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By | March 20, 2016

Why Astrology Isnt Real Science

Hey baby what's your sign SCIENCE. GET OUT OF MY VIDEO TRACE. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. Astrology is based on the premise that celestial bodies like the sun, the moon, planets, and constellations have an effect on what happens on earth, who you are as a person, and how people behave based on when they were born. Not to be confused with ASTRONOMY, which is the study of those celestial bodies themselves their properties and placement and such. Now I have a lot of friends, and my adorable little sister particularly, who are REALLY.

INTO ASTROLOGY. It's how they start their day and the foundation for their relationships with other people, the foundation for understanding themselves. As much as I love them, the scientist within me is cringing. Nah man, naaahhhhhh. Why does astrology make scientists cringe I mean, it seems scientific enough what with all the tracking of planetary movements, star charts, and complicated formulas. But astrology isn't an actual science because.wellll 1 It's not based on evidence, 2 it's conclusions aren't testable, 3 it isn't open to review by other scientists favorite, number.

4 it's un.fals.ifiable. Astrology can't be proven wrong.and that's the heart of what science is. The assertions of astrology are so general and open to interpretation that we can always find a way to see it in a factual light. We saw this effect in James Randi's famous Astrology Test. Participants were given specific horoscopes based on when and where they were born. After reading, they ALL rated their horoscope as very or extremely accurate. Then, they were passed their neighbor's horoscopeand learned that they all had the same exact one.

Other scientists have also looked at astrology's claims about careers. The idea is that being born under Mars, a supposedly warlike planet, produces more soldiers and athletes, whereas Venus produces more artistic types. In a study of 25,000 Frenchmen in the 60's, psychologist Michel Gauquelin found no correlations. He also did a study where he mixed up the birth charts of 10 murderers with 10 citizens and invited astrologers to identify which was which based on the charts. They failed miserably. A similar but larger study was published in 2007 and they found that the astrologers were EVEN MORE WRONG THAN RANDOM CHANCE. Youch.

Yet another study at the University of Manchester in 2001 looked at love compatibility by astrological sign to see if there were any trends. They had the data of 10 million couples from Census of Britain and Wales and found not a single sign pairing that showed a greater or lesser chance of romantic success. There's also the fact that the sun is no longer in a given zodiac constellation during it's designated time anymore. Although the sun is supposed to be in Aries right now, that's based on an outdated model it's actually in Pisces until April 18th. This is because.

Of precession, a phenomenon where the earth wobbles on its axis every 25,800yearcycle. Most peoples' signs that they believe they have.are actually wrong. Mine, for instance, isn't actually Libra, it's Virgo. And the description still manages to fit! Does this all mean astrology is good for nothing Well, no, of course's good for entertainment! It's all good fun. My concern is that a recent report by the NSF that found almost half of Americans think Astrology is a real science. AMERICA.DUZ U KNOW HOW TO SCIENCE We still don't. The struggle continues. Thanks for joining me for DNews my fellow science geeks.

Career Crisess

We want high status, beautiful home good social life hence expectation from career is high. When continuously we fail to meet expectations sometimes it will lead to career crises. There are many reasons for mid career crises First Wrong career choice at the beginning of one's life. 2nd Distress at Job By the boss, by Colleagues, job profile 3rd Lack of growth 4th Change of personal priorities 5th Lack of Challenges at work at work what they would make a decision Whatever may be the reason astrologically we can say the karakas like.

Ascendant ascendant lord, 10th house 10th lord, Amatya karaka if associated with 6th, 8th or 12th houses or the karaka planets are involved in bad yoga in the natal chart or D10 chart can lead to career crises. The dasha or the planetary period of planets associated with bad houses or if the planet is retrograde or debilitated can lead to career crises. A bad dasha combined with a bad transit can lead to severe career crises. How to Overcome Mid Career Crises Step1 Do not take it emotionally, evaluate your finances and evaluate your responsibilities.

Step 2Think of a meaningful mission Explore your options, and direct your thoughts to more concrete and helpful directions. Note down your passion skills and integrate passion and skills to the right career. Vedic astrology will help you to explore yourself and can help you to assess the planetary period you will be undergoing. It can also help you to identify the right career to channelize your energy. Step 3 Evaluate Available Options We need to evaluate the available options to carry out current responsibilities with mind on long term objectives.

