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By | March 20, 2016

2015 Predictions

Hello, this is Scott and this is the Hyper Report. Here are some hopeful predictions for the coming year. 1. Obama will become transparant and will tell the truth in regards, to the many scandals surrounding him. 2. The Federal Reserve will issue a statement stating that they have committed treason by debauching the U.S. currency. 3. The Department of Justice will start prosecuting current, and past, TooBigForJail bankers for gold and silver manipulation. 4. Custodians for the ETF's of commodities, will admit to paper short selling. 5. Nancy Pelosi will grow a brain while Boehner.

Grows a pair. 6. Congress will begin reading the bills that they vote on. 7. Obamawreck, the National Defence Authorization Act, and the notso Patriot Act will be unanimously repealed. 8. Officals at the NSA, IRS, and CIA will be prosecuted for a multitude of crimes. 9. The U.S. Congress will unanimously impeach Obama and other criminals in the government. 10. Congress will unanimously vote for term limits. Okay, I am serious here! Anyway, 11. Congress will unanimously vote for the end of any special benefits for former members of Congress. 12. Global alarmist, like Al Gore, will admit.

What are the Transneptunian planets Uranian Astrology Witte Hamburg school

Alfred Witte was a renowned German astrologer and a member of the Kepler Circle. Now the Kepler Circle was a group of avante guarde astrologic minds whose main purpose was to clean up and evolve astrology base on the groundwork layed by Johan Kepler. Now up until that time the methods for charting the sky had been fairly crude, going from the advent of the telescope to the pendulum clock, we were still in the early 20th century dealing with a twodimensional system trying to understand a three dimensional picture. So Witte and his colleague Friedrich Seigrunn were trying to use the traditional system.

To calculate and predict Russian artillery barrages during World War I based on precise astrological records that they kept, but they couldn't do it. So Witte creates this whole new system that is geometrically based as well as based on symmetry between planets. So gone is the two dimensional static chart which most astrologers still use today, and in was the moveable dial, and with the moveable dial he can now reference any plane or point he would like and then when he references a point or plane he can see symmetrical arrangements,.

That is, things that are equidistant to that point that gives us even more information about the point in question. So all these tools and techniques were really a major breakthrough for the time. Lets go back to the battle front. So with the dial Witte and Seigrunn were now beginning to accurately time the bombardments with amazing precision, but perhaps the equally important discovery Witte had made was that he started to notice unoccupied points on the dial that were repeatedly being activated when things would happen in the environment. And so after years of proofing he aptly named these spots.

Hades and Cupido. These points are referred to a Transneptunian planets in the Uranian system. The Transneptunian planets are actually hypotheticals. The physical bodies have never been discovered but they are points of energy that have been proofed over years. There are eight Transneptunian planets in all, the first two Cupido and Hades being discoved by Alfred Witte and the remaining six Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus and Poseidon, discovered by his students as they carried on Witte's work with the dial. The Transneptunian planets add a tremendous amount of clarity and depth.

Virgo Annual Horoscope 2014 Astrology Important Trends At A Glance

Hello My Dear Virgo friends. Its my special reading for you for the year 2014. At a Glance and Important Trends For Virgo, 2014 is a good year for most part of the year and for quite a few aspects of life. I am sure would bring a smile on your face. But having made this general reading, let us now get to know more about the specific trends. You would be involved with your career a bit more than your family life. I am not saying you will ignore your domestic life altogether and definitely you will pay attention to.

Your family and home. But you are going to be involved in bearing a bigger load of responsibilities, assignments and projects at your work. Also you will be keen to save a lot of money. It is, therefore, obvious that there will be a need to do some work life balance. I agree that you shall be doing a tight rope walking act as you have your energy invested towards the professional side. But make sure that your family does not miss you. An important observation there will have to be some re doing of the job already done.

And sometimes the rewards may be slow. So do not give up too soon! This is due to the positions of planets Saturn and Jupiter and they getting retrograde. It is also possible that you will face some ups and downs. This could be in career or at home or some problem with your children. Therefore, it is advisable to keep some amount of money in savings untouched just in case you may need it due to some professional emergency. But actually the situation would not be as bad as it may seem to you now. Rest assured.

There will be plenty of rewards, recognition and achievements. As per the astrology predictions, the Social life is likely to be just about the same neither increase nor decrease for the Virgo in 2014. Benefits from friends are likely to be less in the first half of 2014. Your Horoscope for 2014 says that travelling is likely to increase. Be cautious while driving vehicles or handling sharp edged items as you are likely to be involved in accidents. I wish you all the very best in the months to come!.

subtitlesMulugu Prediction for himachal Pradesh incident predicted in 2014 Panchang

Pyschopaths create havoc and sensation. My advice to all students especially is to 'entirely avoid' going to picnics. especially going to tourist places nearby water bodies is 'highly' dangerous this year. Parents should request and convince their children in all possible ways to stop them from going to these touristpicnic places this year. This may be difficult to digest for some but its my habit to speak pure facts. 95 of my last year's predicitons turned out to be true. Please remember that. I'm saying these as your well wisher. Astrological details.

