisces and Aquarius themes are going to be in our schedule. Mars is going to be 29 degrees in Pisces and besides the new moon. The moons manager Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius is going to make a positive aspect. However its energies are supporting new attempts, the new moons energies here in 29 degrees is showing.

That some stuff are concluding and coming to an end. 0135 So you have to close some stuff, to make space for the new subjects to occur. To make a new beginning you have to conclude and finish some stuff in your life, and in this period. Especially ones born on the last days in the Air group signs and the ones born in the beginning of the mutable group signs are going to be the ones getting mostly affected from the new moon. Ones born on the last degree in Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus and ones.

Born in the first period in Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius are going to be getting affects from ne new moon. Straight after the new moon, Mars and Venus is going to enter Aries and there are rapid energies supporting initiatives. The Fire elements are very intensifying and we are going to experience it in our lives. So in the new moon specially cases especially about society and cases to affect society such as technology and internet cases can occur and start some moves in these areas. Aquarius an innovative sign and resists the.

Astrology How to Spot a Scorpio

Hi, I'm the Star Goddess and here's how to spot a Scorpio. See the person standing across the room, arms folded across their chest, measuring up everyone in the room to see where the power is That's the Scorpio. The one with the piercing stare, Charles Manson, the dark, intense scary eyes, Hillary Clinton, and the brooding look, Prince Charles. That woman who every man in the rooms turns their head when she walks on by, Demi Moore. Exuding sexuality with every sway of her hips, Bo Derek, the perfect ten. These are intense,.

Tightly focused Scorpios. Ted Turner and George Patton, who believe that might makes right, Teddy Roosevelt, speak softly and carry a big stick. These are the sexiest men and women in the zodiac. Harry Hamlin, Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and he even has a sexy name, and Rock Hudson for the men, and Julia Roberts, Kate Jackson, Jenny McCarthy, and Linda Evans for the women. They can also be spotted by their acerbic wit, Dennis Miller, and sharp tongue, Roseanne Barr. And they boast a vindictiveness second to none, Tonya Harding, Joseph McCarthy and Hillary Clinton. They are control freaks to the nth degree,.

Signs of the Times The Bible and Astrology David Rives

The practice of astrology involves using stars, planets, and constellations for signs. According to the Biblical record, the sun, moon and stars were to be for signs, seasons, days and years. So, does this make astrology Biblically acceptable Actually, quite the contrary. One major difference between scriptural signs and the pagan practices of astrology is found in Jeremiah. We read that the heathen are dismayed at the signs of heaven. In astrology, it is claimed that you should expect bad things to happen when the stars are not aligned correctly. The Lord commands us not to be terrified of celestial patterns Thus saith the LORD,.

Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven for the heathen are dismayed at them. Jeremiah 102 After the idolatrous building of the golden calf at Mt. Sinai, Acts 7 states Then God turned, and gave them up to worship the host of heaven. Acts 742 In the book of Romans we read of those Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator. Today, we find not only astrologers, but many atheistic scientists who seem to worship the creation more than the Creator of the Universe.

Full Moon Of Enlightenment Karthigai Deepam November 25th

It is the full moon on which the Lamp is lit once a year on the mountain of Thiruvannamalai. And those people who have been following me, know the significance of Thiruvannamalai. Thiruvannamalai is in Tamil Nadu near Chennai. It's a mountain, and the Mountain is Siva himself. And the mountain has existed forever in different epochs, and it assumed different forms. Once it was a mountain of gold, once a mountain of fire and once, just ashes. And this time it is the mountain of rock. And it is, indeed, the mountain itself is.

Siva. And it is the mountain where, particularly during this full moon time, hundreds of thousands of Siddhas come down from heaven. The Earth plane is not all that bad a place. It is a place full of power. Even enlightened beings, including gods and goddesses, do come to this Earth plane, looking for a renewal their own understanding and also experience. And one such place is Thiruvannamala. And that time is also very significant. This particular festival called Deepam which simply means The Light.' Lighting the lamp on the mountain is the single most important time for spiritual people for gaining access into.

Astrology forecasts for Capricorn in 2015 Tutorials on Love Relationships

Hello dear Capricorn and Capricorn rising. Let's analyze how the energies in 2015 will influence your love life and your relationships. Yes, when looking at the year, we could see that some periods will be especially significant for you. In January, the full moon occurring in your opposite sign will lead you to take radical decisions in your relationships. Between January 5th and 20th, especially pull our focus. The strong angle between Uranus and Pluto cause you to experience pressure emotionally. However, if you have had irreconcilable differences, or problematic relationships that make you unhappy, you may be decisive in bringing change during.

This full moon. Of course, when discussing new relationships and new introductions, you may experience sudden progress during this period. Between March 17th and April 12th, Venus will continue in Taurus, supporting you with your love life. While your social life is enlivening, exciting meetings may take place. Romance may increase in existing relationships, intensifying emotional exchange. Thus, you may be quite satisfied from life and be happy. Especially March 22nd, 23rd 24th are special days for you. April 1st 2nd and April 11th 12th are also special dates. You may show.