While evaluating options we need to keep alternate options open. Step 4Make a Road Map and proceed We need prepare a road map to reach our career objectives and channelize our energy and resources in the right directions. Our effort has to be 100 to get best out of life. Vedic astrology will help you to find the likely time of career distress and help you to find the time to take minimum risks and lie low. It also helps you to identify the potential time for taking risks and the areas of life we should channelize our energy.

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Hi besties! I have a new app for you. This is one is called My Job Chart and this can truly help in terms of teaching kids about financial responsibility and reward. So, what is this app all about Z! Go get some milk for the besties! I love getting milk for the besties. Being a mother is not easy most especially if your kids start to ask things from you. For example, a new tablet has just been released and your kid would love to have it. As much as you would not want to give it immediately, you don't have a choice because you really.

Love your kid and you want himher to be happy. If you are a busy mother, you will not have the time to think of a chore that your kid will do so that he can get his desired gadget. If you want your kids to be financially responsible, then using My Job Chart is the right thing to do. This is an online app which makes it easy for you to assign chores to your kids. You simply need to create an account, create a chore, assign it to your kids and.

Then send alerts to them. For every chore that is assigned, you will determine how many points your kid will earn. You can also determine the number of points needed to be earned before your kid can get a reward. Giving a reward to kids can motivate them to do more chores. A psychologist named Dr. Virginia Shiller said that rewards can help parents teach their children new habits. Dr. Shiller is also the coauthor of the book entitled Rewards for Kids. Link to the book down below. It should be noted though that constantly giving a reward.

Vaastu Remedies for Bad Feng Shui What Happens If Vastu Remedy Wrongly Applied

Hi, this is Nandita Pandey on behalf of Expert Village and we are talking about Vastu. Now what happens when a wrong remedy has been applied in a building How would one know whether that particular remedy would give results or not When we talk about that, any remedy in Vastu will not give you negative results. But then again, there is a word of caution if you are applying a remedy in a building and it has not been placed properly maybe that particular zone might get activated which probably is not good for that building.

And then the building might give you negative results. So applying a remedy in a building is always advisable with an expert on that particular subject. Like you take an expert adviser, a Vastu expert, and then do that. Otherwise, I don't really see harm in placing a remedy, but then again, what is important is for what you have applied that remedy will not give the results. Negative impact can also come in if a pyramid probably is placed in the wrong direction, or maybe a mirror is reflecting the wrong energies. The Vastu.

Timeline Jumping Secrets Your Unique Karma, Tutorial 4 of 5

Dr. Pillaigtgt The other day I was watching television. A multifaith teacher was teaching to an audience, and then was now presenting the concept that God is now going to come and Bless everyone because God doesn't discriminate. And then It was a very emotional session and everybody was cheered up, and then was putting out their hands and then praying. It is true that God doesn't discriminate. He's even to everyone. But then, on a practical level, everybody is unique. Everybody has their own karma. That's why somebody is exceptionally.

Welleducated and wellplaced in life and somebody is extremely poor, and both of them are in the audience. So what are you going to do How are you going to help these people To say that God is going to help them is right, but it is also an incomplete statement because of the uniqueness of every individual and their situation, based on what is called Karma. That's why, in the Timeline Jumping Program, I included Astrology. Because by Looking at Astrology you can say clearly whether or not that individual will have potential for money,.

Or for health or for relationship. And these are all, you know, TimeLines, and if they don't have potential for one or two factors, then you can remedy them. That's the most important thing. If money is not coming, the money Planet has gone wrong, and the money Planet rules your Time. That's where Timeline Jumping comes to help us here. Time rules you and Time is ruled by the Planet, and that is the Science of Astrology. So at the New York Seminar, I decided to add this help to people, additional help to these people to.

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The Chinese Lunar Calendar Explained

The Chinese lunar calendar explained. The Chinese calendar is split into sixtyyear cycles. Each year is given to special distinction and earthly branch and a celestial stem. The 12 earthly branches each correspond to an animal in the Chinese Zodiac the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. There are various origin stories for why these animals were picked, but the most popular involves a race to the Jade Emperor in which a rat came in first after ensuring a cat's demise. The 10 celestial stems originated from a.

Belief in 10 separate suns and this later spawned a system of five elements including wood fire earth metal and water alternating every two years. So each year can be defined by a particular animal and element. The calendar is further divided into 12 lunar months. The lunar months begin on the New Moon and last one complete lunar cycle either 29 or 30 days. However this doesn't add up to a full year so occasionally a leap month is added to balance things out. Each new year begins on the New Moon closest to the halfway.

Why Astrology Isnt Real Science

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