Hindi Karka Rashi 2014 Cancer Love, Relationship, Marriage Annual Horoscope 2014

Hello My Dear Cancer friends. Its my special reading for you for the LOVE Life Married Life for the year 2014. As mentioned in my General Outlook 2014 for Cancer Borns, right from the beginning of the year, you will be quite busy in professional and other matters leaving you with little or no time for the luxury of love. Now don't get disappointed. This does not mean that there will be no romance in your life. First of all, this dry phase should be over by April 2014. Secondly, there will certainly some romantic encounter, but it is unlikely to be a steady.

One. There could be reasons and circumstances like both of you are not on the same wave length or the mutual attraction is not strong enough. Therefore it may fizzle out too soon. However, if you are already in a committed relationship or are married, even though the challenges of similar nature shall remain but you and your loved one will feel an inseparable relation on a higher level. Thus this invisible love bond will keep you together. For the singles who wish to find their soulmates may not be so lucky till July 2014.

But as I said you will definitely keep meeting the persons who have the potential to enter your life. Thus it all depends on how you connect with him or her and how flexible or accommodating you are. These crucial moments could make a difference for the rest of the year, so be on your guard! This is a generalized reading based on the zodiac sign, I suggest that you get a personalized report. This report will be based on your Birth Chart, therefore it is very reliable and accurate. I wish you all the very best in the months to come!.

Predictions 2012

So, as the year 2011 draws to a close, we turn our minds to the new year, 2012, which, I promise, will be a belter. Here are my top ten predictions for 2012. The euro finally collapses, and is replaced as the official currency in Europe by the Gummi Bear. America goes to the polls for the presidential elections amid some controversy. The hightech voting system suffers a few glitches and bugs, but eventually the problems are all ironed out, and the winner can be announced. It's a surprise win for Homer Simpson.

The first absolute proof for the existence of God is found. It's a message that reads Honestly, I turn my back for a mere 2000 years and just look at the state of this planet! Now, come on, you lot, I want you to stop squabbling, make up, shake hands, and I want you to apologize to each other and mean it, and then start tidying this place up. It's a mess! North Korea holds its first truly democratic elections, and the results are 65 of votes are for Kim Jongun.

34 are for The current leader. It's not known what happens to the 1 of the people who vote for None of the above. Politicians, industrialists, environmentalists and scientists continue to argue over the reality or otherwise of climate change. Meanwhile, figures are released which show a 500 increase in sales of suncream to the penguins of Antarctica. Reality TV experiences something of a renaissance. The most popular show involves taking hedgefund managers into the jungle, and forcing them to sit in bathtubs filled with scorpions and venomous snakes. Apple releases a new product.

It doesn't actually do anything, but it looks nice and shiny and sells out withing three hours. Microsoft releases a new product. It probably does quite a lot, but until we can find somebody who can actually succeed in installing it, we'll probably never know exactly what it is that it does. I become insanely rich and famous, and it's all down to my viewers telling their friends about my really cool channel. Go on, folks, you want to make it happen, you know you do! And finally, on December 22nd, 2012,.


Hiii in this tutorial i am going to talk about. the prominence of eighth house in astrology What is the karaka of eighth house What can we understand from the eighth house. Body part associated with it. And the most important thing about eighth house. Before jumping into the discussion, Let me introduce myself I am astro hominis. Welcome to my astrology YouTube channel. watch the tutorial and rate it in the comments section, along With your suggestions. And if you are new to my channel, subscribe and stay notified. And now. Let's get into the point of discussion.

The eighth house of the birth chart. Scorpio is the eighth ZODIAC sign. A Scorpio has to go through transformations at different stages of life before becoming matured. And If u missed my tutorial on Scorpio sign. U can find the link in the description section. The prominence of the eighth house is transformation. Transforming from our experiences into a better individual is the lesson a person learns from the eighth house. Eighth house is associated with insecurities, death, regeneration, humiliation, fear, everything a person is afraid to face comes under the eighth house, humiliation, defeat, death.

And Everything a person is afraid to show in the public is eighth house. The dark side of a person. Secrets, addictions, scandals, deceptions fall under eighth house. Inheritance is also associated with the eighth house. Reproduction, regeneration, accidents,Near death experiences, also fall under the eighth house. Eighth house in a person is hidden in the deepest layers of life, and strongly connected with a person. Eighth house is the house of psychology, astrology,and intuition. Saturn is the karaka of eighth house. The most important thing one has to understand abt the eighth house is it is a moksha house.

Showing ones path to spiritual liberation. If u want to escape frm the eighth house crises, the best way is to take the path of spirituality. For more tutorials you can simply go through the description section. I pasted all my tutorial links below. Hope this helps you all. If you want a PDF text file of this tutorial, leave your email id in the comments section. Probably i will mail you in my free time. Hope you all give me a five star rating!! I will be looking forward for your responses Thank you in advance.

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