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By | March 20, 2016

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Enlightened Entrepreneurs

This is a tutorial that I'm doing for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, a category of people I have come to call as Enlightened Entrepreneurs. The key issue that I'm going to discuss in this tutorial and also for the whole program is, Where do you get the most creative idea Or to put it more graphically in a compelling way, to ask the question something like, What's the next Google idea or What's the next Twitter idea or What's the next EBay idea or What's the next Amazon idea And all of these people have created these empires.

They started out in a very humble way. Google started with just $100,000, and then in the second year, they raised to $25 million, you know. So the most important thing is getting this idea. I want you to watch this idea about,this is the tape that you are going to watch which I think is at least 15 years old when I talked about an idea which could eventually become a Google, and for some reason this has remained in dormancy up until now. There are many ideas. It is not just the one.

Idea. This idea is about the astrology company that I wanted to start. And there are other areas like Pharmacy and BioTechnology. And there are so many ideas that can come. I just think that I have the responsibility to get this out to the younger generation, and also to those who are following me. Even as early as 1990, '90 '92, you know, somewhere around that time, I used to talk to the students, college students, in America. I used to tell them, Look, you have very bad logic, you all work for $6 to $7 an hour. Why Because.

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