Affection to a person of interest, you may face a proposal, you may open up your feelings. October 9th and November 9th is a monthlong period in which Venus will be in Virgo, and Jupiter will make a smooth angle in between them, creating pleasant developments in your emotional life. You may take advantage of the period between October 23rd and 28th in this field, and alongside this, November also withholds positive energies. The first week of November and the last week or November are specifically special. Alongside this, end of December towards New years, the full moon.

March 2015 monthly astrology forecast tutorial

Hello and welcome to the monthly forecast for March. Dear follower's, March is a pretty important month for you. The first solar eclipse is going to take place in Pisces and yes, before the eclipse let's take a general look of the planets movements. Mars is going to be in Aries which is the months strongest planet, so were going to feel its energies more and Venus is going to be progressing in Aries too and the movements in Aries is showing that we can lead our energies for our personal.

Desires. Because of the positive aspects which Venus and Uranus will make with Jupiter progressing in Leo in the first days of the month some pleasant surprises and opportunities can occur. Unexpected weird situations and opportunities can appear and these are in different areas related to your sign. There's a full moon in Virgo on the 5th of March and yes, in general this full moon is attracting attention on work, jobs, service, health and subjects like hygiene and going to affect the earth group and mutable group signs more. Between the.

11th and 17th March you have to be careful of Mars's positions and the conjunction of Mars and Uranus and the square of Pluto on the 11th and 12th March can lead to accidents and clumsiness or extreme situations so we must act more wary. 0127 The square of Pluto and Uranus on the 17th March is suitable to create transformations and in general in society subjects and social subjects it can create very strong pressures so please be careful of these aspects, especially on the second half of the month. Yes, Mercury.

Is progressing in Aquarius until the 13th of March and will be supporting you in mental subjects and in subjects related to communication because it's in a rapid state. We can create very different original ideas and be active in social subjects and subjects to do with society. After the 13th of March Mercury will enter Pisces, so our mind will be more emotional and more introverted. Also our interest will lead onto moral and spiritual cases. Venus is entering Taurus on the 17th of March and because it will be in a strong position it.

Will be giving you luck in money subjects, financial subjects, relationships and cases like beauty, art and esthetic. However it will be supporting the earth group signs more. You can find out how it's going to affect you by watching our tutorials about your sign and on the 20th of March in Pisces there's both a new moon and a solar eclipse. Even though new month's generally provokes new beginnings, this eclipse is explaining very strong transformations and conclusions. You can feel the effects from the solar eclipse 29degrees in Pisces in a 6 month period during your life. It's also showing us that we.

Can complete some stuff, close a period and open a new page in our lives. It will be an important eclipse for especially the water group signs and the mutable group signs. On the 21st March the Sun is entering Aries and spring is starting, so our energy for life, enthusiasm and interest will increase and especially with the positive aspects the Sun is making in the last days of the month your motivation for new attempts will increase. Dear followers please don't forget to watch our tutorials prepared for your sign and rising.

Astrology forecasts for Scorpio in 2015. Tutorials on Business Money Career

Hello dear Scorpio and Scorpio rising. This year in 2015, Jupiter will be in your House of Career. The period until August 11th will be supported by Jupiter, in the field of your work, career and money. In fact, you will be most supported of all signs, dear Scorpio. Yes, when we look at the year, we can see that February will be a significant month for your career. Specifically between February 3rd and 20th, the new moon and full moon affecting your House of Career may give way to new decisions.

And new beginnings. Certain work related agreements, promotions, reallocations or new initiations may be in order. If unemployed, February will be filled with opportunities in this field. Between June 6th and July 19th, Venus is in Leo, in your House of Career. Here, Jupiter's smooth interactions especially during the last week of June and first week of July, indicates for happy days as stars will align in your career for you. Significant work related initiations, beginnings, and agreements may be in conversation, allowing you to reach important successes with previous work. This is a time in which.

You will shine in your career, dear Scorpio. Between July 25th and September 6th, we will experience Venus' retrograde movement. For this reason, we must remain calm during this period, dealing with existing issues first before entering new ventures. Venus retrograde may bring certain obstacles or limiting your financial income with unnecessary expenses. This may especially be about your social life or related to your work. We must be more cautious during the period July 25th and September 6th. Following September 6th, Venus will fix and will start giving full support to your House of.

Career. Especially until October 9th, you may take advantage of Venus' positive influences. Between June 2nd and 16th, you may make important decisions with matters of money. For instance, any actions towards taking a credit or a loan may speed up during the month of June. Toward the end of the year may be a cold and inactive time for you with energies decreasing. Along with Jupiter entering Virgo on August 11th, you may receive more support with longterm group or team work, especially concerning your money and career. In 2016 especially, you will begin experiencing these influences more intensely,.

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