Astrology Birth Chart With Explanation

By | March 20, 2016

Barack Obama Horoscope Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Barack Obama is a Leo. He has great leadership abilities and he also has a reputation for being a bit full of himself. Which is fine. Leos are pretty awesome so we can let being full of himself slide a little bit. He's very relationship oriented anyone who is born around sundown is. That's an interesting thing about astrology is that time we are born is very important in determining the lessons that we are here to learn. So. President Obama is relationship oriented and we know that. He never lets an occasion.

Pass where he doesn't mention Michelle publicly and he knows how important she is to his success. He has some very strong planets in Virgo and that's what makes him so cool.collected.and so well thought out. Without all that Virgo he might be more like a bad Leo and just be arrogant. But Virgo makes him service oriented and dedicated to his work and career. And the other interesting thing about his chart is that he has Aquarius rising. He truly is a high minded and idealistic man. It's nice because the US chart has some very prominent.

Aquarius in its chart too. The United States is a very high minded and humanitarian country. So. it's nice to have a president who is aligned with that. Looking at the future. We see more prominent women figuring into his administration. Some new ones that will emerge this year.and one. and this is a bit of a if you're listening Mr. President pay least one woman who will be a bit of a disappointment.a disillusionment in fact. It won't your wife.but look out for someone. Probably a woman who you think has got your back.but really doesn't.

Prince George Astrology Horoscope Birth Chart

This next chart is William and Kates little Prince George. Admetos is strong and very much a centerpiece of this chart. A major structure sits around his Meridian, and remember the Meridian is the souls essence, the point of individuality. Here we find Admetos in this 4 point symmetrical picture involving Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, the planet Uranus, the planet of individuality, personal freedom, individual will, changeability and progressive views, and the Ascendant, his environment, how he presents himself to the world, how others see him and his relations as well. And then of course there is the Admetos.

Which can work to deepen, stabilize and solidify energy or it can block energy creating suppression. The MercuryAdmetos midpoint structure reveals someone who is a deep and serious thinker and whose thought are very personal in nature, but it can also be someone whose thinking is negative and pessimistic at times. The AscendantAdmetos midpoint structure tells us that we are dealing with a person of depth, but also someone who tends to be somewhat removed and detached, who doesnt have the ability to feel close to a lot of people and.

Someone who will always prefer a few very close relationships as opposed to the larger collective. Now lets bring in the UranusAdmetos midpoint into the picture. Uranus is all about personal freedom and individuality and there is no doubt that Prince George does have a highly individualistic nature. But again the Admetos is telling us there is some suppression around it, some anger. As a matter of fact in Uranian astrology the UranusAdmetos midpoint is one of the classic midpoint structures for anger. But whats this anger around A deeper look at the chart definitely reveals the conflict.

George is someone who quietly desires approval and security from others and is quite sensitive to disapproval and rejection. But at the same time hes not wholly comfortable revealing this deeply private and individualistic side, in fact hes a bit fearful around having to open up his carefully guarded boundaries which can create some distancing and suppression. He can come off in outspoken and brusque ways as times while also feeling lonely and isolated. This is a very sensitive child who is going to pick up early that they have to be a certain.

Way and then the real self is denied, and so an uncomfortability with it ensues and this is where the anger is derived. Will and Kate probably experience this conflict in that George is brooding and moody at times with frequent temper tantrums. So the challenge will be to develop for George to develop a more inner and permanent sense of worth and security through the transformation and refinement of his individual will, his desire nature, thereby lifting the Admetos blockage and transforming it a deep solidified foundation for selfexpression in his monarchical life.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses Saturn Uranus Astrological Signs

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village. We're going to move on to the symbols of Saturn and Uranus. Here is the symbol for Saturn. Saturn is sort of a, sometimes it gets a negative, bad rap. It is the task master of the planets. Sometimes it is associated with the father, mostly because it has a very disciplinary type of effect. A lot of people look negatively upon Saturn just because of where it shows up in your chart means where you are going to do the most work in your life. But it is a positive thing really. Without it we would.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses The Astrological Chart

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village. Now that we have our symbols and we've gone over the Astrology wheel. Where do you get a chart Well, you can turn to the internet is one place, or if you have a local metaphysical or Spiritual bookshop in your area, they are usually selling charts for around twenty dollars. I highly recommend, when you are first starting, not to take your chart too seriously. There is a lot more to be learned in Astrology and again, this is just a basic. So what you want to do is you want to take the former topics.

We talked about before, the symbols, you want to see where they land in the houses of each placement and you can, given the knowledge that we've given you today, you can get a general idea of what your Astrology chart makeup is. But again, there's lots of technicalities, lots of places to grow with this and it is a really exciting hobby and I hope you enjoy it. In learning about the first house we discover this is the house of self. This is the most important house in your chart because it shows your outer personality to the world. So depending.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses Astrological Signs

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village and today we are going to go over the different symbols and try to memorize the different symbols as they relate to an Astrology chart. The symbols are very important because most Astrologers will only mark your chart using a symbol. They will not actually write out the planet so it is very important to memorize these. So I've drawn them out really large so you can take a look. The first we will start off with is the most obvious, the Sun. It is a very simplistic symbol of a round.

Circle with a dot in the center. Now the Sun in your chart is really where you stand out, where ever it is placed is where you are going to shine. It is where most of your personality comes from depending on where it lies. We'll go over the chart and those specifics in later topics. Next is the symbol for the Moon. Again, very simplistic, it looks like a little half moon slice. These are easy to memorize obviously. The moon in your chart is really about your emotions. Many times it is regarded as the mother figure in your chart. Just as the moon.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses Sagittarius Capricorn Astrological Houses

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village. We are looking at a sample Astrology chart and we are going to take a look at the ninth house and its meanings. The ninth house is generally related to far away travels it can also be the philosophical house. Those types of interests, sometimes you might have very religious inclinations, if you have certain planets that might fall in there. For instance, Neptune would be one. It's also the house of higher learning. So, we'll put higher learning, long distance travel, and religion or philosophy. The tenth house.

Is the career house and it lies right at the top of your chart, so it's another important segment, just like the fourth, its opposite was previously. Now the tenth house, it depends again, you want to look at what planets you're going to have fall in there. For instance, I myself have Saturn in the tenth house. We talked briefly about Saturn before as being sort of a task master, that type of thing, kind of restrictive. Well it has been, it's sometimes a lot of hurdles to get over certain things but it always pays off in the end.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses Taurus Gemini Astrological Houses

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village and we are looking at an Astrology Wheel today. And we are going to look at house number two, the second house, and its meaning. Now we are at the second house. The second house is generally regarded as a house of finances, possessions, money those types of things, so depending on what planets you might have that fall in here, you can read it accordingly. So for instance, if we had Jupiter in the second house that would mean expansion. Lots of money coming your way, lots of material.

Possessions, that sort of thing. And this house is, I like to just call the money house. Here in the third house it typically stands for communications of all sorts. Sometimes it can even represent siblings and their effect on you growing up, that sort of thing. Let's say for instance you had the planet Mercury in the third house. Well we learned previously that Mercury is the planet of communications. So if you had the planet of Mercury communications in the house of communication it might suggest that maybe you are a good writer, maybe you.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses Virgo Libra Astrological Houses

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village. We are looking at a sample Astrology chart today. We are going to focus on the sixth house in this segment. Here is the sixth house this typically stands for work, service, sometimes it can stand for health issues as well. Let's make note of that, work and health are the most primary important parts. That doesn't mean that if you have a heavy planet that falls into this category that it's a bad sign of health or anything like that. There's a lot of other things at play like aspects and.

Different things that can benefit you. But, typically we see that John Lennon's son has landed in the sixty house here, so that tells us that is where he really shines and he did. I look at him as the type of person who enjoyed giving service to the people, and that's what it's about. The seventh house usually stands for partnerships, it could be business partnerships but generally it is relationships and marriages. So, we'll put relationship house. The seventh house really depends, if you have a planet that falls in this house, it's usually the type of partner that you are going to.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses Cancer Leo Astrological Houses

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village and we are looking at a sample Astrology chart today. We are going to focus this time on the fourth house and its meanings. The fourth house is an important segment in your chart because it represents home and sometimes early childhood as well. Let's make a note of that. Depending on what kind of, you might have some heavy planets that fall in the fourth house. Say for instance you have Pluto. Well, Pluto is sort of going to suggest heavy issues in your childhood. Perhaps even a death, you.

Know, something of that nature. If Mars fell into your home it would possibly even mean aggression in the home, that type of thing. So you want to judge accordingly which planets might fall. The next is the fifth house. The fifth house is often associated with sex, creativity and children. In John Lennon's specific chart here we note that he has Venus in the fifth house. Well, this makes sense because John Lennon was a very creative person and he also was very expressive with his sexuality so that makes sense. Venus being the planet.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses Neptune Pluto Astrological Signs

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village. Now we are going to move on to Neptune and Pluto and their symbols and meanings. Here's Neptune's symbol. Neptune is associated a lot of times with The Occult, sort of the unknown or the other world, a lot of times with magic. It is also associated with illusion and delusion so where ever Neptune falls in your chart, sometimes you are going to be a little disillusioned about certain things. Maybe thinking they are a little grander than they are, it is a trickster planet. Next is.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses What Is an Astrology Wheel

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey and I'm with Expert Village and previously in my last clip I explained the symbols of Astrology. Now we are going to take a look at how those relate to the typical standard Astrology chart or wheel as it is typically called. Now if you go to any Astrologer or even a metaphysical book store to get your Astrology print out it is going to look exactly like this. This is a standard universal. So, what we have here basically is a wheel and it is divided into twelve different sections. The twelve different.

Sections are called houses and we are going to go over each house and how it relates to you and then you can tie in your symbols that fall into the houses and we'll have a clear idea of what your chart will look like. Today we are going to start off with house one. Also, I'd like to note that we are using John Lennon's Astrology chart. I thought it might be fun to use someone famous that you might recognize. So in looking at the first house, one of the most important houses in the chart because it represents yourself. This is the.

One that you show to everyone on the outside. So depending on which planets you might have that fall into this area, that will tell you how you present yourself. So, in looking back at the last topics that we covered over the symbols and their meanings, we would take a look. For instance, Saturn. In our last segment we learned that Saturn was sort of the restrictor, for of the task master. We also learned that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and we also learned that the symbol of Uranus is sudden changes and unpredictability.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses Aquarius Pisces Astrological Houses

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village. We're looking at this sample Astrology chart today. We are going to take a look at the eleventh house and its meanings for you. The eleventh house typically will be significant of large organizations. Also, large groups of friends and basically sometimes even hopes and dreams, those types of things that, how they relate to a large amount of people. So let's write in, large organizations and hopes and friends. Now on the the twelfth house. The twelfth house is really the most misunderstood house.

And many Astrologers will interpret it differently. Basically, the general consensus seems to be that it is the subconscious house. It is where all of your secrets lie and things that haven't quite surfaced yet. Whenever anyone has planets in the twelfth house it makes for a little bit of a heavy mind. So, you want to kind of pay attention and see what kind of planets are in your twelfth house and act accordingly. For instance, if you had Pluto in your twelfth house, a very dark heavy planet, you might need to do a lot of.

Bernie Sanders UPDATE CAN HE WIN Presidential Election 2016 Astrology

So what I've done is gone ahead with all three charts and identify the sensitive structures within them. That is those structures that tend to get sparked at important or pivotal events in their lives. And by identifying these and what kind of connections they're making now it will give us a really good perspective on how the election might unfold for each individual candidate. So let's get started with Bernie Sanders. I can't stress the importance of two sensitive structures in Sanders chart that are present always present at major and pivotal events. ZeusKronosMercury, which is his powerful.

And creative mental leadership And Jupiter Vulcanus Pluto, one of the most successful midpoint structures, all kinds of positive change and development and the influential and expansive development of power. So leading up to the Democratic National Convention Bernie Sander's chart is in this current mode of expansion and will continue to grow over the year, but the energy will really pinnacle midsummer, around the convention. Sanders chart is strong and will continue that trend as his sensitive structure JupiterVulcanusPluto which is in powerful contact to his Natal Moon and his Directed Poseidon and these two.

Planetary pictures just heighten in energy as we get closer to the convention in July. Now what that means with both the Moon and Poseidon is that Sanders will continue to exert powerful public influence, developing and building momentum while continuing to transmit his ideological concepts. This may or may not mean he's leading in the primaries but rather that his influence will remain strong. Also building in strength over the next six months is his directed Aries point, which is the world axis, in connection to his natal apollon point which indicates widespread expansion,.

And with those MeridianJupiterVulcanusPluto structure here too, probably a lot of money funneling in over the next several months. Although his chart is still strong at election time, I'm a little bit less impressed with it. Sander's November chart just doesn't contain a strong enough ZeusKronosMercury axis, an axis that has been so active in past elections wins. And his chart also lacks a connection to the world axis that would show in this type of event. So the repeating theme in his chart over and over again is about this release of idealism and the inspiring of new growth, a generation.

Of power and development and expansion. The Neptune and Jupiter transits of both his Meridian and Sun over the next six months continue these themes and the Saturn transit which is square will be challenging but serve as impetus to keep building and do what is needed. So Sander's Neptune transit in these situations generally tends to inflate or dissolve, poof and they're gone. My guess is that Sanders will be relevant as long as collective unconscious feelings are strong and there is a need for a mouthpiece, Sanders being their channel.

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